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Nomyad777 t1_j91ldmm wrote

Most species evolve on a mostly lifeless moon-sized planet tidally locked beyond the solar wind of a star, as psyonics don't work there and no sapient species could survive, no matter how shielded. Now, picking up Earth's radio signals and the Voyager probes, the galaxy is shocked at Humanity, while in turn the Humans are shocked about their entire physics model being incorrect.

Now, in a new space race, the unified Humanity* builds a number of transports to exit their solar wind, but as they cross, their psyonic powers awaken, and the tiny and cute Humans are some of the most deadly being in existence - if they can manage to find a cheaper way to leave their solar system.

* the TFSU was formed after WW3, and was a major player in reversing climate change. They are the sole unified governing body of Humanity. They use a communist/capitalist economy, with universal basic income ensuring nobody goes hungry, but people have to work to go beyond that.