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Gregamonster t1_j9hv83c wrote

Write a story about a beautiful woman preforming a mundane activity, except the narrator is picking really weird details to describe her beauty with instead of the typical "Men writing women" descriptions.


ineedabettertitle OP t1_j9hzdad wrote

Isabel was folding her laundry again.

She carefully flattened each piece of clothing, before delicately and gingerly moving her hands to create the desired shape. First a shirt, then a towel. She had a job to do, and would finish it whether she liked it or not.

If you observed her closely you would notice the soft and subtle jiggles of the tiniest amount of baby fat on her chin, which some would describe as being flawless. Her chin was the perfect shape, not to bony, yet not too round either.

Others would notice the voluminous lengths of wavy hair that went across her face. Her absolutely stunning eyebrows. Like a caterpillar on a delicate leaf, her eyebrows managed to frame her face in a most picturesque manner.

When Isabel had to bend down to pick up a stray sock that had fallen on the ground, her perfectly symmetrical and prominent spine came into view. Arched like a cat, it had the most appealing number of bumps and ridges. Enough, I daresay, that her spine was enough to make most men faint.

Isobel was stunning, in her own way.


Volgrand t1_j9k4sy9 wrote

"...her perfectly simmetrical and prominent spine..."

All right. I'm too much of a man writing women not to fall into this.

I liked it!