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Aftel43 t1_jabiqq0 wrote

Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot. Why in the hell I know that thing?


EndorDerDragonKing t1_jabpbym wrote

Russian Badger probably


Aftel43 t1_jabqaof wrote

Maybe... He does have nice personality, he isn't that funny on his own but, wow, he is good at editing.


TypicalPunUser t1_jaewslg wrote

his name is RUSSIAN badger, yet he's canadian and speaks almost fluent german at the drop of a hat. to call him powerful is an understatement at this time.


MarcoTron11 t1_jadgezg wrote

Why it 125mm thats a russian shell why can't it be 'MERICA 120MM USA USA USA

Edit: burh it's a joke why downvote


Zshredder31 t1_jaezvym wrote

More than likely a T-80 or T-72 Russian MBT. Their main cannons are 125mm