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Nougatbar t1_ja8y70q wrote

Azure Rain adjusts her suit, and then presses the button to accept the holocall, a wild assortment of holographic races appearing in front of her. She’s not surprised by them as she used to be. She’s what is called the ‘Administrator’ (well it’s called the Skelletofaxis but it roughly means administrator) she manages the planet’s senator, so she had seen this a lot, And now it’s time to ser if Earth’s current chosen Senator, Emily Parsons is up to snuff. The current head of the Parliament, a large porcine figure named, Hotuck, speaks. “We have looked over your application, and are very pleased with Emily Parsons.”

Azure smiled. “Perfect. It took us some time but we thought she would-“

“There is an issue however.”

The blue haired woman tilts her head. “Problem?” She had read over the application nearly a thousand times.

“Yes. Where are the other three applications.”


“Yes. Three.”

Azure blinks rapidly. “I don’t understand.”

“The Galactic Parliament chooses one senator of each sapient species from each member planet.” Azure continues to stare in noncomprehension. “For instance, Emily is a woman, where is the species that breeds with them? The man?” Azure’s face continues to show confusion until it breaks and she falls into peals of laughter which is echoed by the holograms around her.

“Ok. I see the confusion. Men and Women aren’t other species! They are just our names for males and females.” It is now time for the aliens to look confused, Hotuck’s face looks particularly befuddled around his tusks.

“Male, and Female?”

Azure assumes there must be a bug in the translator. That has happened. “Our Sexes.”

“Is not sex how you reproduce?” Asks, Genegen the many eyed, Tellen senator.

“Yes. But it also the name for how we divide the beings who can breed with each other.” The parliament looks confused until someone speaks up.

“Similar to how Resdens breed with the Desrens on our planet?” Speaks a red hulking individual, Azure had previously identified as male, who is sitting next to the blue individual she had identified as female who was the other species on their planet. Thinking she had found sense, Azure says

“Yes. Just like that.” That’s when the yelling starts. Azure can’t quite pick out a single word among it all, eventually Hotuck, presses a button and all the holograms are muted, no sound coming from them until they notice, and their mouths..and other verbal appendages stop moving.

“One at a time.” He pulls his finger off the button, and a jellyfish looking creature says “The Azure-form claimed Man and Women are not other species, yet they are like the Resdens, and the Desrens who are alternate species.”

“I see, what Jeej-form is saying.” Hotuck starts, “You claims that the species yours breeds with, the man is not another species, yet you breed with them, as the rest of the parliament does with their paired species.

“Wait. You all breed with different species?” Every single being in speaks up with their version of yes. Azure is stumped until she finally offers a weak, “We don’t. Uh. We’ve tested Men and Women separately and while there are many differences, we are the same species. Tests have shown, from the dawn of time. All our animals except a few have that division, sexes we call it.” The alien species slowly nod, seeming to get it.

“So the divisions we have seen among similar species on your planet is just the…breeding pairs of one species?” Hotuck asks.

“Yes! There you are!”

“So we are not missing three applications.”

“You are not.” Azure says, calming down.

“We are missing just one. From …our scans show they are called the Dragons.” Azure nods.

“As the liaison between the species on your planet, it is up to you to secure an application from them, but we will give you time, as if this senator is as good as Emily Parsons it will be worth it. Keep up the good work Administrator.” The other species slowly blink out, and Azure brushes her hair back, and then the end of the call sinks in and her eyes widen and face goes slack.

“Did Hotuck say DRAGONS?!”


W2ttsy t1_jabm8wq wrote

I was kinda hoping for a throwaway jab at the New Zealanders there.

Something like “some of us tried mating with sheep, but luckily they’re all the way on an island down the bottom… real end of the world place you know”.


Nougatbar t1_jabokhr wrote

Naw, just gotta stick to pairings that have produced children. And Azure is a classy lady.

Genegen was thinking it though. Nasty Tellen.


MechisX t1_jab68xs wrote

Leave it to the aliens to remind us that crypids are people too. :)


skyrimfireshout t1_jac4wnq wrote

Haha this is so strange to me since I have a niece that is Azure Sky lol