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Aftel43 t1_ja3810v wrote

"You have no idea how freaked out I felt at first by all this but, it seems most of you do seem to be pretty okay people, so, I stuck around" I said. Eyes of the lich are hollow and an empty voice then rang filled with thought, you will need to take my word.

"Normally, I would fire you but, considering how well you have kept yourself together, haven't told anybody and haven't shown how you felt. I rather keep you around, it is difficult to find good workers" Lich said after a moment of pondering.

"Not particularly surprised to hear that, if I was in your position of course. May I continue working?" I reply.

"I will need to hold you for a moment but, for a different reason" Lich said and we discuss for a while. It does get stretched out quite an extent as we go through quite a lot of important matters, about customers, about what work entails, other workers and some quick banter about which direction the hotel is heading in terms of sustainability.

"Well, I hope we will not run into any huge issues" I say as I set all of the laundry into a bag to be sent to a nearby laundry house to be washed.

"So do I" Lich says and we cross check everything. "All are in order. As you were good sir" Lich says and departs.

"Well, I didn't expect that" building security officer ghost Ghamil says and I almost jump. It almost barked a laugh at it.

"How long have you been there?" I ask recovering from the scare and look around quickly. Nobody else here except us.

"Quite a while, don't tell the boss please, I shouldn't spend so much time just standing around constantly" Ghamil says and comes out of the wall.

"I won't but, man you almost scared me soulless" I say and Ghamil grunts in laughing manner.

"It is indeed rare to have such company. Welp, I need to get back to patrol. Nothing to report so far" Ghamil says.

"Nothing suspicious yet, but, blood pressure and heart beat is up..." I say and Ghamil hummed laughingly. Then waved a good day and went through another wall. While I push the carts with laundry bags to place where they will be picked up and then I return to lounge.

I see a draconian, a fiend, a vampire and a griffin being processed at the register. The draconian finishes first and the manager waves to me to help the guy out.

"Hello, name is Lareth. What is your room number?" I ask as I approach "Room 105" Draconian says and I help him with some of the luggage. "This way to the elevators please" I say and guide him to there. I call down the elevator and it arrives sooner than I expected.

"Cozy place I have to say, nothing what I have seen so far" Draconian says as we step inside of the elevator and the doors close, I press the floor 10 button and we start going up. Draconian shakes this head a bit, probably slightly confused by the feeling of floor elevating him up.

"It indeed is cozy, wait until you see your room sir" I reply and we both transition to quiet. Doors open after a minute and we step out. I carry the portion of Draconian's luggage to the door 3rd on the left.

"Thank you" Draconian says and nods to me that he can handle the rest while he opens the door. After he opened he looked "Well, I 'ill be. A fine room indeed. You may go now and thank you again" Draconian says as I place his luggage inside of the room but next to of the door when he had went inside to take a closer look.

"Enjoy your stay" I say and turn to go back to the elevators. The door closes soon behind me. I take a lift back to the street floor and the doors open up. I am greeted by another guy who has the same duties as, I move out of the way and accidentally touch a lady on my right. It is Sheyra, she works at the bar and is a serious tease to me...

What would you expect for a succubus? I know, I know, but, MAN she is hot. "Sorry" Sheyra says and I apologize too "Oh, Lareth, how are you?" Sheyra asks while my face receives a color, she gets a mean grin on her face because of it.

"Feeling like wanting to log out..." I say feeling quite embarrassed and she giggles. Didn't I say? She is a tease as she quickly runs her hand across my back and looks into my eyes.

"Hang in there, the flow is rough today" Sheyra says as my eyes visit her chest but, instead of feeling harassed sexually, she just slides her hand on my waist, smiles meanly, raises my chin then says "There, better".

"I wish actually would be" I say still feeling embarrassed and she nods to me in agreement as there is nothing I can do with the blushing for now.

"See you later" Sheyra says and walks away, swinging her hips to walk a straight line forward away from me, didn't I tell you? She is a tease!


Okay, I enjoyed writing this more than I thought...