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Aftel43 OP t1_j956jyj wrote

"It is over, is it not?" Seven Two asks as Gavo Joralthan pulls his dagger off from a mega corporation's chief executive officer's head. They both stare at the dawning sun through the windows.

"Yes... It definitely feels like it... Peace... It just felt like it was so far away..." Gavo says as walks beside Seven Two and stares at the dawning sun "I have been unfair to you Seven Two... It is and it was a honor to work with you, to bring some sense into the world..." Gavo says and extends his hand to Seven Two after turning to it.

Seven Two looks at him "Thank you for everything" Seven Two says and they shake hands then turn to look at the rising sun. There is silence right now for a while "What happens now?" Seven Two asks.

"Now... Our job is over... It is time for a civilization to grow once again..." Gavo says. "I know, you had been created for war. In fact, I feel just as lost now as you do..." Gave adds asking the same question himself too.

"I don't want to be shut down just because it is over" Seven Two says.

"Nobody would. Others will find a way to help us both... I just have tough time believing... The war between the 1% and the rest... Is finally over..." Gavo says.

Seven Two thinks a while. (It is very likely that if we didn't stop the 1% here and now, they would have deployed far more powerful means to stop the war) Seven Two thinks. "I hope... We can still be together facing those difficulties" Seven Two says.

"So do I... Let's go home... I don't want to be for a long time..." Gavo says sounding tired. Seven Two and he turn around. Then start walking home.

When they arrive to the old town's border. They both start disarming themselves at the checkpoint.

Gavo looks through his assault rifle's scope one more time and has the weapon pointed into horizon without anybody in the possible line of fire "I probably never will hold a weapon again..." Gavo says and lowers the rifle, takes off the magazine, ejects the round already in the barrel, then gives it to an officer.

"I will miss it..." Seven Two says as aims into horizon with a handgun, then lowers the weapon. Seven Two ejects the magazine and takes the bullet out of the barrel, then gives it to another officer. Gavo and Seven Two are almost done disarming themselves from weapons. A vehicle arrives to the scene, they both immediately turn to look.

It is a SUV, not brand new and out of it steps out Gavo's family and two people he isn't familiar with. Gavo has fully disarmed himself and goes to his family. He is crying as he embraces his whole family, his wife, a son and a daughter. Another vehicle arrives, this one is also SUV. Out of it steps out Seven Two's liaison for civilian life Avia.

Alia runs to Seven Two and hugs this. Seven Two slowly responds with the same "It's over... We have won... I am glad that you are alright, Avia..." Seven Two says relieved.

"I am so happy you are back Seven Two... Although, we really should get you a better name" Avia says brimming from happiness. Seven Two saved Alia's life from car crash, winter is treacherous time for wheels, yet, they still are friends ever since the incident from two years ago.

"If you say so..." Seven Two says not against the idea but, this is very used to the name 7 2.

"No, I mean it... You aren't just an object, you have shown that you are just as much an individual like many others, just like me" Avia says while being serious but, happy.

Seven Two raises the visor inside of the helmet and to reveal this own eyes. They aren't human of course but, on first look they are almost indistinguishable from real human eyes. "Alright, let's worry about that later. Shall we?" Seven Two asks in this own tone is some content which one wouldn't expect coming from a machine.

Gavo looks at Seven Two and Avia. The height difference is comical. Seven Two is two meters and twenty centimeters tall and weighs probably more than two hundred kilograms. Gavo reminisces for a moment seeing that height and weight being put into action.

Avia is only one meter and seventy centimeters. Weight, he doesn't even want to think about as it would be quite rude. Seven Two has crouched a little to speak to Avia in equal level. Seven Two has bullet scratches and bullet ricochet marks on his hull and armor. Some of them recent but, most are old.

The individuals neither Gavo or Seven Two know approach them. The one that approaches Seven Two decided to speak "Welcome back Seven Two, thank you for bringing peace" the lady says. Seven Two looks at the woman.

"Thank you, identify yourself" Seven Two says as his Identification System, gives identity entry not in memory error on this lady.

"Jilil Temene, I am a psychiatrist. I am to help you along side with Avia, your civilian life liaison, to help you become a healthy component in human life" Jilil says.

Seven Two runs relevant registrations and searches in his memory "I get help immediately? This is better than I hoped... However, I wish to remain close with Gavo, we share... Blood, in a manner of speaking" Seven Two says and takes Avia on his arms who was surprised of it and Seven Two raises to stand.

Avia let's out a calm and slow "woe"... She had forgotten how tall Seven Two is and how easy it is for Seven Two lift her up.

"I do think it is for the better that, I and Amilia Lamerai work together and observe you both, answer any questions you might have and assist in your road to a better life" Jilil says warmly although slightly worried of Avia.

"Thank you, for first though, I want to go through a maintenance and begin memory procession" Seven Two says and crouches to allow Avia to stand on her own feet.

Avia leads Seven Two to the SUV and Jilil follows.