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SciFidea t1_j9t4lja wrote


“40 isn’t that old,” said the princess.

“Old enough to reject you as a reason,” the knight replied.

“But you are still handsome,” she insisted, “I wish I can keep a shape like you in my 40s.”

“It’s not easy. You have to workout five times a week.”

“That’s why I refer to it as a ‘wish’.”

“I can’t believe you just stay in the tower doing nothing. Look at your face, you are as pale as a vampire.”

“I don’t have a tanning spray.”

“It’s not about tanning spray. Why not go out for a walk…”

“Like a date with you?”

“To get some sunshine.”

“You expect me to shine like a diamond under the sunlight, huh?”

“NO MORE twilight reference. Where do you get all these old YA contents? Don’t you have some real book to read in the tower?”

“It’s a tower. Call it a fortune to have an IKEA instruction manual to read.”

“It’s certainly a fortune that you are not one of my kids.”

“So, tell me more about your wife. What’s she like? Is she nice to you? How’re things going with her and the kids?”

“Wow, slow down a bit, this is way too personal. I’m your firefighter, not your potential boyfriend.”

“Yeah, I know. Because you are 40 and I’m only 26.”

“You are at most 16.”

“15, actually.”

“How rare for you to say something real. Now go, don’t make me regret liberating you.”

“To where I should go? Into this forest? There is danger everywhere. Look at that flower, it biting… that cat?”

“You’ll get used to it. There is just a slight difference between here and the earth.”

“You call this slight difference? We are floating in the air.”

“You will get used to it. You must.”

“Sure I will. But have you? You can never get used to all these, right?”

“I will. I can have my new life begin here. You have no idea how many sacrifices we have to make to get this Dyson Sphere done.”

“There, there. I’m here with you.”

“Go, go into the forest. And I will know you’ll always be there somewhere.”

“Are there any other towers for you to open?”

“You are the last one.”

“I’m sorry your family is not here.”

“I’m sorry I am not your father.”

“He told me he would let me out when the Sphere is set. He promised me that everything would be just fine. But only a few people survived, isn’t it?”

“Shush… look now, right there, can you see the twilight.”

“It’s… as beautiful as it on earth.”


Want to know where they are, check the short video: Dyson Sphere MetaVerse