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CraisyDaisy t1_j9t0vg3 wrote

"Two thin coats."

I'm building my first army and thinning my paints is difficult for me. I'm so impatient! But it's worth it.


FreikonVonAthanor t1_j9t32ib wrote

Do try Army Painter's speedpaints or Citadel contrast paints, they did help a ton when I was in a hurry and it helps to get an idea of what it looks like when doing the highlights and inking yourself :)


CraisyDaisy t1_j9vkfjz wrote

I have soooo many contrast paints and I love them. I've also fallen in love with some colors from Vallejo that are thin enough that I don't have to thin them at all (or very little). The 80's girl in me is building a dayglo uv reactive demonette army, and their fluo colors are amazing.


FreikonVonAthanor t1_j9vl5vv wrote

So far I've only tried their "space" paints but I'd love some uv glow on my d&d monsters, I need to look them up!