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rietstengel t1_ja7zxnn wrote

You mean Sapient species. All animals are sentient. Its humans that are Sapient. People confuse the 2 all the time, but the easy way to remember is that Humans are Homo sapiens and not Homo sentient


Spozieracz OP t1_ja88v4y wrote

Yeah, you are probably right. I'm not exactly as fluent as I'd like to be.


jmwills t1_ja88tz8 wrote

if high school Latin serves that should be Homo sentiens, as in "feeling man" (as opposed to Homo sapiens, "discerning man").


TimReineke t1_jabew3n wrote

Sapient/sentient is my Berenstain Bears. I could swear their definitions have flipped since college in the mid-2000s.