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I_Arman t1_ja9s4qv wrote

"But enough about the weather, how about those mosquitoes?"

Screaming, fading into the distance "... Was it something I said?"


RealFrog t1_jabkai8 wrote

Y'know the helicopter scene in Apocalypse Now? The one with Ride Of The Valkyries? Imagine it with mosquitoes, albeit slightly bigger than the choppers. That's summer in Winnipeg.

Now that the Red Planet is infested by rovers, a semi-regular winter news item is "Today local temperatures are once again colder than the surface of Mars -- before wind chill. Bundle up!"

Wanna know how tough Ukrainians are? They like Winnipeg weather.


crazy_dude360 t1_jabkd0a wrote

Smaller Chihuahua-like race is seen spontaneously levitating away in the background.

Being chased by a medical team and a chemical weapon team.

When the humans were questioned. They simply stated. "It's northern Michigan in early summer. We told them to soak themselves in the repellants. They are milder than the noseeums."

Edit: A: "the whatseeums?!"

H: The noseeums. They bite like horse flies but you can't see them.