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Excellent_curry2759 t1_j91kko0 wrote

Human persistence and healing make them unique(Automatic self healing is a concept foreign to non-humans). I have another one which is a bit sci-fi so I am saving it for myself but can help if you want.


rainbow--penguin t1_j91ra0a wrote

When the knight went to rescue the princess, he expected to have to fight the dragon with sword and shield, not with words.


Subtleknifewielder t1_j91rhtd wrote

A city founded by humans becomes a tinkerer's paradise open to all the known races.


Kitty_Fuchs t1_j91xrnf wrote

As technology progresses scientists find that almost everything that can be accomplished through magic is a lot easier and more accessible to perform by technological means. As awe-inspiring and impressive magic is, it just cannot compete with modern factories or weapons of war. The mages have a hard time accepting this new world and so they, in a last ditch attempt to prove that they still have a place in this world, attempt a futile rebellion.


Algaean t1_j920n39 wrote

A wizard thinks non magical technology is actually magic, and is working to understand it. His long suffering assistant knows it isn't, and is really fed up with the overeducated idiot he works for.


natep1098 OP t1_j929scn wrote

As they sat down around the lit crystalline structure, their limbs creaked as they settled in. The silence built and apprehension grew among their faces.

Finally, the oldest of them thumped and a loud sound echoed throughout the cavern. "Tomorrow we face the hardest challenge we have ever seen." the booming voice proclaimed.

"They have stolen our land. Destroyed our lives. Desecrated our corpses. We are the first, and we are the last."

A mumbling grew amongst them but the elder thumped again and they grew silent.

"We have learned much about our enemy. We are strong, they are nimble. We use our natural talents, they use weaponry. Our injuries last, but theirs fade away."

The elder saw the fear shaking them. "We will prevail."

That quieted them down.

"We will outlast."

They thumped loudly.

"Our progeny will uproot their own."


"No matter what happens."


"The Conifer shall win!"



natep1098 OP t1_j92cevo wrote

There once was a small hamlet. Given a name of some sort. It's people were filled with hope for a new start. They had settled this land from old for many a reason. But now their hope was waning.

There was a reason this land had been untapped, they had discovered. Fearful myths had proven true. There were some sort of monsters in the wood, creatures none could understand.

As they had tried to eek out a living, more and more strange things had occurred. Children scratched were thought as careless before they found a mere babe dashed against some rocks as if thrown.

Soon, adults who were too shaken to speak started to leave with their families, plans left unfinished. There were still some stalwart folk who stayed.

They had never seen such horror. The very wildlife came to get them to tear them apart. Their homes were trashed, whole families were killed.

Only one remained to tell the tale, so that we could all know who truly ruled our world. And a new warning was added to our litany.

Praise the lady, beware the trees.


JustLookingForMayhem t1_j92cq4i wrote

During a plague, necromancers and golem crafters become heroes. The undead and never living fear no disease.


Jaunyx12 t1_j92okuj wrote

Nobody is willing to buy the gorgon's incredibly lifelike stonework. Little do they know that the gorgon never uses her petrifying gaze; she's just that talented of a sculptor.


LucasDanforth t1_j92pxsd wrote

A small town is plagued by a series of unexplained disappearances that seem to be connected to a strange, glowing object that appeared in the sky one night. As tensions rise and fear spreads, a group of unlikely heroes must band together to uncover the truth behind the mysterious phenomenon.


Defiant-Row-5153 t1_j93cac1 wrote

A gang leader decides to abandon their former life with their beloved...

Who is a physical embodyment of the word Monstrosity


Fennel_Fangs t1_j94ovzg wrote

The story of a goblin who wanted to be a knight and save the human princess...


[deleted] t1_j9519ne wrote

His allies gone or in hiding. He was more broken mentally than physically from the constant barrage against his person. Each blow had left cracks and shrapnel.

He had his core being. That had been reestablished. What more to go with was uncertain. He was rebuilding himself slowly. Taking pieces from those around him and from the land itself.

Some didn't fit. Others would but had to be forced. It was a process and project that would continue for years. There was no easy solution. No quick fix.

He didn't want one. Each attempt to rebuild, revamp, and restore what he was in its own way a success. Even if he did come up with some flawed results.

The dragon's blood still charred his flesh. The faeries kept up their torture periodically, and at other times, he was given rest. The leash that enslaved him nourished him as well.

His patience unlimited. He would snap his cords eventually and be free from both of his temptresses. Though for one, if she held the leash the right way and in the right manner, she would be given willing and absolute servitude.

The Goddess left him wanting for her presence. The soft tone of her voice that normally prevailed and the rare moments of intense ever overbearing bell like peal. He had seen her use that in pleasure too few times.

He would never claim to be her perfect follower but certainly one of the most devoted. Her teachings had stuck, and unfortunately, he had fallen for that divine being. Did he claim to be worthy of the same feelings in return. No.

Is it wrong to love the divine and desire it as flesh?

Can you not do honor to both the physical and the spiritual?

The fairies mocked him in his crys of pain. One more above the others. Always from the side where he couldn't quite see her.

She knew where his Goddess had gone and what it would take to bring her back... or what it would take to follow her. The journey is not to be feared anymore. Just lacking a proper starting point... and to break free from the hand of his current captures.

The dragon's blood had instilled in him some otherworldly traits. They were about to rise to the surface. Each was strange and unusual.


69Deckerspawn t1_j954bqa wrote

A man rejects the chance to be part of something greater and later regrets his decision.


_MrOptimist_ t1_j99y6lk wrote

Run? Hide? It doesn't matter where James goes. There will be snakes.