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Aftel43 OP t1_j90oa7u wrote

I have no idea why would anybody going after one individual, individual I just happened to be walking beside of at the wrong place and a wrong time... Would be gunned down with at SAAR type bullet weapon (Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle). I still feel the ghost pains on my arms, despite them being replaced with metal ones...

It isn't that bad but, it is a bit trippy. Human nervous system is very strange even if we can understand it to the tiniest of molecules... Back then... I would be living with just legs... We cracked the code though, like I said. Now I have ones made from metals, rubber and synthetic materials. They are slightly on the heavy side.

I remember that awakening in that medical lab... The first touch of my own face, I noticed immediately two things, I couldn't feel the touch on my hand and the touch of my face felt like it wasn't actual human skin... The man who is quite past his prime age, was there right beside me. Said that nothing could be done to fix the old ones.

So, he decided to fix me new ones, along with some other augmentations. I have no idea what he was thinking... Making me feel like I had become half machine... Well, cyborg to certain extent. I don't have any augmentations on my head. Only chest, arms, spine and little bit on legs. This type of augmentation or replacement is not easy.

As you have to calculate body weight again, be absolutely certain on how much stress the bones can take due to gravity, weight, pressure, muscle contortion, chemical interaction and whole lot more of science and biology concerns when doing this stuff. He has a good team and thanks to all of them. I live at least somewhat of a normal life now.

There's people whose got debt to pay, I am one of them. I owe it to that team for this all. Didn't consider myself such a good gun man from the instinct, awareness, mobility, positioning, environment control and line of sight perspective but, after some practicing with firearms myself. I got a target on somebody and I want some answers.

I know in this area... Currently vacant industrial sector of my home city, I know just who are going to show up. They won't know I am here, they won't be able to locate me, they won't be able to even take an aim at me. Thank you for disarming me, time to pay the favor back...


I am not really good with super hero stuff. I find most of it quite bland *looks at DC and other comics*. They stopped interesting me a long time ago but, I hope this is at least passable.


HelloWorld1352 t1_j90v6al wrote

Thank you for this story. Sorry if I rambled for a bit when suggesting my prompt, the concept has actually been on my mind for quite a bit but I didn’t really know what to do with it. Also, I don’t really like DC and other superhero comics either, the concept of superheroes has always been more interesting to me than comics and movies about them.


Aftel43 OP t1_j910ta4 wrote

You didn't really ramble, it is mostly my problem with the whole concept... Hollywood has kind of destroyed the concept on my part by just diluting it so much that I lost passion for it. No, I don't follow the comics or movies or tv shows.

I mostly play video games and every now and then read few books. I really should read that book I loaned Witcher: Elven Blood. I started reading it but, I found it quite heavy to read for work breaks so I stopped reading.