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28th_Stab_Wound OP t1_j9pwrmj wrote

In the business, we call these' 'oh shit moments.'

Aitella had only an hour 'til what might be the most important day of her career. This case could prove so shockingly fruitful for her, it would make the awkwardness of the past years worth it.

So why, oh cruel fate, did this have to happen now?!?

She was splayed out in her bathroom, writhing around the cramped tile floor in her dragon form, molting like some common reptile. It was not a particularly painful sensation, simply very uncomfortable. Like being unrelentingly tickled in areas you're not ticklish in.

There's a knocking at the door of the room.

"Oh you're fucking kidding me." the writhing dragon muttered under a gutteral breath.

With a creak the door opened, and a man holding a half-empty beer can stepped in with a faint smirk on his face. He took a sip of the can, smacking his lips a few times.

'Hey there Aity, smack havin' some troubles I'm seein'?'

She groaned, scowling with slitted yellow eyes.

"Ugh... Monty, you fucking suck..."

'Oh dear, Aity, you flatter me!' he chuckled, finishing his beer can and crushing it underfoot, 'Now, was there anything you might need help with?'

By this time, Aitella was already wriggling out of the shell of her former skin covering, groaning and cursing.

"You... shit... cold..."

'Got it, blanket and a hot chocolate comin' up, Aity.' Monty nodded, snapping his fingers into finger guns as he stepped out of the room. But a few minutes later, he returned with a warm blanket and a cup of hot chocolate. The dragon, now covered in brilliant amber scales and drenched in slime, accepted the offerings handily. She should be back in working order in no time.

"I- thanks, Monty."

'Ah don't worry 'bout it, darl. I'll get your court-things or whatever ready 'fore you leave, just focus on staying well.' He assured her, patting a scaly shoulder and inadvertently drenching hid hand in slime which promptly washed off in the sink behind her.

'Just don't say I ain't never done somethin' for yous.'

She smiled, a toothy sarcastic smile.

"No promises, Monty."