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youslash4 t1_ja66to9 wrote


I take a step back, taking a second to consult the otherworldly knowledge gifted to me by the powers of my lord. My mind is suddenly flooded by visions of a world entirely comprised of voxels, and a player character at the whims of creativity to explore, destroy and conquer it with. I clear my hoarse throat, ejecting a cloud of dust.

"Do you know it?" The young squeaky voice calls up to me, tugging at the black tendrils of my frayed cloak.

"Child. I am death. I have at least a basic knowledge of any game you humans have created... are you sure you don't want a game of chance? Or chess, perhaps? Many like to gamble one last time for their life."

The small boy scratches his head for but a second, clearly in deep contemplation.

"Nah! I saw in a movie once that, like, you're super cool and can't be beaten or anything, so.. Minecraft!" He blurts at last, a huge smile splattered across his face painting a vastly different image than I'd expect.

"You are wiser than most, child." I wince slightly, an odd twang of sympathy worming it's way into my nonexistent brain. "I.. I am sorry I must take you so soon."

"It's okay, mr Death! Just look after my Mommy, please?"

".. I will bring her to you, in time."

I am greeted by another huge, toothy grin, the child clearly unaware of what that would entail for his mother.

Finally, after a moment of sincere silence, I extend one of my bony hands, my fingers releasing an awful crackle as I extend them outwards, in offer.

"Take my hand. Let's beat your game."