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s-mores t1_ja8592f wrote

First off, I don't disagree with you. My first reaction to the prompt response was "Meh. As self-righteous indignant speeches go, I've heard better" (if you get the reference, shout out!).

However, you have to understand the prompt response is so amazingly genre-conscious it's insane. Isekai is all about exploring the what-if, the transformation, the difference between real and fantasy (and power trips and harems, of course, but that's just Japan being Japan). I could 100% see this rant as something at the start or midway point of an isekai show, absolutely. So the author absolutely, completely nailed it.

It's also about never trusting first glances and impressions -- maybe this rant was exactly what the group needed to get on track, or maybe it gets them killed in the next episode.

Also considering isekai target audience.. yeah, you really don't want to overthink them.