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Aftel43 t1_jabhrj5 wrote

Woman and a man with passion for medieval style of fighting, have a duel against each other in a medieval fair, result was a bitter draw. Who knew such would spark something so great between these two.


MarianeAicimoun t1_jabw6yp wrote

'' I am invisible to her!'' ''She takes her coffee and rush out of the cafeteria, every single time. She must be working nearby, but she always arrives late.'' He smiled in his cup of tea as he took a sip from the cold beverage. Once again she made him loose track of time, thinking about her.

''Oh my God! He was there again. It is the fifth time in a row that I find him there in the exact same place. With the exact dreamy face, looking at me.'' Her thoughts rushed in her head as her heals clicked on the asfalt.

She was running late again, but she had to go back to that coffee shop, just to see him again. She is becoming addicted to his reassuring frame in that chair. And his eyes Roaming over her body, gives her hope.

''Hold that door, please!!" She begged the woman in the elevator. Tomorrow, tomorrow she will talk to him.


MarianeAicimoun t1_jabw9my wrote

Just hatched this right now!! And I stupidly got attached, already! I want to see what happens next ! 😭 lol


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Scoobywagon t1_jab5a6t wrote

"Love conquers all". Sometimes literally.