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Aftel43 OP t1_j92w4mj wrote

I still wonder what should I do as I hear Romi stopping at the door. I don't even need to look at him to confirm he is looking at me. I finally get up and put my own dagger into it's sheathe then walk up to him "Where do we go?" I ask "Somewhere better than here" Romi says with hint of distaste for something. Not aimed at me but something else.

"Where are we?" I ask "China, Xinjiang province. North west corner" Romi says and he starts walking, exiting the employee break room. We walk to a open area and I start feeling nervous. Romi swapped languages, I don't know what he is saying. "I called for a pickup. It will be here shortly, then it will be quick flight to your new home" Romi says to me in language I can understand.

"You are not coming?" I ask as I get mildly alarmed by this. He turns to me slowly, looks into my eyes in completely other manner "I will, I wish I just could stay longer" he says with regret "What is stopping you from not staying?" I ask, I realized... I feel worried about him... "There are people who need me on the front lines" Romi says.

"What front lines?" I ask "Earth has been invaded... While we might have sent enemy capital ship with tail between it's legs... They have ground troops in here, in our home. As much as I dislike government of China. I do give a damn of those troops, they have loved ones too. I rather do something about it than just call it not my issue" Romi says.

"How can you be so strong?" I ask in with mild astonishment "Because I have people I can trust, one I love and somebody I care about behind me. All of them ready to give the support I need, when I need it. I didn't choose this life, it chose me. It made this my war and I rather lie under earth dead than leave it undone" Romi says.

The determination is so dominating in his words. I realize it is that same sheer force of will that I saw before he knocked me out. I sense, I can trust him. He would stand between insurmountable odds to protect somebody and keep going until, the bullet has been fired and last enemy has been felled. I hate myself...

(Why can't I be like him? Why have I become such a wreck?) I think. I muttered the former. "It is because somebody computed you to act how you did before I broke the scripts" Romi says "What do you mean?" I ask. He looks at me, this time looking confused, this time, I see he has questions too.

"There is a psychological procedure called brainwashing, which in turn becomes brain computing when you are in state of complete acceptance of commands from somebody that would otherwise go against your morals and nature" Romi says. I understand now... I was somebody else before this all... Somebody stole my life.

I feel it coming back, the hatred, anger, spite... Something flashed on my eyes, I gasp and breath shakily "Helen" Romi says with sympathy "I remember... No, I don't want to do it again..." I say as I remember some of what was done to me "Helen, listen to my voice and focus on what eases your mind" Romi says calmy and embraces me lightly.

When he embraced me, the memory stopped going so fast... I hug him back. I got back to reality and I breath quickly and shakily. "You are doing fine, just focus on what eases your mind" Romi says calmly "My dagger..." I say and think about. I touch it for a moment but, I didn't pull it out of the sheathe.

I am slowly getting myself back to together again "You are strong Helen, don't allow yourself to think otherwise. Remember that recovery is always an uphill however, all of it. Is worth it when you arrive to the top of it" Romi says "For how long you are going to stay with me?" I ask still worried of him and I trust him.

"For now, until I absolutely must head out again" Romi says in accepting tone "Thank you" I say to him quietly. I hear some kind of flying thing approaching. I look towards the sound and see some kind of plane landing on the solid ground. "There's our ride. Can you keep walking?" Romi says. "I can" I say. We stop hugging each other.

He turns towards the plane which is slowing down and stopping soon. I place my hand on his left shoulder. He looks in to my eyes once then places his own hand on my right shoulder, I quietly as possible breath out. Then we start walking towards the plane that has stopped already.

Back of the plane opens and there is two people there inside of the plane. Romi looks at one "Kyre... *sigh*" Romi says and swaps to language I do not understand. The woman looks at both of us. Romi turns to me "Come on, let's step in and take a seat" Romi says to me and swaps language again. Saying something to the other woman. He said Kyre is she the somebody he loves?

Romi explains something to Kyre who at first seemed furious with him as we came inside of the plane and he helped me on a seat and took his hand off from my shoulder, but, as she listened, her expression softened, she looks away from Romi for a moment. Thinking... She then looks at me and nods to Romi. "Are you alright Helen?" Kyre asks.

"I don't feel alright" I say to her. Kyre looks at Romi for a moment, she is worried but, I don't know of who. Romi then says something to Kyre "Ymmärrän täysin nyt..." Kyre says to Romi and they both kiss each other. Kyre's expression stops being worried, it is so warm and happy smile. Romi then turns to a native of this... China.

Romi asks from Kyre who is this. She answers something "En pidä tästä tilanteesta yhtään" Romi says "Anna hänelle mahdollisuus kun olet keskustellut hänen kanssa" Kyre says. Plane closes it starts moving as Kyre sits down next to of me. "Sorry that you had to go through that all" Kyre says using language I can understand.

"I don't understand what is going on" I say to her worried "It's okay, I didn't know before he explained and I asked from you" Kyre says "Are you who he loves?" I ask "Yes, how we came to be here... Well, it is quite a story" Kyre says and we both hear Romi raising his voice and having a disagreement with the Chinese man.

"Romi" Kyre says and Romi looks at Kyre. I see it now in Romi's eyes. Anger... I feel fear because of it. Romi calms down and breaths in then out. Romi looks back at the Chinese man again and they talk far more calmly now. Romi breaths in and out. They end the conversation by saying few more words.

"Hyvä on... Annan hänelle mahdollisuuden osoittaa että hän muuttaa ajattelutapaansa" Romi says clearly not content with the situation. "Thank you" Kyre says, Romi breaths in and out. Kyre stands up and goes to take seat next to of the man from China and Romi sits down next to of me. His facial expression has calmed down. "Please forgive me, we... Have different angle of seeing certain things" Romi says.

"I understand" I say to him and then plane takes off. It seems unlike how I first thought... Romi has things he will get upset about too... I... Somehow feel so much more closer of Romi again now than I did before.



Romi and Kyre are speaking Finnish. Probably was obvious from Romi's names that he is Finnish.

Ymmärrän täysin nyt... = I understand fully now...

En pidä tästä tilanteesta yhtään = I don't like this situation at all.

Anna hänelle mahdollisuus kun olet keskustellut hänen kanssa = Give him a chance when you have discussed with him. (Finnish language uses word Hän for both males and females however, in this context I translated it as him because the individual in this situation is male).

Hyvä on... Annan hänelle mahdollisuuden osoittaa että hän muuttaa ajattelutapaansa = Alright... I will give him a chance to show that he changes his way of thinking.


Commander_Night_17 t1_j9tiwl5 wrote

Heyy nice job

Sorry for taking so long

You've done well

I thought you'd stopped

(I honestly thought I was reading Vietnamese, not Finnish, thanks for clearing that up)


Aftel43 OP t1_j9tm216 wrote

It's fine, if you have something coming up on real life, focus on that. I just decided to write that one more then up to you whether you want more.


Commander_Night_17 t1_j9tmbeh wrote

Like I say to any of the writers here

Write as long as you want


Aftel43 OP t1_j9tmucn wrote

Right now, not in the zone to continue that but, for some reason I had an odd moment of dejavu what comes on your name and I scrolled through my history in here reddit and was just "Oh, that why".


Commander_Night_17 t1_j9tn1b3 wrote

Alright no totaly understand

Glad to be recognised

Just do me a soild and message me when you do?


Aftel43 OP t1_j9tosz1 wrote

We 'ill see, I was considering another PM for the upcoming saturday, one where I list most of my prompts I have written so far and see which ones people would want me to continue.