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SpermWhaleGodKing t1_ja2n3yz wrote

I believe you would die nigh instantly, but it would still be a death more painful than we could possibly imagine. Like, imagine literally every single inch of your body on fire.

I believe this would feel far more dreadful than any torture we have ever dreamt up, even though the whole ordeal would only last about a millisecond


Zondartul t1_ja3t6rj wrote

Congrats, OP, you killed the MC before even the author got to him!


Aftel43 t1_ja2rdi4 wrote

Sorry but, blood is considered liquid so... This is pretty dead end prompt. Sorry, but, that's just how it is.


wathcman t1_ja3bv19 wrote

Maybe not, you could do a short story of police investigators investigating this super power lottery thing and the blood to alcohol prompt being the latest victim


Aftel43 t1_ja3ccyt wrote

Eh... I mean, you COULD but, would it really be that interesting to read though? That is the serious question.