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canadianreject565 t1_j8gfihw wrote

I didn’t know what I was doing with picking up a pencil and acting like a John Wick swordsman, but I thought it would kill some time considering my old rust bucket of a desktop was taking forever to load the files

With my office curtains down, I started fencing with an imaginary opponent, moving swiftly, jabbing and deflecting all of his hits.

Then suddenly….


It startled the living shit outta me, as I fell back on my desk.

I continued to hear the painful groans as my opponent was stumbling across my blinds, while it appeared that he was bleeding from his right eye.

I panicked and tried to call the emergency number of the building from my office phone.

While my wounded opponent struggled to open the door as his blood dripped on the floor.

I dialled in the number and said “I think there’s an intruder in my office on floor 5”

As soon as those words spilled out of my mouth, the alarm sounded off.

The invisible spy finally made it out of my office while dripping a bloody trail behind and tried to make it to the exit door.

Only to be tripped by an intern’s Roomba.

Security guards came swarming in, dog piling the intruder, while wrapping him in a blanket.

The boss later came by to thank me for taking care of the imperceptible menace. As I held my bloodied pencil in my right hand.

He later asked “ you must have ears of a bat! To detect someone like that”

Which I reluctantly replied…

“I guess so”


SpiritualMadman t1_j8kr71m wrote

Autocorrect did you dirty at the end of the first paragraph, feel like it should be files instead of flies.

Or maybe you were just practicing your chopstick fly catching skills for a Karate Kid reenactment.

Anyhow great short story!


Klonk_Ol t1_j8hgdfp wrote

My mind loved to wander. As I sat at my desk, it was clear that my body required movement. I eyes trailed over to my recently sharpened pencil. My wandering mind caught on, and ordered my body to execute what I wanted to do. I picked up and the pencil, and a smile ran across my face in satisfaction.

With strong thrusts I swung the pencil through the air with random, unpredictable movements. I did whatever I wanted to do with the flying pencil. Anyone who was around me, you better beware!

Unfortunately, the invisible man in my room didn't take on the hint.

A high pitched scream suddenly came out of absolute nowhere, but it was very close by to where I was. I jumped out of my chair with a yelp of my own, letting go of the pencil which would have obviously dropped to the ground, right?

Nope. It stuck in the air.

"WHAT IS THE WORLD WERE YOU DOING??" An anguished voice in pain shouted from the exact spot the scream came from. I was shocked. The pencil remained lodged in the air, but I couldn't see the bottom half on the pencil upon turning my head to observe the pencil. Blood was evident at the end of the pencil.

My brain was processing this certainly unusual situation. My mouth remained shut. The pencil began wriggling, as if whoever, or whatever, had it in them was trying to dislodge the item.

"My eye.. my eye.. I'll go blind!" The voice yelled again. "It hurts! Oh man.. this damn pencil won't come out! Damn it!"

At this point I was well a distance away from the floating pencil. I had to speak up eventually.

"Hey man, uh.. need help? I wouldn't suggest trying to pull it out. The bleeding would be horrific if you do so."

The voice didn't reply, but instead amidst its groans it topped tugging at the pencil. It eventually spoke up with a pained tone.

"Then.. I'll have to head back.. to get this removed.. ugh.. the trip is too long, driving is near impossible like this! It hurts so much!"

"You'll have to go back to where you came from. Since you're in such a state, um.. why not I give you a ride?" I said awkwardly.

I extended my hand towards the direction of the voice, and felt a touch on my wrist.

"Yes, please."


Objective-Ice8233 OP t1_j8hhbat wrote

nice that you had it be a random person and not a spy fumbling around trying to dodge the pencil


Klonk_Ol t1_j8i2n9c wrote

They could be inexperienced, perrrrrhaps. I did think of the invisible dude as a spy though who just couldn't avoid the pencil of death.


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The-Avian t1_j8gekj2 wrote

A red spy is in the base?


Objective-Ice8233 OP t1_j8gle0d wrote