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Aftel43 OP t1_j90t2fc wrote

Hmm... A tough one but, I initially thought interesting, however, I also started thinking... Okay, that is a bit disturbing thought...


After many conversations with the child, I have made and compiled my report as follows. Child shows mild behavior patterns of aloofness due to android parents not complete emotional range and sphere. Kid though is surprisingly healthy in both body and mind. Although I have concerns of how the child will continue growing once,

she gains more awareness of the world, itself and intelligence grows. Most worried I am about child's reaction to discovery of this parents being autonomous robotics instead of actual human beings. Kid has become attached to them like one would to normal human parents which has normalized the behavior pattern.

I am also concerned of teenage years, I know they are still long ways off but, we should start now already thinking how we handle if there comes problems. For now, I suggest continuing the experiment but, I have to admit, I am slowly finding this all very distasteful... I know why we are doing this but, I can not help but feel worried.

Of where we are going as species and most importantly how we are experimenting this all. I do not like but, so far, individuals in charge have healthy vision about this and seem to be fully ready to face reality of the problems we might and quite likely will face.

Date: 21.05.2083. Name: Avil Rose Ramile. Child psychiatrist.