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FrogBoy_3 t1_ja2db8h wrote

“…Minecraft?”, “Yea! Minecraft! It’s where you mine and.. craft!” You sigh, it’s the least you could do before he goes to Heaven, at least you hope. “Oh, alright, fine.. How do you win? So I can get this over with.” You weren’t particularly fond of this new ‘video game’ trend with mortals, it was hard to explain to God why you were gone for 200 hours playing Dark Souls with a teenager who got hit by a car. “Well uh, you don’t. Unless you count beating the Ender Dragon as winning, which I don’t, I’ve never actually gotten there..”

You put down your scythe as you sit down in the void for a while, “You know, before we play, I always like to get to know you guys. So.. How’d you die?” The kid looked down, seemed like he was trying to remember. “Uh, something with my brain? I don’t know, the last thing I remember is getting into a coma and hearing beeping noises.”, “Ah. I always forget any and all humans can do that, not only the old. Do you remember your name?”, “Uh yeah, It’s Caleb.. Why wouldn’t I remember my name?”, He looked a bit confused, but quickly shrugged it off as he sat down next to you, “So.. Not to be pushy or anything, but when are we gonna play Minecraft? I wanna go see my grandma..”

You stay silent, you wish you had tear ducts, maybe they’d express how you were feeling right now. “Wait human, I have to place an order.”, “To who?”, “To whoever your God is, or Gods if you’re in that type of religion. So, what do we play this on?”, Wow, you sounded kind of lame.. The kid frowns as he replies, “Computers. How long does the order take?”, “Only about a minute, they’re gods.” He smiles and hands you an inconspicuous computer mouse, “Wha-“, “It’s what you use to click on things! It’s called a mouse, like the animals.”

“Yes, I’m quite familiar with what a mouse is Caleb..” You groan as you start to place the order for the computers. Caleb starts to grin mischievously as they arrive, “You know what Mr Reaper.. Let’s see who can get to the End faster! I’m gonna try really hard because this is my last game of Minecraft ever!”, You furrow your.. eyeholes as you turn both computers on. “It’s a deal, mortal.”, “Heck yea! You’re going down!”

You sigh a final time as you press play.

“Alright then, let’s go.”


CharmTLM t1_ja43l22 wrote

What does a godlike computer look like? RTX beyond the mind's comprehension? Supercomputer chips the size of atoms?

Great story by the way! I feel for Caleb


FrogBoy_3 t1_ja4bsgd wrote

Damn, I just made him up cause I was tired af