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r3dj4ck0424 t1_ja6nykv wrote

"Goodness me, James, look at you!"

The individual in question glanced up from admiring his new physique. His eyes - the same dark brown as before - crinkled into a smile. "Evelyn! My, you look amazing." I felt my face redden as I smiled back.

"Have the others come out yet?" I queried, finally averting my eyes.

"No, not yet." The corners of his lips dipped into a frown. "I daren't wonder what's taking them so long."

"I dare say they want to come out looking like that." I gestured towards him. "Or this." I posed, and grinned wickedly.

A clatter of footsteps broke our reverie, one far heavier than the other. A distant voice called our names. We turned as one.

A palest hand blew a whispered kiss our way as our third emerged, taller than I recalled. A pair of pointed ears flickered on an elaborate hairstyle over an inhumanly gorgeous face, smooth as a mirror and gleaming with light.

"Ruth!?" James's voice startled me out of my staring. Pushing my jaw back into place, I beheld our friend. Slender and elegant, a forest elf.

"And me!" We started, then looked down towards the voice. Cameron, I recognised from the eyes. Far shorter, and gruffer, with a beard worthy of a god, hefting a mighty axe.

"Where did you even get that?" I asked. "I thought we weren't supposed to get our gear until after all five of us were out."

Cam laughed heartily. "We aren't! But I asked our benefactor for an advance." I rolled my eyes. Always hasty, that Cameron.

Morning turned to midday, and then to afternoon. By then, we'd exhausted a dozen topics of discussion. We'd explored the building a dozen times. We'd 'borrowed' a few weapons, and started sparring. Ten training dummies met their ends that day, by sword and flame and bow and axe.

I was just about ready to ask the god directions to the nearest inn when a rumbling overtook his domain. Fearful, I steadied myself. The doorway shook, then opened with a thump.

A coiling, sinuous form. A tree-bark carapace, segmented and moving, fifteen feet long and covered with moss. A mouth of chelicerae, dripping with glimmering sap. Uncountable rigid legs scraped across the floor, as a branch-like arm raised itself, its three fellows brandishing vicious swords. Six eyes. Familiar eyes.

"...what the hell, Vince?" I finally found my voice. A final thump sounded - turning, I saw Ruth passed out on the floor.


"You couldn't have picked something... less... uh..."


"...let's just go."


AlanharTheRiver t1_ja6wbq4 wrote

What is that form supposed to be exactly?


Ruadhan2300 t1_ja7hsg0 wrote

My mental image is a kind of horrific blend of centipede and Ent, with a centaur-style upper body, four humanoid arms and a face like a spider.

Needless to say.. their enemies are not ready for what they're going to face :P


dimwitf t1_ja8bhx9 wrote



[deleted] t1_ja6ykid wrote

Man turned himself into a talking walking gun totin womping willow


wathcman t1_ja716il wrote

So the walking Trees from lord of the rings but with artillery cannons mounted on?


DarkLordArbitur t1_ja94qpi wrote

I'm sorry, did you just give the Ulcerated Tree Spirit from Elden Ring SWORDS?



Just_a_puzzle-piece t1_ja9tpnt wrote

Looks like someone got their xenogender dream there.

And I am happy for it/them!


sennordelasmoscas t1_ja5cyf4 wrote

"Why tf are you a gorilla!?"


"I don't understand, is it because of strength!?"


"Is it because you're secretly a furry"

Arms crossed "Gorilla"

"Can you even talk normally?"

Thumbs up "Gorilla"

"Are you memeing right now?"

Finger guns "Gorilla"

"Omg, is that it?"

Nods "Gorilla"

"What species even is it?"

"Gorilla gorilla"

"But what gorilla exactly?"

A bit offended "Gorilla gorilla"

"Oh wait, is silverback, right? The one which is literally gorilla gorilla"

Happy "Gorilla"

"Won't this make the travel way to inconvenient"

Shrugs "Gorilla"

"You just will not speak normal again, will you"

Shakes head side to side "Gorilla"

"Did you also change your penis size to adjust to your new body?"

"Oh fuck"


ANewFireEachDayy t1_ja6tzsa wrote

“Where the hell did that come from? Wait, where did Drew go?”

The other three turned around at Samantha’s questions to look where Drew had been. He knew they could not see his smile, because he also knew he no longer had a face. His entire awareness of self had transformed so quickly that he could barely recall exactly how it had felt to have a human body. Instead his mind was now taking stock of the hundreds of new appendages at his disposal and noting the functions now available to him.

Drew said, “I’m right here guys. I figured if we were going to save this realm we should probably come prepared to deal with anything that might come our way.”

Samantha and the others continued to cast darting glances around the area looking everywhere except for where Drew was resting. Josh and Andy even started walking around him as if they thought Drew was hiding behind himself.

Andy called out, “Are you inside there Drew? If that God has these things sitting around, what does he need us for?”

Andy and Josh leapt away from him as Drew inched himself forward.

He said, “This is me! Once that God said we could choose our forms I knew you would all pick something boring. I get it, but this was clearly the correct choice.”

Everyone stood dumbstruck with their mouths hanging open. Josh was the first to break out of the spell as realization dawned on him. “You chose to be a damned tank Drew?! That was a choice?”

Excitement welled up in Drew’s circuits and he said, “Not a tank Josh. A Transformer!”

His metallic shell began folding in upon itself as other areas began flowering open. Blades emerged and tank treads disappeared while the rest of his body ballooned outward. The impossibly intricate shifting of parts continued until he became a sleek, futuristic helicopter equipped with massive chain guns and a full arsenal of missiles.

“Now get in. We got a world to save!”


Valyrian_Kobolds t1_ja8fxfc wrote

Homey legit decided to identify as an attack helicopter. Damn, transphobes blown out.


drLagrangian t1_ja81s4z wrote

Is drew a transformer that transforms from tank to helicopter with no robot form?


Mitchelltrt t1_ja8v3sf wrote

Nah, obviously, he is a triple-changer tank/heli/mech. You know, like Astrotrain is a train/robot/space shuttle.


drLagrangian t1_ja8xcxs wrote

I forgot about them.

Instead I was thinking of that one creature from Beast Machines. Its name was Noble/Savage, and its transformation from "beast to beast" was really confusing to the rest of the cast. Turns out the mystery was explained by >!No i'm not spoiling it for you!<


Mitchelltrt t1_ja8xlqo wrote

Never watched Beast Machines (do you mean the Beast Wars series?) but I assume it was just a triple-changer that refused to become a robot.


drLagrangian t1_ja94ce6 wrote

Beast machines was the beast wars sequel they produced. It wasn't as well received and was given the axe after 2 seasons.

The premise is that after beast wars, the cast returns to Cybertron- but something weird happens (warp travel problems). They wake up on Cybertron separated, missing several months of memory, the planet is empty, and an army of plentiful - but not sentient - transforming drones are out to get them.

After a bit of running around for an episode the crew (Optimus, black arachnia, cheetor, and ratrap) find a place to hide and figure things out. Optimus becomes a prophet of sorts to one of the Cybertron gods, and learns that all of the beast wars was ordained to happen to bring organic material back to Cybertron, and that it was now his job to restore organics back to the planet (in the form of organic/machine hybrids). The crew gets "reformatted" into new shiny bodies that look more like cybernetic animals then mechanical ones, and have to figure out what to do.

It was rather interesting - especially it's dive into lore. They explore the fossilized history of Cybertron, meet new does, get a few friends back, and get a new addition: Botanical (ashe had the beast wars treatment, but on a planet with sentient plants).

It was really interesting for the lore, but not as entertaining. Optimus ends up coming off as a bit too preachy, the young teenager cheetor grows up to pretend to be a stoic young adult (but ends up being a bit angsty), and a fan favorite comes back but some sort of off screen trauma gave them an extra dip in the grim dark bucket.

The 3d graphics has improved a lot: the scenery was great, the character models detailed, and the explosions more explosive. But they didn't have the power to do full organic creatures to robot transition nicely. Rather than having a robotic core in an animal shape that would transform in Beast Wars, they have the beast mode morph into beast machine by going through a glowy ball transition phase, so you don't see any transforming - the robotic parts just grow out of the organic bits and vice versa.

This worked against the toys, since they had a beast mode and robot mode in high definition, but no obvious transformations in between. The result was that the toys has to put seams and moving parts in wherever they could to get the transformation to work - but this left the two modes looking lumpy and disjointed - or they just went ahead and made versions of the characters that didn't look like the show. Example: -- Optimus didn't look like that.


Jyx_The_Berzer_King t1_ja6yqi6 wrote

"Heroes!" The booming voice of the titan of a man with glowing eyes seated on a golden throne startled us awake. "I have summoned you here to ask that you save the world I watch over. The laws that bind gods are strict, and I may not lay a finger upon it to enact my will. Thus, I have selected five souls from a different world to act as champions! Souls that would find the task an exhilirating adventure. Rest assured, you shall be greatly rewarded for your hard work, and as a "starting bonus" as I believe you might call it, you may each select the vessel of your souls in this world."

He really couldn't have picked a more eager group. The five of us were about to start a DnD campaign for crying out loud, this was 200 times better than a tabletop game. The other four discussed the repurcussions and implications, then got down to what bodies they wanted. I already knew.

"We are ready," said Roger, our defacto leader since he was a great DM and knew how to wrangle us into an effective team. "When do we start?"

"Right now! Prepare yourselves, and good luck!" The god smiled as golden light and a deafening chime slowly built around us. The adventure ahead of us was going to rock, but I was straining to hold myself back from cackling at the looks on their faces when they saw what I picked. The light and sound faded away, revealing a gorgeous view of rolling hills, forest, mountains, and a city not too far away, all of it beneath a clear blue sky.

Roger was now an elf in grand robes with a fancy looking staff, tall and strong while maintaining that otherworldly grace the tree huggers were known for.

Tracy had picked an orc dressed in pelts that looked like they were skinned from dangerous beasts, two large hatchets on her richly muscled hips that looked like they could split skulls with ease, the weapons and the hips. She did always want to have an amazon physique, guess she saw her chance and took it.

Gus turned himself into a lizardfolk that was even taller than Tracy, but looked like he weighed 1/3rd of what she did. He was a huge fan of dextrous, fast paced characters, and this fit the bill if the ridiculous amount of daggers I could see strapped to his body (and the many I couldn't see but just KNEW he had) were anything to go by, not to mention the rapier.

Amy had become a human cleric in clean white robes with a mace on her belt, a fan of simple builds that helped everyone. Definitely the mom of the party, and our permanent healer.

"Steven... what the hell is that?" Gus hissed out a sigh, knowing how much I liked to come up with wacky homebrew characters. His exasperated reaction made everyone look over to see what bull I'd come up with this time. They all groaned and face palmed.

My huge mouth was pulled up into a savage smile as I began chuckling at them, then flat out guffawing. The base was a giant snake of at least 50 foot length, but everything else was unmistakably dragon. A majestic crown of horns, a glowing belly full of fire, the beautiful armor of deep red scales, and six spanning wings that would take some getting used to but would eventually let me become the master of the blue sky overhead.

"FEAR ME, PUNY MORTALS! TREMBLE AT MY PASSING!" I bellowed with a shit eating grin. I spread my wings wide enough to overshadow the hill we were standing on (laying in my case) and roared into the air to announce my power.

"You jackass!" Roger said. He was fully used to my antics and attempts to shoehorn weird shit into his games. "How do you expect to fit in anywhere, or enter dungeons?! Your fat ass couldn't fit in a barn, let alone a narrow fortress hallway!"

"YOUR WHINING ANGERS ME, ELF," I leered at the mage, showing off my mouth full of very pointy teeth. He was unimpressed. "WORRY NOT; I SHALL DESTROY OUR FOES WHEREVER THEY MAY HIDE. PLUS, YOU ONLY HAVE TO SPLIT THE LOOT FOUR WAYS NOW."

"You're so stupid it hurts, it causes me physical pain." Amy sighed, "That said, having a death wyrm on our side is a tactical bonus we can't ignore, and he's right about the loot. We can also have him carry our gear for us." My eyes narrowed

"I AM NOT A PACK MULE, YOU WILL NOT TREAT ME AS SUCH." Tracy waved off my complaining.

"You turn into a giant beast, you get to carry our shit while we deal with yours. We always try to find some kind of positive to your shenanigans, Steven. This time: pack mule." I groaned, a sound that shook the earth.



SmolFaerieBoi t1_ja6v1eo wrote

“But…you could’ve been anything.”

They stared at me, 4 sets of eyes widened with shock or squired in confusion. 4 sets of furrowed brows.

“I don’t want to be anything else.”

“Well, I just thought—“ said Kenzie.

Rob cut in “I mean we all have those days, and you have the opportunity—“

I cut them off with a raised hand. “You thought what? That’d I’d be insecure? That I dislike my body? That I’d jump on the chance to change it?”

I could feel their discomfort growing. No one wanted to actually say anything about someone’s body—not to their face, at least. My mother had taught me that.

Sighing, I plopped down on a stump and continued before they could try to shove their words back into their mouths. “You’re right.”

Melissa was the first to jump in. That was just the type of person she was: the Includer. Whether you wanted to or not, she’d give you disingenuous platitudes meant to make you feel like you less inadequate. I’d done it myself, back before I’d gotten too tired. “No, we didn’t mean—“

“You’re right!” I insisted. “I hate my body sometimes. Most times.”

There was a quiet in the air, like a sorrow at the sentiment—open admittance was always worse, because you couldn’t hide the meaning of the words, dance around the inconvenient truths…or make polite conversation. Maybe there was also a comforting finality, as if they thought I was ridding myself of a delusion of thinking I was more attractive than I was, and therefore worth something.

Another sigh.

“I don’t like my body. I can barely even tolerate it. And, to be honest, it’s always been like this. Since I was five, I’ve been self-conscious about my weight. Stressed over my common-colored hair and eyes, hated my moles and the furriness of my legs and I—“ I stopped. I wasn’t quite sure where to go after that, how to escalate from disclosing the biggest baggage on my shoulders. “I hate my body. But I think we all do a little.”

I looked around at my party, 4 other people I called friends because we met in a shitty apartment twice a month to play games and make jokes about movies we watched when we were younger. They all looked different. Zedd especially.

“We all hate how we look. We spend years of our lives wishing we could change. Putting our bodies through physical distress every day for the hope of slimming down or bulking up; cutting ourselves into pieces and sucking out and re-injecting to reconfigure what we consider a colossal failing of the genetic lottery. And if we ever get the chance, we take it. We become elves—“ I looked at Melissa, several inches taller, a little slimmer, chromatic eyes and pale blonde hair, glasses-free and unfreckled, curvier but not pudgier—“barbarians—“ I watched Rod, head ducked and eyes avoidant, about 100 pounds of pure muscle heavier and well over a foot taller than he’d been, the long hair he wasn’t brave enough to grow out in real life flowing free down his impossibly bulky back—“sorceresses—“ now to Kenzie, her dark, coily hair now loose curls brushed back with a headpiece, a red dress glued to her new curvy body like she was modelling a swimsuit—“and even those of us who fancy ourselves defiant, nonconformist, can’t bring ourselves to defy too much.”

I glanced at Zedd, who did look decidedly inhuman. He’d chosen a figure with curling horns, four purple eyes, and brick red skin, a forked tongue flicking out to lick his lips nervously. But still, there were a brand-new six pack, cut arms, and high cheekbones.

I stood up, a heaviness in my actions as I resigned myself to getting on with it.

“I could have chosen anything. I could have looked like anything. But I’m so fucking tired of hating myself. I’ve been doing it for 20 years. We ALL have.”

I gestured around at the group.

“We’ll never be EVERYONE’S version of sexy. That’s how beauty standards work. And some of us will never even get close.” I pointed to myself, 320 pounds, middling height, my split ends and few strands of prematurely grey hair, my hairy cheeks, sagging boobs, and double chin, dry hands and moles that dotted my arms and face.

“But who cares? Who fucking cares? I know we all do, but why? Why do we force ourselves to focus on how we look for a few moments rather than how we feel and act forever? I’m tired of people acting like your worth is determined by how they judge your size, your skin, your hair—I’m tired of guilting myself into running circles because people don’t value me for who I am. And if they’re not going to change, I’m going to make them. By loving myself so much the have no choice.”

I let that sink in, mostly so I could organize my thoughts.

“I could have been anyone. And as much as I want to, as much as I hate to pass this chance up, I have to. I have to do it now, to prove to myself that I value myself, every bit of it, flabby, saggy, boring, hairy, and old. Because if I don’t do it know, when will I ever? I get to go home after this is over and tell myself that I loved myself enough to love ALL of myself, and maybe that will be enough to start making me love myself for real. Now let’s tell Argamenous we’re ready and get this show on the road, okay?”


I stood up from the stump when the flaps of the changing tent moved. They stepped out, all four of them, different.

Kenzie was first, tight red dress clinging to her body—flat chested and proud, her hair twisted into braids and coiled on top of her head, a big beauty mark below her lip.

Rod followed, 5-foot-nothing and slim, wielding a hammer half his size because who gave a fuck when you had magic? His hair still flowed down his back, just short enough that he looked like battle-Rapunzel.

Zedd was next, rocking the horns and red face again, this time letting his leather vest hang open around his potbelly and sporting a bejeweled birthmark on his face.

And finally, Melissa, tying her hair behind her still-pointed ears, glasses framing her dark brown eyes and freckles tickling her nose and cheeks. She was wearing a dress that fit around her soft form in a way that would make an Instagram influencer recommend a two-week slimming green tea cleanse.

“We told Argamenous we were almost ready,” she said from beside me. “Are you ready?”

I smiled. “Yeah.”

We walked into the portal, framed in glowing gold light against the sunset. We’d never looked better.


Martinus_XIV OP t1_ja75qzw wrote

I absolutely love this. I intended to get people to think about what they or other people would change about themselves if they could, and this is a beautiful piece of commentary on that!


Mera_Green t1_ja7ks81 wrote

I am going to very unpopular.

My thoughts on the viewpoint character are: "What a selfish, stupid AH."

It's very feel-good to want to love your body, but let's face it, the character is morbidly obese and by the sound of it, grossly unfit. And has been summoned to fight on behalf of a god in a magical realm which is not going to have modern conveniences. They are hopelessly incapable of doing anything even remotely risky, since any form of combat will lead to them dying, or their friends spending a lot of effort keeping them alive at risk to themselves. This is someone who cannot (pardon the expression) pull their weight. They are a genuine liability.

Were they in the normal world, then sure, love yourself if you want. Go for it. More power to you. But to not only refuse to do anything to ensure that you can do the job required, and to try to shame others about their decisions to upgrade themselves is appalling. Sure, the others added flaws reminiscent of their original bodies, and that's okay, but the viewpoint character won't even go that far. This is someone who does not understand that the world doesn't care about how they feel, and that when they get torn apart by demons, or their friends do while trying to protect their sorry ass, then it may just become apparent that it was a truly terrible idea.

This was an amazing opportunity, and would require you to really earn it with the rather major quest that they were being sent on. It certainly wasn't free! They didn't need to be perfect, they just needed to be capable of successfully completing the quest. And that requires work and a lot of danger. They need to put aside their personal biases and think of other people, such as their friends whose lives they are endangering, and the people of the world who are relying on them to save it.

It's well-written but I certainly didn't admire the viewpoint character, rather I was disgusted. I saw them as an example of a self-centered person who is blind to the realities of the situation and expects everyone and everything to conform to their wishes. I very much hope that this was the intended plan.


Martinus_XIV OP t1_ja7ydva wrote

At the risk of putting words into the author's mouth, I think this story is less about being OK with being overweight or about it being bad to want to change yourself, and more about not giving in to societal beauty standards. All of the characters kept the changes to themselves that they liked. The point is that they re-examined which changes they made to themselves because they wanted to, and what they did because of societal pressures.

Kenzie did away with what society told her was sexy and kept only what she herself needed to feel sexy.

Rod stopped caring about having to appear masculine and instead found a way to live out his power fantasy as a more authentic version of himself and have the long hair he always wanted.

It's implied that Zedd only gave his monstrous form a washboard because he felt he was supposed to. Perhaps he is an artist who learned to draw by imitating DBZ or something in a similar style.

Finally, Melissa is written as though she only feels that her freckles, her glasses and her figure are ugly because she has been told so by others - bullies, influencers, society in general. When she takes a step back to consider how she herself feels, she realizes that she likes these parts of herself.


s-mores t1_ja8592f wrote

First off, I don't disagree with you. My first reaction to the prompt response was "Meh. As self-righteous indignant speeches go, I've heard better" (if you get the reference, shout out!).

However, you have to understand the prompt response is so amazingly genre-conscious it's insane. Isekai is all about exploring the what-if, the transformation, the difference between real and fantasy (and power trips and harems, of course, but that's just Japan being Japan). I could 100% see this rant as something at the start or midway point of an isekai show, absolutely. So the author absolutely, completely nailed it.

It's also about never trusting first glances and impressions -- maybe this rant was exactly what the group needed to get on track, or maybe it gets them killed in the next episode.

Also considering isekai target audience.. yeah, you really don't want to overthink them.


raqshrag t1_ja7uiro wrote

I believe you when you say you're disgusted. But don't pretend it's just in the context of realistic conformity to the practical needs of the plot. After all, it's just a short make-believe story that isn't even about the quest you put so much focus on. You make it quite clear that what you find disgusting is the idea of people who are overweight according to modern standards. You're lying about your perspective at the beginning of your second paragraph. I don't know if you care whether people notice, but I thought maybe you would be interested in knowing how obvious you're making it. If you really want to hide your true opinion, you should be more subtle.


DoomGloomAngst t1_ja6mv5b wrote

The five of us laid, some collapsed, on the hill of the graveyard. The smell of singed grass was still coating the air as we laughed and picked bone fragments out of our hair.

"We actually did it." Eric said, a disbeliving grin forming on his face. Back home he was the star of the college football who carried them to victory more times than his friends bothered to keep up with. He was tall, muscular, dirty blonde hair, and full of confidence. In this world he literally carried some of the group a few times as injuries mounted and undead monsters were broken into pieces.

Selena sighed with exhaustion and contentment. "Yeah. Barely." She was known for her obsession with chemistry and was hoping to start her career as a scientist in one of the most renown research companies in the world in six months when she would have finished her degree. Her sharp mind quickly picked up the alchemic magic of the world, of course she still didn't believe in "magic" despite being the most skilled in it of the group. To her it was explainable by the science of the world, thus it was simply science.

Ralph brought himself to a sitting position before letting out a yell echoing across the graveyard "WE FUCKING KILLED THE SHIT OUT THAT LICH!" which earned him a swift and playful punch from his girlfriend, Alice "Easy on our eardrums, dork. We don't need to wake any more of the dead with your shouting." The two had been dating longer than the six years the group had gotten together for the first time back in highschool. Ralph was a chaotic punk with fizzy red hair and a lean build. Alice was a short and sassy theater major with half blue, half green dyed hair and a temper that would make even a god apologize - which in fact he did after she chewed him out for teleporting us here against our will. The two made a good pair and brought out the excited passion in each other than made them so fun to be around.

Lastly there was me, Daniel, the weird emo kid of the group. I looked closer to the skeletons than I did to Eric or Ralph. Pale, thin, and slighlty below average height. My clothing seemed to always be exclusively black. Before our dysfunctional little breakfast club had ever come together I never had more than a single friend at a time, always feeling like I never quite fit in or belonged until the group's extroverts: Eric, Ralph, and Alice, adopted me into their party.

I groaned, "Please, don't even joke about it. I'm going to have to shower for hours after this. Did you guys see that newly raised guy? I think I got brains all over my shirt." Eric laughed, "Holy shit that was wild! Ralph basically exploded that dude's head!" I noticed Ralph smile smugly staring at the clouds. He let out a soft and satisfied, "fuck yeah."

Selena rolled her eyes and began to ask "So, what happens n-" when a harsh beam of light poured over the group and cutting off her train of thought. Alice screamed "NO FUCK THIS! NOT THIS FUCKING SHIT AGAIN WE JUST FINISHED THIS STUPID ADVENTURE I SWEAR TO GOD IF WE HAVE T-" and that was the last I remember hearing until we all collectively woke up in a clean porcelain white throne room. The god of this world, Zelaruse, boasted loudly with cheer. "YOU'VE DONE IT, CHAMPIONS! I KNEW YOU WOULD!"

Selena remembered where she left off and asked Zelaruse, "So can we go home now? We did what you asked."

Zelaruse nodded with a smile, "Of course, of course champion. But first a reward. The most powerful magic I can bestow upon you. I can transform your body until any of your dreams. I must warn you however, you should picture only your most ideal self. This is not a spell I will repeat for you, no matter my debt. Transformation magic is dangerous work and changing a body to anything but its ideal form would be far too dangerous." His look was serious now and he looked at each of us in the eye as if to see we had paid our fullest attention. Finally he continued, "Now. Close your eyes and imagine your best self. What will make you happiest."

The group was left in a hushed awe, no one knowing what to really say. We closed our eyes and thought deeply. I'm unsure how much time passed, perhaps it was just a few moments, but it felt like days. I could feel my body shifting and morphing into something else, but there was no pain. If anything, it felt good. It felt necessary.

When we opened our eyes next Ralph was the first to speak. "YOOO LET'S FUCKING GO!!" His body had grown slightly taller. His face had developed a striking jawline. His six pack was obvious through his ripped shirt. He was largely the same, just what he considered to be 20% hotter. Alice giggled but couldn't take her eyes off him, "I could get used to this." Her hair was longer as well as her body. Her weight had shifted from a slight pudge to supermodel thin. Her ears pointed, marking the sure sign of an elf but otherwise she was almost exactly the same. Ralph looked back to her, jaw dropping with only a little exaggeration. "Okay I am definitely into elves now."

"Check it out, check it out!" Eric boasted flexing his massive new muscles. He had chosen the form of a minotaur and looked like he could benchpress the group without breaking a sweat. His dark black horns shined brilliantly in the white room.

"You know, that honestly tracks." Selena smirked. She was the least changed of the group. Her large breasts had shrunken to half their size. She was no longer wearing glasses. Her teeth gleamed with a new found whiteness to them, but aside from that she was almost exactly as she had been.

Ralph managed to tear his eyes off Alice long enough to laugh, "Wait.. Why did you get SMALLER boobs?" She shot back instantly, "Dude, boobs that big hurt! Fuck that, this feels so much nicer. I bet I could run down stairs with these bad boys."

The usually bashful Alice whispered in utter shock, "Guys.. Holy shit. Daniel." The group all looked back at me and their eyes bulging and the quiet densely flooded the room for what felt like an eternity. My face glowed red and I stammered, "W-what?" My voice surprising myself with how light it sounded.

Selena bit her lip and then gently said, "Daniel. Why didn't you tell us you were trans?" My stomach tighted and I felt myself wanting to disappear as I looked back and forth between Eric and Ralph. "You mean you guys like being... Guys? I thought everyone wanted to be a girl and we all just kind of dealt with the hand we got?" I could feel my confidence sinking with each word.

Eric let out a soft, "Dude.. No.." Even Ralph was quiet. "Nah man. Not at all. Like I've never even considered it."

"Oh." I said with tears forming around my eyes.

Alice closed the gap and hugged me tightly as I felt my body wanting to drop and melt into the ground, waves of conflicting feelings gushing through me. "You know we all still love you, right? I'm really happy for you. I just wish you let us know sooner. We would have supported you no matter what."

I gave a nervous chuckle, "I wish I really knew earlier myself. I never really thought it was even much of an option."

Selena piped in, "Hey, how about we call you Danielle now!" Smiling with pride of her idea. I smiled too. "Yeah. That'd be nice I think."


queerAsAllHeck t1_ja6tbty wrote

This was a really sweet take on the prompt. I love how Danielle’s friends are immediately supportive!


Martinus_XIV OP t1_ja767fl wrote

I was hoping for something like this! It's very wholesome!


frogandbanjo t1_ja76cd6 wrote

"... you look exactly the same," Sam said, because Alex did.

And then Alex didn't. "Shapeshifter, bitch." Out of politeness, he didn't add, "and the rest of you are stupid idiots for not having thought of it." It was implied. It was always implied.

There's really no such thing as a collective sigh, but call it that. We all had our reactions and coping mechanisms. I was sure that Sam was quietly sputtering about how that wasn't what was offered, but she couldn't exactly argue with the results. Mike was instantly envious; Mary was amused. I just breathed through it; yes, I was the one who actually sighed. That was my thing.

None of us were the Game Master. Alex wasn't wheedling or arguing. He'd made his pitch to whatever 'god' had 'summoned' us, and it had worked. I considered the possibility that that made him the bravest of us, and not just the cleverest. That didn't seem fair.

Not thirty minutes ago, I'd been proud of all of us. We'd only freaked out and cried for, say, an hour after having been 'summoned' by a 'god' from 'a magical realm' to 'save it,' and having been deposited in a grim sort of waiting room that was The Matrix meets an otherworldly plane. It had been a lot. I don't think any of us were yet sure what was really happening. Thoughts of Mark Zuckerberg drugging us and snatching us up had flitted through my head more than once. I hated to think he possessed VR tech centuries ahead of what was on market, but I was also finding Occam's Razor as dull as a butter knife.

"Okay," Alex-not-Alex said. He shifted from some demonic-looking brute to an ethereal nymph, and seemed very satisfied with himself.

"Are you like some kind of idiot-savant shapeshifter, too?" Sam asked, both bitterly and incredulously.

Alex shrugged. "Loophole. He - sorry, it, until we know more - let us choose our appearance. I have no clue if Mike looking like a dark-elf-ninja-supermodel-whatever actually gives him any powers, or if maybe we get the powers at a later stage, but I focused quite specifically on appearance. A shapeshifter appears as anything it wants to appear as, and, heck, even if actual shapeshifters in this world have limitations, I might not have the same ones. This is the equivalent of wishing for infinite wishes, within the bounds of the options."

I saw his second new face screw up a bit. Right before our eyes, it - she? - twisted up, compressed, made us all freak out all over again, and turned into a classic treasure chest. Then the treasure chest opened on its own, revealing vicious fangs that were coated in a thick slime that linked tops to bottoms.

"Now that's a joke with layers," the horrific thing groaned and creaked out.

After another sanity-destroying bout of visual impossibility, Alex was just Alex again. He looked no worse for the wear, just infinitely smug.

"And that is what Alex does," I sighed out. "He's that guy."

"'And for once,'" he replied in mock quotes, "'we are truly grateful that he is,' all four of my friends said, because they have all realized how incredibly beneficial my particular bent might be in this particularly insane and unprecedented situation."

"He's got a point, Sam," Mike said. His voice was higher and reedier, apropos to his new form. He'd only lost a few inches of height - always that pride, with him - but he'd become extremely willowy.

"And so diplomatically made, as usual," Mary added. The smile was already back, which I took to be a good sign. Even as a towering, taut, red-haired Valkyrie, it was still hers: small and pursed, like a teasing kiss just waiting for you to trigger its trap with your own lips. Its danger was less subtle on her new face - even a bit of a mismatch - but there was no denying that she was more attractive in her new form. Mike was arguable, but I'd have said all four of us were. Alex was Alex - and also, apparently, anything else he wanted to be.

Sam rolled her new eyes - fiery amber, just how she liked them on her character sheets - and flipped her snow-white mane. Of the four of us, she'd gone hog-wild with aesthetics. Mike, Mary and I had jumped into archetypes, though beautiful versions at that. Sam had agonized, clearly.

"Well, okay then," she said dismissively. "That's that. What's next?"


We all just looked at Alex. We were quite beyond pretending that anybody else was in charge.

"Leveling and experience," he said. "Our buddy is saying he can only nudge us onto paths that mesh with this whole 'magical world' of his, but then we'll have to grind it out to become powerful enough to actually get the job done."

"... You got all of that, from that?" Sam asked. "Bull fucking shit. Alex, what is this? What did you get us into?"

Alex put up his hands. "Swear on my life, Sam, I didn't do this. I'm just rolling with it. But yes, to answer the question you should've asked, that little tidbit just pushed me about twenty percent in the direction of this being some elaborate setup. Thinly-veiled justifications for classic RPG tropes? Sus. As. Fuck."

The booming, otherworldly voice remained silent. Alex, in particular, glanced up and around, as if daring it to get defensive. Instead, the door appeared again. It was time for us to pick who went first, and once again venture into the unknown.

"Wait," I said. "Do any of you actually remember what happened last time you went in? Because I don't."

"No," Mary said. Her smile disappeared. "I just... I just know that I went through the door, and then 'chose' this form."

"Ditto," Mike helpfully added.

"Same," Sam said.

"Yeah, that's not great," Alex said. "Actually, that's quite bad. I was really hoping you four would be able to do recon for me before I went this time."

"What are those odds looking like now, Alex?" I asked.

He looked grim. "Tilting the other way, Nate. That'd be one hell of a laser-precision drug trip to inflict on five different people. Either that or our minds are being screwed with perpetually. Given the snappy and on-brand back-and-forth we're enjoying, though, that doesn't seem very likely either."

"We should talk it out," I said.

Alex shook his head. "Too many possibilities, not enough data. Not productive. Besides, call it a hunch..."

The door began to vibrate and fade away. Another beside it began to fade in.


"Yeah," Alex said. "That."

Mike stepped forward. "I know what I am," he said. "I'll go first." Putting it diplomatically, he was the group's blunt instrument, even when sporting ironically sharp daggers or swords. His rogues were never truly sneaky - just game-mechanic sneaky to pump up his damage.

"Thanks, man," Alex said. He sounded sincere.

"I'll tell you whatever I can when I get back," Mike said, and then he grabbed hold of the vibrating, fading door's knob. The door stabilized; I thought I saw Mike's new form absorb some of its instability before it did. He opened it into blank whiteness, gave us one last nod, and stepped inside. The door closed and locked behind him, but didn't disappear.

The next door faded fully into view.

"No time," Alex said. "I'll barely have a chance to ask questions, let alone run tests, even if Mike's back in a hurry."

I sighed again - differently, and the three of them knew exactly what I meant by it. "Just do the best you can, Alex," I said. "That's all we can ask."

I headed towards the door. Alex grabbed my arm. "You're going to be the healer?" he asked.

"I assumed," I replied.

"A thought has occurred," he said. "Walk the tightrope. Don't pick something that's too reliant on reagents, but don't make yourself beholden to some higher power, either. We don't know just how real, or for how long, this whole thing's going to be. Arcane magic. Inner strength. Nature. No patron gods. No pacts."

"You guys heard that, right?" I called out.

"Got it," Mary said.

"Yeah," Sam said.

I gave Alex a grateful nod, then tried for a smile. "Knew there was a reason we didn't kick you out."

"Too bad you didn't find a genie in a magic lamp instead, though, huh?"

I shrugged. "Who knows? We still might."

"I love you, you know," he said. "And keep your head out of the gutter. I'm still angling for that date with Susan."

"Love you too, man," I said. "Gotta go."

He nodded, and let me.

I didn't tell him he should ask Mary out instead. It was the wrong time, and Mike being her brother meant it might not ever be the right one.



frogandbanjo t1_ja76cml wrote

I emerged from the door to find Mike pacing nervously; it didn't fit his new form. He should've been leaning against a wall or parked in the corner table of some darkened inn, calmly taking in the whole scene and planning for every eventuality. Instead, he was a wreck. I couldn't blame him.

I took a deep breath and tried to remember. I couldn't. Knowledge insisted upon itself in the place of memories. I was something called a Light Surgeon, and I was just barely above the novice level. As soon as I knew that, I began to see... differently. I knew that there was more to light - from suns, from torches, from sources unknown. I knew it had potential, and that I'd begun to learn how to tap into it. I knew somehow that I'd be able to weave illusions as something of a side-hobby to my more serious studies.

Sourceless light, incidentally, was what illuminated the odd, dimensionless, wall-less waiting room we were in. Nothing had changed since I'd last been in it. The floor was undefinable material that suggested stone but wouldn't commit. There was no ceiling above us. Rather, we seemed to exist in a dome whose only limits were the very sense of ending and limitation.

I remembered Alex's advice. I searched my knowledge, rather than my memory, for anything or anyone to whom I was beholden. I knew of nothing. I sighed in relief. It occurred to me that, before he'd even had a chance to cleverly save my life in whatever twisted nightmare we'd been dragged into, he might have already saved my soul.

"So?" Mike asked.

"'Light Surgeon,'" I told him.

"Shadow Assassin," he said. "Went with my gut, I think. If this shit is serious, flim-flam and fast-talk don't seem like they're going to be as important as slipping a dagger into somebody's back all quiet-like."

My stomach probably should've turned, but it didn't. "Makes sense," I said. "And hey - light and shadow. We'll definitely be best friends."

He laughed at that. "I don't think they did anything to weird to my mind. I'm still me, I think. I still like you. I'm not being told you're my existence shell enemy."

I shrugged, letting the malapropism slide. "Give it time. We might have to share a tent in a magic swamp."

"Well, I mean, I'd probably kill you in the real world after something like anyway."

"With your farts."

He laughed again. He was easy to manage.

Mary emerged from her door. She looked dazed, but not sick or scared.

"You okay?" I asked.

She blinked a few times. I saw her doing what I'd done. "Mistress of Battle," she said. "Tactics. Rallying the troops. Specialized fighter and hint of bard, I think. That's good. I can work with that."

Mike and I filled her in. We didn't know if there was anything extra to glean from the three roles combined. We tried. We really did.

Sam was next. She waved off the niceties and strained like she was trying to shit. "Fuck," she muttered. "Fucking messing with my mind. I do not like that."

We let her have the moment.

"Evoker," she said. "Master - er, Mistress, I guess? - of the Arcane Elemental Matrix. Huh. So, okay, it's like the magical versions of enthalpy and entropy. Fire and frost, but hoity-toity. And then there's just... magical energy, outright, from some special plane, which is fucking dumb. And then... it's right there. It's just out of reach. Fuck. I have to gain levels or whatever fucking bullshit. Then I'll know what my next options are."

"That's super fucked up," Mike said. "That's way more mindfuck than I got. I just know how to use daggers and swords and sneak around and stuff. Wait... huh. Something about actual shadows, though. Okay, damn, same mindfuck."

We filled her in too. Again, we couldn't piece anything extra together. All of us knew we were just waiting for Alex. It felt so wrong to be so reliant on him. It had never been like that around the table. His antics and ideas had been a fun sideshow. Now it seemed like they might be the difference between life and death.

Alex emerged. He, too, looked dazed for a moment, but it cleared up quickly. His eyes trailed up and to the left. "Yeah, no, no memories," he said. "But there it is. Yeah. That's good. That's real good."

He broke out into a smile. "Guys," he said. "We have to stay positive. We can't let this get to us - not yet. So gimmie a guess. One guess. Anybody. Then I'll tell you."

"Blue Mage," I said. "Use the most readily available hostile resource and turn it around."

"Well shit," Alex replied. "That's fucking clever, Nate. That's like a B plus."

"Swear to god, Alex," Sam seethed.

"Fine, fine," he said. "Okay. Mimic."


"Mimic," he repeated with a grin. "Final Fantasy Six, coming in clutch, so were you this close, Nate. Man, that is some poetry right there. Anyway, guys? I think we're gonna be okay. I really do. So, the next thing that needs to happen, is I need all of you to fight me. That's how it works. I gotta see what I can copy, and how many I can keep in my head at a time. We also need to start running tests on how the experience and leveling system works. Oh, shit, I also need to see if there's any fun interactions between my shapeshifting and my mimicry!"

Alex's door - the only one that had remained - vanished. He saw us see it, turned, and shrugged his shoulders. We all began looking up and around, waiting for the sound.


The final door appeared - an ostentatious double one, clearly indicating it was for all of us.

"Well, rain check," Alex said. "Who's the leader?"

We all knew what he meant. It was nice of him not brag.

Mary stepped forward. We all fell in line behind her. With only the clothes on our backs - no armor, no weapons, no backpacks, no torches, no ropes, not even the classic flint and steel - we braced ourselves to venture forth into the unknown.

I hung back with Alex at the rear.

"I think I need to tell you something," I whispered. "But you have to promise to be cool."

"Promise to handle Mike instead," he said.

I managed to keep my jaw from dropping. Instead, I just sighed and shook my head. "I'm almost entirely sure you didn't do this, Alex," I said, "but you're really going to make the most of it, aren't you?"

"Hopefully we all are," he said.

"Can you shapeshift just your clothes?" I asked. "You might want to. Take the inspiration from us."

"Crap," he said. "Thanks. Man, I hope this doesn't mean we're in some PG-13 adventure. That'd be a real bummer."

I was going to say something clever about people in PG-13 movies still being able to die even though they couldn't have raunchy sex, but it was my turn to walk into the blank whiteness once again.

"Maybe we'll actually remember something this time," I joked.

Did we? Well, that's either a story for another time, or it's not.


WittleNipple t1_ja72j8g wrote

Obligatory I’m on mobile.

If you asked any outsider or basic acquaintance about our group they would all tell you the same story. Beth was the mother of the group with kind eyes and the stereotypical anime mother side-ponytail that quite frankly worried us all. Eden was the natural leader of the group who’s optimistic attitude made us all overlook how incredibly and quite frankly debilitatingly dumb he was. Lils was your stereotypical girl next door vying for Eden’s affection despite his obvious crush on Beth. Dylan was the sweet and soft spoken bookworm who had the hots for Lils but could never muster up the courage to do anything about it. Finally… there was Daisy. Daisy was eccentric to put it nicely. She was optimistic but had little to no faith in mankind. Her interests changed on a daily basis whether it’s taxidermy or baking. She gave the best advice but never followed it herself even to her own detriment. She was the happiest person you’d ever meet but also debilitatingly depressed. Which is why it shocked but did not surprise any of her friends with the form she chose.

“Be not afraid.”

“Daisy… are you fucking serious?” Lils said through labored breathing trying desperately to calm her heart.

The entity sighed “Cmoooon guys I said ‘Be not afraid’ I thought you’d be chill with itttt~”

Beth who was attending to the incapacitated Dylan let out an annoyed shriek “DID THAT EVER WORK FOR THE ANGELS IN THE OLD TESTAMENT DAISY?!”

“Be not mad?” Daisy said hopefully.

Eden and Lils struggled to hold Beth back for a good five minutes before she gave up.


“So like… can I be in charge of interrogations?”


Adeptus_idioticus t1_ja750m6 wrote

"Keith, buddy! Looking good man!"

Keith grinned, glistening white teeth bared in a smile that would put hollywood actors to shame, his blond curly hair framing his face like a cloud.

"Same for you Joseph! Look at you! Man i just love those tats!"

Joseph smiled as he flexed his arms, his tattoos rippling as his titanic muscles stretched. He looked like an 80's action hero. Almost conan like.

"Are you two nitwits done flexing your good lucks?" A soft lilting voice called out from behind them.

Keith and Joseph both turned, and their jaws dropped.

"Sarah!?" They both shouted in amazement.

Sarah stood in front of them, slender and lithe, long blood red hair trailing down to her hips, pointed ears peeking through the locks. Her arms and stomach bare to the world and rippling with taut sinuous muscles, designed for speed and agility.

Another voice broke in, gruff and gutteral, but filled with humor.

"Yeh, yeh, we all knows ya got da guds sarah, no needz ta show it off"

The three heroes turned to behold the newest addition to their party.

Joseph groaned in despair.

"Aw come on man! Connor You're muscles are bigger than mine!"

Connor grinned, his tusks jutting out from his lower lip.

"That's cuz i'm an ORK ya git! Wez be ded killy!"

Sarah raised her delicate eyerbrows.

"Warhammer ork or tolkien?"

connors response was a simple yet loud


the elf rolled her eyes.


Keith looked about, concern in his eyes.

"Where is turner?"

"I dunno, maybe he is taking his time?"

"He always liked to get things right, be patient."

"He got dat kool mind tho, boy gonna be crazy, calling it"

The conversation cut off as footsteps approached. Heavy and slow, almost leisurely. As the footsteps drew closer, a low repeating sound made itself known.

ksssh kuhhh

ksssh kuhhk

Joseph's eyes widened in recognition and excitement.

"No fucking way."

An imposing, dark figure appeared at the top of the stairs, his form unmistakable. The electronic breathing a dead giveaway.

Sarah took a temptive step foward.


The helmet of the figure turned to look down at her, it's glossy black eyes locked onto hers.

"Sarah, your form suits you."

Connor stepped forward, his grin massive and terrifyingly wide.

"I 'ad a feeling yous would go for 'im! Told ya guys he was gonna be crazy! HAH!"

Turner looked at his friends, and smiled behind his mask.

This world wouldn't know what hit it.


RosenrotEis t1_ja6xmf3 wrote

"My Lord, I have no clue who these mortals are. Why are they-"

"These four mortals are the key to saving my Realm!" the King of the Amethyst Court bellowed. "They seem to know you, so you better get them comfortable with their new role as Protectors of this land! Oh, and don't out yourself as an Amethyst Courtier to these mortals."

I bowed slightly. "Of course, My Lord. But mortals? Truly?"

"Yes. Now go, before I send you to that one part of my Realm that you recently got for me. You know, the one that the thermostat is broken?"

"Right away."


I looked at the mortals, shaking my head slightly. Fragile beings. I still do not understand why my Lord chose these weaklings to save these lands. The war that the Crimson Queen began with Znanel is an immortal matter, to be dealt with the Blood-Knights and the Knower-Keepers.

"Wow, Isoth! You got to talk face-to-face with the god of this place?" a sad looking girl with her hair dyed a powder blue walked up to me. Marienne, I think her name is.

A young man with mousey brown hair was the next to bombard me with his energy. "What did he say? I know we are meant to save this realm but-"

"SILENCE, FOOL!" my voice shook crystalline purple leaves off of the tree. "We are all to choose how we want to look in this realm. Man, Mer, Beast, Manbeast, Mermanbeast, whatever. Just choose, and choose quickly. The forces of Znanel are upon us."

Another young man, but with short blond hair, looked up from his book. "Wood elf."

Immediately, he grew shorter, his features turning more angular and wood-tinged.

Marienne was in awe. "Silas, who knew you would look so good like that!"

The mouse haired male jumped up and down. "Can I be Mousefolk?"

Much like how Silas became as he is now, so did this male.

"Way to go, Benji," the last mortal clapped slowly. "Way to out yourself."

Benji pouted. "What about you, Myata? What will you be?

Myata looked up at the sky. "Make me into a powerful warrior. With a sword. I like swords a lot."

"A mortal after my own heart," I smiled as the androgynous form became their desired self. "Now, Marienne, what do you want to be?"

"I liked Myata's idea. Something like that?" Her transformation started. "Only less swords, and more magic, please."

Benji twitched his ears in my direction. "Isoth, what about you? What will you be?"

"In my fucking armor is what I'll be," I started marching southwards towards my domicile. "And that's what you lot had better start considering, too. Light, medium, or heavy. Or unarmored and let your guts feed the wildlife for all I care."


Justaperson3565 t1_ja76g8r wrote

“How the hell did we wind up here?” I heard Ky’s voice echoing from down the hall. “Look,” Kolby began “Jagthaer already explained this..”

“Where the hell is Rose?” Erik yelled, worry etching his voice. “She was with us, I saw her right before they whisked each of us off.” Em’s voice soothing as ever. “I’m right here Erik, you always worry too much. This form took a bit of getting used to.” I say as I walked into the giant chamber.

I watched as they collectively turned and I swear Erik’s jaw hit the floor, which is quite the feat since he’s a centaur now. “Yes, I’m a fae. Look, I know it might seem odd, but I didn’t want the ‘mature’ version of myself if it was going to come with the messed up body. I always wanted to fly, and they’re tiny, so easily missed. Perfect solution, especially for a spell caster!”

Kolby as always was the logical one “That makes sense, but you know you’re perfect the way you are.” I looked at Kolby with their androgynous elven features. “Oh god Kolby, I know you’re so happy right now!!” Kolby blushed and dipped their head down, but not before I saw the huge grin on their face.

I looked around the room, Ky being Ky, he went for a more mature version of himself, but extremely muscular. “Ky, look at you! Oh how handsome you are!” Ky’s had a shit-eating grin as he looked at me and winked “Damn right I am!” I laughed at him, shocked at the delicate tinkle of my laughter. “The hell?!”

Em laughed at my my response, her muscular little body reminding me of a gymnast. “You may have kept your voice, but apparently your laugh wasn’t ‘fae’ enough.” Erik started chuckling, his front hooves slapping down on the ground as he laughed.

“Erik! You’re going to bring the place down, you got to remember to use your arms, not your front hooves!!” Erik always had a penchant for slapping his hands on his thighs or the table in front of him when he laughed too hard.

“Can you believe our little D&D party wound up in another galaxy becoming actual heroes?” Kolby asked, their face radiating with joy. “Holy shit Kolby, you know you’re the leader, just like you’re the DM in our world!” Erik blurted. Ky looked at Kolby and grinned, “You always did have that sexy brain for coming up with ideas!”

“Well, I DID assume you would all choose the classes and tasks your party had in your ‘game’ on our world.” Jagthaer boomed as he approached us. “Kolby is quite the exceptional leader, and thinks quickly on the spot, I believe they will best fit as a spellcaster, since they technically have no class as the DM. Your choice, of course. Erik, with all your loud gusto, you have a level head and quickly analyze the situation, guiding your fellow melee warriors. Em, your quiet strength and blessed heals make you the perfect paladin. Ky, you’re quite the warrior, knowing exactly when to rage, and always choosing the perfect moment.” After this, Jagthaer turned to me.

“As for you Rose, you always seem to have one last spell up your sleeve. You worry too much. I would’ve made your body whole if you chose your human version. I know you’re the ‘mom’ of the group, and worry about holding everyone back if you falter, or fall. Your support, guidance, and encouragement makes this group, and holds it together. Worry not. But how do you like those wings?” I grinned at Jagthaer and flitted over. “Let go kick Zeus’s ass!”

Y’all don’t be harsh lol. This is my first time writing, and I imagined it literally how it would play out with my friends. I know it’s a bit “chatty”, forgive me.

Punny-Aggron t1_ja85p2u wrote

Unlike the rest of the group, Marco and Kasey weren’t into fantasy stuff, so when the god asked them for their forms, they went with their regular human forms, with slight modifications: Marco was basically the same, except a little slimmer and with the muscles (and muscle memory) required to be an archerer. Kasey was also the same, except she asked the god to make her really strong but not make it obvious she was strong, that way any opponents they came across would underestimate her.

Things started to get weird with Alison. She was of Irish decent and loved Irish folklore, so she asked the god to make her a dulahan. So she became a floating head with her body being it’s own thing that was still under her control, with colorful harmless flames shooting out from where her head once was. She also had an affinity for magic.

Trevor, on the other hand, was even more bizarre. He had told the god that he wanted to fly but also breath underwater, so the god gave him bat-like wings, gills in his neck, and flat webbed feet for swimming. He called himself a breaker, because he was able to break any limits or something.

As Marco, Kasey, Alison, and Trevor conversed about their new forms, they all suddenly turned their attention to a squashing sound coming from the portal they entered. A medium sized blob began to hop its way towards them, but before the group could react, a telepathic voice entered their heads:

what do you guys think?

“Morgan?” Kasey asked. “What are you supposed to be?”

Just a formless blob, basically anything I can absorb I can become

Morgan demonstrated this by absorbing a spider crawler across the floor, then quickly transforming into a much larger version of it, much to the groups horror.

“Well I guess we’re all set.” Marco said. “Let’s go save this world.”


Atreigas t1_ja83ws2 wrote

Slow methodic thuds hit the ground, eyes slowly drawn towards me. Sarah gasped, "Alex, did you-"
"From the moment I understood the weakness of my flesh," I interrupted. "It disgusted me. I craved the strength and certainty of steel. I aspired to the purity of the blessed machine."
John rolled his eyes, "of course he's doing a bit."
"Your kind cling to your flesh, as if it will not decay and fail you," I said, my hands dramatically wide.
"you think he's gonna do the whole thing?" Matt whispered to the others.
"One day, the crude biomass you call a temple will wither, and you will beg my kind to save you."
"He's a theater kid," Sarah bit back. Simply waiting me out.
"But I am already saved, for the machine is immortal..." John sighed. "Even in death, I serve the omnissiah."

"Are you done?" He asked in exasperation. I just nodded.
"So you're a robot now?" Matt asked as he admired my new metallic form. "Data spirit." "What's that?" "A form of mind spirit that specialises in possessing computers and shit," Sarah frowned, "that's a thing?" I shrugged, "god-man said we could become anything. I took the offer," a few glances all around. "So why a robot? You're not planning to go all skynet on us are you?" She ribbed. "She asked the ardent transhumanism advocate," I said with a small smile. "This is simply taken to the logical extreme so I thought, why not skip the middle steps? I get to be fantasy skynet without the genocide and that's both awesome and overpowered." "You sure you can handle all the programmy-computery multitasking bits?" John asked skeptically, I smiled. "That's the neat part about being a type of mind spirit..."


Not my best work, but it's good enough considering I wrote it on fumes.


GoddessRosez t1_ja8b2vr wrote

“Where is Noah?“ the head of our group, Jason, asked, he looked older than he had earlier, stronger, more well built, but also more tired

“Not a damn clue” Lillian said, she was also older, but she was also a looooot taller, guess that’s what happens when you have tall people in your family and ask to be older

“Is he still picking his race/class?” Balthazar asked, he was a Khajit from Skyrim/Elder scrolls online, it seemed that he also decided to have a hood and shrouded armor that comes with the Dark Brotherhood in ESO

“I think so, it’s either that or… he’s invisible.. or has the ability to be invisible” Sera was an Elf, which was expected of her, she’s lanky and seems to be a wood elf, though a tall one

“I’m here guyssssss” I spoke softly, knowing that my new appearance would startle them, I was a Lamia, or a half snake “Nothing to be sssscared of, jussssst me”

Lillian shrieked and fainted

Jason stared at me

Balthazar gave me a thumbs up

And Sera… Well, she jolted then started laughing

“Sssssorry, It was just a fun idea” I shrugged

#”This is acceptable… Your Friend Noahs form is somehow the most suitable for our quest”


Zealousideal-Air-989 t1_ja85xkf wrote

A world is ending, a world needs heroes, a world without selfless souls, a world without hope without you.

"That was the thought imposed in our minds when we arrived at the Spiritual Realm. A God met us and showed us Its world, devastated and corrupted due to Its continuous interference. It described every single aspect of Its creation, every detail of its inhabitants, everything about souls and magic in this universe and granted us the ability to see souls. I immediately knew why we were the chosen ones..."

"Great resume Roc, now explain: why are you a hybrid between a centaur and a fucking hippogriff?”

“God Itself let us choose the vessel for our soul. A Hero deemed to save the world should be something greater than anything we have ever seen. Why didn’t you take something different than a taller, stronger and prettier version of yourself, Aura?”

“Fair point, the Hero’s body and that. But I want to be remembered as a powerful woman, not as a monst…”

“Aura, Roc, please, do not fight, we are suppose to be a team. More difficult tasks will be ahead, both options are right. Look at me or at Yu, I am still human, and he is still he, just with horns and red skin. I am worried, have you seen Zaahir?”

“Fear not, we have known him for ages, he is a bit slower taking decisions. Maybe he is asking God for advice and doublechecking every little detail.”

“ROOC! YOU REALLY ARE IMPRESSIVE! How did you imagined a body so awesome and didn’t tell me?”

“Yu, stop screaming and look for Zaahir with us. Esther, we’ll find him.”

“Thanks, both of you. I thought time passed slower in the Spiritual Realm, so It should have already ended and…”

“I am here, sorry for the wait… I was truly disoriented.”


“Yu, relax, we can look at his soul. He still is himself as God promised us, just a bit different like ourselves. But could you explain your appearance please? It is truly ambiguous and difficult to understand.”

“Stop the bitching and the overexplaination, for God’s sake. Zaahir, why is your face so incredibly dull?”

“Boys, boys, let him space. We have been here a while, but he has just arrived from heaven and you are drowning him in questions. Whenever you are ready, we will be here to listen.”




“Thanks a lot Esther… It almost was too much for me, not you guys, but all the Godly things. I am not very religious myself you know that. And God has a face! And It has made mistakes! I was and still am truly perplexed. Also, you took a new body right after you hear all that monologue… damn, sorry I am late and slow for these things… I couldn’t stop thinking about the implications of my appearance. Did you think about all the details that your bodies…?”

“Damn you, you are derailing a lot. I’m sending you back to God to fix that awful look.”

“Nonono, no, please don’t. Aura, don’t you see the beauty of all our choices? You are a powerful woman, and your body shows it no doubt allowed, none will ever doubt the human’s indomitable spirit ever again. Roc took a monstruous and frightening body, but he is a gentleman and a scholar, he’ll make people think twice about prejudices. Yu there looks like a devil, but he is truly spontaneous and cannot tell a lie nor make an unfair contract, that alone could probably make people reimagine what they think about other races, you know, for all that devils making contracts and twisting them. Esther is compassion in soul and now in flesh…”

“HAHAHA! I haven’t read a full contract in my life, you know me.”

“Curse you! Shut up Yu, he was into something incredible.”

“Eh, yes, yes. As I was saying… Yes, did you remember why all the problems started?”


“Yu, I am going to help Aura beat you to a red pulp if you don’t shut up and let him speak for once. Zaahir, please, continue.”

“No, he is right, God and Its continuous interventions made the world a mess. It chose us exactly to avoid more direct actions. And somehow, just by looking at our souls It knew all these appearances that we were going to make. Even mine, even without a single hint, we made as It wanted to save this unfortunate world. I truly want to save it, and I will do it as one of them.”

“What? You mad? You can’t change what you are. We'll be heroes of legend.”

“But we did change our looks. I will be remembered as a commoner, as an errant knight, as an orphan, as someone passing by that came to help you All-Mighty Heroes. That is my purpose here, remember them they are able to save the world. That they can and should be the heroes of their own world.”

“That is also a lie, we will have godly powers and no mere mortal will be able to imitate us.”

“Yes, Roc it is a lie, but Zaahir is also right. This world needs to believe, and then, it will save itself.”


Alonlyperson t1_ja8bxnj wrote

The god of this world,Khalil, summoned us to save his world. And not to brag, I believe he chose the best of the best for this job. Even moreso when he allowed all of us to change our own appearance as well as giving us a power of our own.

My first friend Nick, the dude's great, he was the strongest, tallest and the most heavy person I knew back in our world. However he often complained about his height and weight. He changed his appearance to a slender body that wasn't too tall but neither too short. Besides that one could see the resemblance between his two bodies. His fashion sense changed thought, now wearing a simple medieval pant and shirt instead of fancy clothes of all manners when he was on earth. He was granted the power to control wind by the god of khakil.

Now Tiffany, who was Nick's sister always had a bobcut whenever we met her, she often wished she had long and smooth hair. Nick probably stole all her height since she was very self conscious about her own height, she was by no means short but she still felt short when she compared herself to her own brother. Now she is a tall woman, a fair bit taller than her brother's current form, clad in a wizard robe that reaches her knees and a wizard hat which could barely hide her long hair that reached down to her knees, maybe even lower when she haven't tied them up. And unsurprisingly she was a master wizard, a sorceress who knew nearly all the spells in the world.

Nile and miles, both twins always had to wear the same stuff when they were young, an habit that carried on to their adult life. They were both average looking young men, nothing too distinguishable about either of them. But now they look completely different from each other and aren't even remotely normal looking. Nile is a beautiful elf with long white hair and glowing brown skill, adorning light but surprisingly durable clothes. He was given the ability to control all manners of plant life, being able to control their growth, movement and all that. Miles on the other hand was now a small yes suprisingly handsome hobbit. Besides his height and a killer glow up, one could tell he was the same old miles deep down. However him having the strength to lift all 5 of us with his one hand wasn't one would expect from him seeing his frame. His power allowed him to do that and much more.

Now finally it's my turn to choose my own appearance. First I was given the power to invisibility, indestructibility, a very high stamina and being able to move faster than a normal human eye could precive. Now what did I choose to change myself into? A cat. I changed myself into a cat. Because why not, not like I could think about anything else. The god happily obliged. All my other friends were quite surprised since I was quite vocal about my hatred for cats. I used to be know as the anti-cat lady. I was able to change between my previous body and being a cat but let's not let anyone else know about that. Let's see where this life of a cat takes me in this new world.


badmojo6000 t1_ja9ktwl wrote

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a group of five friends. They were inseparable, and their bond was unbreakable. One day, they were summoned by a god who needed their help to save his magical realm. The god promised to grant them the power to choose their appearance in his world.
The first two friends, a boy and a girl, chose to become idealized adult versions of themselves. They wanted to be the strongest and most capable versions of themselves so they could protect their friends.
The next two friends, a dwarf and an elf, chose to become members of their respective fantasy races. The dwarf became a master blacksmith and the elf became an expert archer, ready to defend their friends with their unique skills.
But the fifth friend surprised everyone with her choice. She chose to become a tree.
Her friends were shocked and confused. They asked her why she would choose to be a tree when she could have any form she desired. She simply smiled and told them that trees are the guardians of the forest, the protectors of nature. She wanted to stand tall and strong, to offer shade and shelter to all the creatures of the forest. She wanted to be a part of something bigger than herself, to give back to the world that had given her so much.
And so, the friends set out on their adventure, with their unique appearances and skills. Together, they fought the evil forces that threatened the god's magical realm. The boy and girl fought with their strength and courage, the dwarf and elf with their skills and cunning, and the tree with her unwavering presence and support.
In the end, they saved the god's magical realm and returned to their own world. But they never forgot the lessons they had learned, especially the lesson that it's not about what you look like or what you can do, but about the impact you make on the world around you. And the tree, though she may have been an unconventional hero, will always be remembered as one of the bravest and most selfless of them all.


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"It's ya boi sluggy J"

"James why the fuck."


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The third one either chose Sailor Moon or Smaug.

For very different reasons.


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Dragon. I would always choose to be a dragon.


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Waiting for the trans character from DIE comic.


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Floating orb wreathed in electricity