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AlecsThorne t1_j9tsxl2 wrote

Wait.. so the princesses stayed with them? Or why is it 'daughters'? Cause from what I get, they have a son and daughter, Tom and Helen


poiyurt t1_j9ugx29 wrote

I think Tom and Helen are their biological, non-adoptive children.


AlecsThorne t1_j9uibkp wrote

I thought so too. That's why I'm confused by "daughters".


poiyurt t1_j9ujyvv wrote

And 'daughters' being the princesses staying in the guesthouse. She's referring to two different groups of people.


AlecsThorne t1_j9uk2ie wrote

Yeah. We definitely need and want more details 😁


poiyurt t1_j9ukb5m wrote

I think all the details you're asking for are in the story as is.


AlecsThorne t1_j9ukgso wrote

Clearly not since we don't know if the 'daughters' are actually the girls they saved. And if it is, why haven't they returned to their families?