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Aftel43 OP t1_j90rtw6 wrote

A tough one but, also very interesting. Woops... I immediately started thinking about actual sea water navy...


"So, what do you mean we are part of you?" Captain Tjesson asks sounding very confused after talking with me for a moment.

"I am not able explain it, Jakon, can you?" I reply in monotone voice and start going through ship systems. Man, so much backlog of things done with them but, insufficiently stored and packaged. They take too much space. I am going to fix it.

Technician thinks for a moment "Imagine, the ship like a human body, due to how ship is designed and constructed, people are required to do some of the stuff as they aren't connected to the ship's computer. Imagine red cell in your blood stream delivering oxygen to somewhere in the body from your lungs"

"I... What?" Tjesson asks still as confused as before. Jakon thinks for a moment and also pulls out the contracts.

"Think of one of the crew who you give an order to load the boat with a ship crane. As a nerve system signal that travels on the nerve system, in this case, on the ship floor to place where they need to do what you ordered" Jakon says.

Tjesson thinks a moment "Okay, I understand that now... But, how are we AI's property?" Tjesson says slowly understanding the situation.

"As your ship isn't fully automated on every single detail, from anchoring to transportation. You are required to stay on board or replace personnel as they come and go order to maintain the 'body' and 'brain' of the ship" Jakon says and shows the relevant points on the contracts.

"How do I for example then exit this contract without breaking it?" Tjesson asks.

"By finding a suitable replacement for the captain post and train it. After a test period AI will either okay it, negative followed with suitable reason for it" Jakon says.

"Understood, what about off shore matters?" Tjesson asks.

"As long as you stay in contact with the AI and don't break contact with it. Inform it of why, what, where and how long you are going to be away. It is enough" Jakon says.

"Okay... AI, can you give me a report on ship's cargo?" Tjesson asks.

"There isn't any cargo currently on ship captain Tjesson, ship is sailing mostly empty, refilling of water store, food and fuel for the ship is recommended. I am currently compiling all of the files for ease of access and read" I say to him.

"Well, what should I call you?" Tjesson replies as Jakon packs his items and raises his satchel on his shoulder.

"I have no assigned name currently, would you like to register me a name?" I reply.

"I would like you to register your name to be Masthead" Tjesson says.

"Registering call sign Masthead, is there anything else you need?" I reply.

"What is the weather outside currently?" Tjesson asks and I track him with a camera on the bridge. I check air temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity, check the sky and water level.

"It is currently mildly cloudy, +10 Celsius warm, Wind speed coming from heading 043, Wind speed 5 meters per second, air humidity is 67 percent, water level is optimal for sailing captain Tjesson" I say to him.

"Understood Masthead, thank you, thank you Jakon, apologies for the confusion" Tjesson says and I get back into sorting out logs entries and other information.

"No problem captain Tjesson, both of you be good to each other" Jakon says content with the situation.

"I currently do not know how to be rude, Artificial Intelligence Technician Jakon" I reply to him mildly amused. Tjesson hummed in amused tone too.

"Time for us to look for somebody needs something to be transported" Tjesson says after turning to bridge camera and smiles warmly.

"Understood, would you like to have a report on crew?" I reply to him as Jakon leaves.

"Yes please, I want you to include in it current condition" Tjesson says as goes to the bridge phone.

"Understood captain Tjesson" I say to him and begin my task.