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28th_Stab_Wound t1_j8w2mrg wrote

A large amount of henchmen have defected because the other guy has a better dental plan. It's most ironic that the villain they left has a dentist alias.


NextEstablishment856 OP t1_j8w5io8 wrote

Captain Cavity was on his knees, begging, not for his life, but for something far more... well, important isn't the right word, but it sure seemed that way. He was ignoring Admiral Art Deco, focused on his henchmen. Or rather, Baron Beak's henchmen.

"You can't do this to me. After all the jobs we've done? All the fights we've fought?"

"Sorry, boss," the obvious head mook said. "But we got families. Marco's boy needs braces. That stuff's ain't cheap, yeah?"

Marco gives a nod, "And it ain't like we never talked about it with you."

The Admiral gave a cough, trying to get their attention. They gave him a quick glance, enough to show they knew he was there, then Cavity turned back to his former employees.

"I told you, dental is expensive!"

"Yeah, we get it," the head mook responded. "But the Baron is willing to pay that expense."

"What if... what if I give you guys the rest of the banking holidays off? That's four more days a year!"

"I'm sorry to interrupt—"

"Can it, Art. We'll get you in a moment." Cavity didn't even to to face the hero as he said it.

"—but am I to understand you aren't pro iding dental for your henchmen? You, Captain Cavity, aren't–actually, now I say that, it makes some sense."


"Hol'up, boss. Is that what this is about?" A third mook asked, looking up from some paperwork. Art was pretty sure he was named Dean.


"Cap, I've seen the budget," Dean said, handing the papers off to Marco. "You could afford to give us dental. We even floated different plans by you. Are you holding out just because of your shtick?"

"... No. That'd be... crazy?"

"Then what's the reason?" Art asked on the henchmen's behalf.

"I told you to shush."

"No, boss, answer the question." Head mook said it with a smirk.

"Alright, fine," Cap said and stood up. "Yes. I can't give you dental because of my theme. I'd be mocked by the mad scientist community."

"Ok boys, let's go. There's nothing more for us here. Admiral, let him have it."

A look of fear suddenly came over Captain Cavity's face as Art stepped toward him and the henchmen stepped back.

"Whatever happened to tow weeks notice?" The villain asked.

Art Deco paused so they could answer.

"That's a courtesy we reserve for a boss who cares."

Art gave a half nod to them men, then got to work.