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GrunkleStanwhich t1_j9rflg7 wrote

"You rescued me!" The princess exclaimed, stepping gingerly over the still warm corpse of the beast that had been her captor.

"Huh?...well yes I suppose" the armor clad knight scratched his chin in confusion. "I just figured that someone should have come out by now."

The princess leaned in, fluttering her eyes just the way she had been taught so many years prior. "Yes, well, aren't you glad it was you?", she whispered, closed her eyes, and brought herself close. She was met quickly, not by the lips of her savior, but by the cold metal of his gauntlet, the knight holding fast with his arm now extended into her face.

"Ah no, I rescued you because you needed rescued. That's all." The knight spoke, hand still firmly in her face.

The princess pulled back, a confused expression only highlighted further by a stray lock of blonde hair falling down over her eyes.

"Also, how old are you? I have a daughter your age you know. You can't possibly be into-", the knight gestured down to himself. To worn armor and a gut that spilled out beyond the plating. To a face full of scruff, scarred from years of service, and a smattering of dark colored blood across his armor. It was true. He was not what she had expected, but still she replied.

"Well, of course I am, you rescued me! I have to show my gratitude somehow." Her words trailed off upon realizing what she had said, or more how she had said it. Now, staring down a man who looked at her with such pity, she understood the strangeness of it all. Rewarding a stranger for being nice, or rather just for being decent.

Sensing her realization the knight cut her thoughts short. "How about this: don't get captured again, and we'll call it even. And if you do, well then have me sent for, ok? My name is Sir Gladstone."

The princess managed to put on a comforted smile up to Gladstone, which he returned.

"Deal." She agreed.


archtech88 t1_j9rn0bu wrote

I love him and think he should be played by Pedro Pascal


EndorDerDragonKing t1_j9rocdu wrote


Yes he should.

And of course, only takes off his helmet in private.


GrunkleStanwhich t1_j9s0fmh wrote

Glad to please! Im imagining the scene with Pedro Pascal and it's now impossible not to.


SatyenArgieyna t1_j9smnik wrote

Sir Gladstone, thinking twice, trained the princess how to sword fight so he doesn't need to be called again


Delicious-Space-6117 t1_j9tndk5 wrote

I can't not see this being sir Samuel Vimes. He didn't rescue her for reward, just because it was the right thing to do.


Zero_Burn t1_j9v4da3 wrote

Probably rescued her because the dragon who kidnapped the princess belonged to his wife and he felt a moral obligation to clean up its mess. It being killed probably was just because it had a malfunction and asploded.


andarv t1_j9uxdil wrote

Well.. wife has been nagging to go out for a while and I could really use a baby-sitter.