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OldEcho t1_ja87hz1 wrote

The connection between minds was like a hug with a long-lost friend in a warm tavern. It was like a dagger in the back while being cradled by an assassin. It was every good and every bad emotion, linking up like a zipper, as the blade became an extension of my body, and I of its.

At last, exhausted, I held the blade aloft, where it shuddered with plasma fire, brightening the dim light of the dawn.

"Name," I thought to it, with surprising ease.

"Nightshadow Deathblade," it thought back.

"What," I said out loud.

"Wait wait wait," It thought back, slightly panicked. "I changed my mind. Nightblade Deathshadow, uh, the Engine of Despair."

"You can't make up your own titles," I said incredulously.

"Yes I can," It hissed into my mind.

"No you can't," I yelled out loud again. I looked around the hilltop sheepishly. A startled bird flew out of a nearby tree. Nobody else, thankfully, was around.

"Nightblade Deathshadow, Engine of Despair, Bringer of, uh," the words being whispered into my mind faltered.

"Doom," I offered, drily.

"DOOM IS TOO CLICHE," the sword screamed into my mind.

I winced and staggered under the weight of the accidental psychic attack.

"Try 'Harbinger,' then," I offered. "Bringer is kind of weak."

"Wow," the sword said. "Wow wow wow." I heard a sniffle. "I can't believe you would say that to me."

"Holy shit," I thought, unintentionally.


I clutched my now throbbing head.

"You can cut plasteel like butter, right?" I offered, weakly.

"Like it's not even there," The sword said, smugly, its sorrow completely forgotten.

I spent a little bit considering whether or not to throw the sword off the hill as far as I could. Then I remembered that I had spindly little arms, which is why I needed a persona monosword in the first place.

"You know what," I said, "this is gonna work." I said it half to convince myself.

"Of course it is," the sword said. "I attune perfectly to the personality of my owner, Acedia."

There was a long pause.

"I...I've never made up edgy titles for myself," I offered weakly.

"You totally would if you weren't such a coward," Nightblade Deathshadow said.

Another pause while I considered exactly how far I could throw myself off the hilltop.

"Okay yeah," I admitted, sheathing Nightblade Deathshadow, Engine of Despair, Bringer of Uh. "Yeah I probably would."