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IML_42 t1_j93em53 wrote

Despite my great power I, like all beings, am beholden to the capricious whims of reality. And, much to my detriment and chagrin, perception is reality.

There was a time when I was worshipped as a god, tributes were made in my name, the sweet smoke of ritual sacrifice filled my lungs. Time, the unceasing and propulsive river that she is, flowed on, eroding my name, my followers, and thereby my powers. I became perceived as less than a god.

And so I fell.

But all was not lost. In the next age I was regarded as a benevolent and wise king. I ruled the lands with unquestioned power, but unprecedented grace. The Kingdom flourished and grew, tales of my generosity and acumen spread across the globe, an empire was built in my name. But Time, again, was a cruel mistress. Like the unrelenting sun, she shriveled and shrunk the bodies of my people, but spared me any sign of age. Soon the people rebelled, and perceived me as a demon from the depths of hell.

And so I too, was that.

But all was not lost. I was a devious and deceptive demon. I collected and coveted souls through deals both dastardly and daring. I lived at the cross-roads of desperation and depravity and those who sought me out knew that a deal with me brought bounty and blessings at a bargain. And that was so until Time, once again, foiled my dealings. Like a rapacious zealot, Time erected monuments to the new gods upon my very crossroads, she built glass towers which expanded high into the heavens that I had once ruled over. Soon people no longer sought my deals, I became part and parcel of the of the city; my once great crossroads were then named Prosperity Avenue and Progress Road. I was perceived as a vagabond, a vagrant, an insignificant and small tramp.

And so I too, was that.

And all was lost. I ruled over no land, not even that which I inhabited, unendingly ushered from one place to the next, unwanted, unwelcome. I collected tokens of treasure—one man’s trash—but feared thieves and wrongdoers both seen and unseen. I was forever seated but never rested, I was forever surrounded but always alone. Time, the Great Maestro, again, aimed to thwart me. As she conducted the epic funeral march of progress, my words were drowned out by the orchestral cacophony of the city. I was on the verge of unbecoming. I was nearly invisible, I was blending into the tapestry of the city. My powers and worth withered and decayed. For if perception is reality, there is no thing more dangerous than being unseen.

And then she saw me.

“Here, sir. I bought you this sandwich,” said the girl.

“Thank you,” I croaked. It had been a long time since I had spoken.

“Would you tell me a little about your life?” She asked. I was struck by her beauty both inside and out. It had been eons since I was regarded so tenderly, so mercifully.

And, for the first time in a long time, I smiled. I told her of my travels and triumphs. I impressed her with stories of my status as a powerful god; I regaled her with tales of my regal stature as a benevolent monarch; I startled her with recitals of my rapacious and miserly demonic dealings; I saddened her with stories from my new, lowly station.

As I spoke to her and recounted my acts, I could feel my power swell deep within. I sensed reality shifting, yet again, as I was perceived finally as the great and powerful being that I was.

But, alas, Time betrayed once more. Like a tyrannical director, she decided that it was time to cue the curtain to fall upon my final act and turn out the lights for good.

“I’m sorry to interrupt,” the girl said as she abruptly rose. Her voice was colored with worry. “I—I’m running late for an appointment. It was…interesting talking to you. Bye!” She said as she ran from my life. When she thought she was out of earshot, I heard her, above the roar of traffic, say, “that guy is fucking crazy.”

And so I too, was that.



HybridEclipse-89 t1_j941poa wrote

Write a book about that and i would buy it in a heartbeat. Bravo it was a fun read. Do a part 2 😭


IML_42 t1_j9453o3 wrote

Thanks for the encouragement! I’m glad you enjoyed.


Ok_Rip585 t1_j976u87 wrote

This is EXCELLENT! So socially smart as a reflection for how society pigeonholes and generalizes people, wrapped in a fantastical narrative that’s fun to read. LOVED IT!!!


IML_42 t1_j97kxgi wrote

Thank you so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed it so much.


Unusual_Ad_4696 t1_j92xm97 wrote

I am the god of fire, with a power incomparable to that of humans. I have lived thousands of years, watching over and protecting the human race.

But this is what I get?

“Hello. My name is Xal, King of Fla-” I responded to the visitors in my room.

“This guy is homeless, right?” One suddenly interrupted, walking closer to my throne.


“Yeah, I think this guy is homeless” Another human followed him, observing me from a distance of 10 meters.

“Hey! Buddy! That ain't your throne! This is the throne room for the protector of Mankind!” One of them yelled out.

“I think we should get this homeless man to a hospital.”

I blurted out a laugh, 'this is what I have been thought of? To the very people I saved?'.

With a whiff of an arm, I teleported them back to the normal world.

'This is why I should quit helping those darned humans'.

I sighed and went back to observing the human world.


First time writing! Sorry if it is a little rough.


evsaadag t1_j93aqx3 wrote

Hey that's good, I like short concise stories. However the end is a bit abrupt, maybe it lacks some kind of morale? Anyway keep up the good work! I hope you'll continue writing plenty!


Xavier_Kenshi t1_j93m7wk wrote

I'll second this.

The premise is there: the humans are disrespecting the god;

The develop too: the god warns the humans of his power, but they continue advancing calling him mad...

But than the end doesn't proceed to nothing. This make me remember about Dracula: >! there is a HUGE build up, until the main character disappear making a floop in the rhythm !<. Your story should to constantly build up tension, or at least remain tense, up to a big resolution.

Just teleporting them away avoid the conflict, and all that build up accumulated is vanished.

Also, very good job building tension is such a short paragraph! And dialogue feels good too (wich I don't know how much a compliment is since I'm not good at them. So again! You've done good dialogue!)


LumpyGuard6048 t1_j99vk13 wrote

Hey this is good. I love the brevity. It is refreshing. Very nice. You put more into the story with a few words to make a person use their imagination. I just wanted to share that and thanks for writing!


SomeoneJN t1_j94741c wrote

The God of growth, that is who I am - that is who I was... it has been time immemorial since I was called who I once was.

We gods all exist no matter the moment. We may die, but what is death, but an old life lived well. When we gods die, we are simply born anew to be renamed, and we adjust to what life we live. And as the God of growth, I only grow stronger. Each moment I learn more, I grow more and learn yet more to grow further. I guess that's why I fell in love with her, with... Life.

How radiant she appeared to me our first ever fateful day, her face shining like an undying light. She grew as fast as I have, our ideas growing in tandem. As life grew, so too did growth of all kinds follow. I guess... it's fate that I met her each cycle, except where has she gone in this life of mine...

As I trudge through countries, states, streets, and even pavilions, I look everywhere for this light of mine. How far we have changed, our ideas corrupted and no longer the beauty they are seen as. Growth is no longer seen as the idea of becoming better for others, oneself, or even for life. These monsters corrupted the idea... they only care about capital growth, societal growth, and hardly nothing more...

And life, why... WHY! WHY!!!

Life is no longer holy... she no longer skips through the plains with the natives of the lands. She no longer sings her pleasantries with the behemoths of the sea. She no longer honors the cycle of life with the predators of the lands. Life is naught but considered a pseudonym for the amount of mortal that exists at a moment in time. Life isn't honored. The earth is simply a way to satisfy their carnal desires.

What does this cycle have to give anymore. As I'm run of the steps of another skyscraper, as they call it, I begin a journey to another location. But what is the point, I am tired, I yearn to sleep again, and when I do, I intend to erase it all. Either on my own terms, or maybe a call for the God of ends, they owe me after all for making sure to stop the God of Wars tireless rampage millennia ago...

Where may she be, though... I hold out hope still as I wish to see her once more before I decide to end it all.

I walk through a run-down town, nothing but slums where the cruel lives as I traverse the streets. I am targeted by hoodlum teens, seeing if I carry even the smallest bit of cash. I simply take their beating as my mind thinks, if I should destroy it all and reset this world anew.

That's when I hear them. A voice so distant yet so caring. As someone chases them away I look up and see her face. She looks as beautiful as they day we last met. Maybe... maybe I can live in this world a little longer now that she is here...


TheeSlothKing t1_j94rw1d wrote

This is my first attempt at creative writing in years so please go easy on me. Also, tips to improve brevity would be greatly appreciated!


Have you ever wished upon a shooting star only for your wish to not come true? It turns out, you're the lucky one. As a child, the other people in my village made fun of me for being too dumb to craft simple tools, repair holes in our huts, or even tell what flora were safe to eat. I was picked on and, expectedly, got into fights often as a result. I got good at fighting. With my only talent being physical, it was only logical that I hunted as a way to support my tribe of geniuses. I was good at fighting, but had to grudgingly rely on others in my hunting party to create a strategy for the hunt.

In an effort to prove my value to my tribe and to curb the constant ridicule I couldn’t fully understand, but could still feel the venom in the words, I set out on a hunt by myself. If I had more ability to learn, I would’ve realized that the tracks I was following were from one of our hunts only a short time before. It was on this personal journey that the fireball flew over my head to crash with a deafening BOOM and a blinding flash not too far away. Had I been anybody else, I might’ve been apprehensive of the fire that seemed to call to me. But I wasn’t. And I obeyed. I found the source of the call to be a still smoking rock in a small crater. Still, it called to me. So I reached a hand out. What do you wish for? A voice asked in my head. My thoughts went immediately to how I was seen as lesser within my tribe for not knowing things. Before I could put it into words, something changed and the rock stopped its smolder.

I returned to my tribe unsuccessful in my impossible hunt, but with a head full of new tools, ideas, and architectures that I was looking forward to building. It only took a few days for my standing within the tribe to change and people came to me to fix their tools, weapons, and huts. After a few years, all of our tools, clothes, and huts were far more durable due solely to my ideas.

As those I grew up began to show their age while I remained the same age as the day I touched the rock that changed my life, I realized the curse that was paired with my gift of knowledge. So I left. I soon happened upon another tribe and helped them to advance such as I did with my previous tribe. Then they too aged while I stayed the same. So I left again.

I followed this pattern for hundreds of years all across the world, each time making only small improvements to the quality of life of the people I interacted with, each time being revered for the ideas I’d had since the day I touched that rock. Until finally, one tribe was willing to try one idea that I’d been unable to convince any earlier tribe. I called it ‘agriculture.’ These were the first people to believe me to be an actual god, but still I had lots of ideas to go.

Humanity continued to advance, accepting some of the ideas that had been trying to break out of my head for the last few thousand years, while rejecting others for one reason or another. One group of people accepted my ideas for vessels that could float on water but saw no reason to try a larger one that could traverse seas, so I moved on from their praise. Another group revered me for introducing them to aqueducts. Others fought wars over the metallurgical process that I taught them, though all would ignore how to create better, more pure metals in favor of the easier ones they could work with at the time.

Eventually, humanity evolved to a point where they were more willing to listen to my ideas and they realized the value of the numbers that had been dancing in my head for the past several millennia. Time continued to advance and I saw the rise of empires as they considered my ideas and their fall as they began to believe that I had nothing else to teach them while another was all too keen on learning what they could from me.

More time passed until a rat made its way onto one of the ships that I had invented thousands of years prior and millions of people became sick. I offered a solution in antibiotics that was ignored again, much to my frustration but not to my surprise. It was at this time that I also decided to allow others to claim credit for my ideas. The attempts to execute me for witchcraft made me hesitant to be too well known.

Yet more time passed and I was worshiped by some, cursed by others, the same as every other era, though fewer and fewer people knew my name. An era came and went with people becoming more interested in the sciences again until some of my ideas for industry were finally realized and the world changed overnight. I became overjoyed at the realization that the foundation for many of the remaining ideas I had been traveling with for so long was being paved by this sudden industry, ignorant of what the future would hold.

After a series of inventions arose that I didn’t come up with, my excitement turned to apprehension and nervousness. Sure, I can create a steam powered locomotive on my own, but people had improved upon my design! I only had a few ideas left to offer the world, but with the strong foundation that I’d previously been excited about, would I even be necessary for humanity to come up with them? All I could do to be sure of that was to dump them all on humanity at once.

In an effort to be the one to create my final ideas, I released them all over only a few years. The pride I felt when I first saw a lightbulb created by someone other than myself was incredible but also fleeting as I realized that I had nothing left to offer humanity. All of the ideas shoved into my head by that rock were out and into the world with nothing unique left with me.

I watched helplessly as the world descended into a war unlike any I’d ever seen. In the past, I’d offered new ideas to one or both warring parties in order to more efficiently spread my ideas but was now stuck as an immortal bystander. The handful of advances made without my help during this war devastated me as I remembered how, up until a few short decades ago, I was the smartest person in the world.

The economic crash that followed made me feel somewhat better as I saw very little change to match the change I was able to offer the world.

However, this slower period of innovation was short lived as another global conflict broke out and nations ramped up their technical industries to gain an edge over their adversaries. Watching these new technologies develop, all without using any ideas that I had planted in someone else’s mind, was the lowest I’d ever felt. And these technologies seemed to appear day after day.

I cried the first time I saw a plane.

Now, with nothing to offer the world and no new ideas, I’ve fallen to living on the streets. Others have taken my ideas and learned how to combine and improve on them while I fell behind. All that rock had done was shove ideas into my head without teaching them to me. If only I’d learned to learn, maybe I could still be the smartest person in the world.

“Excuse me, do you need help?” I looked up at the group of adolescents looking at me from under their umbrellas. “Never wish upon a start,” I grumbled at them then lowered my head again. “It’s not worth it,” I whispered to myself as my tears hid themselves among the rain streaming down my face.


MechisX t1_j94xfjv wrote

It is time for the teacher to take up the mantle of student.

He will learn the new ideas.

These will give him his own new ideas in time.

He has the time to do so. :)


Aquamarine_ze_dragon t1_j94051d wrote

I've been searching, waiting, trying to get my fishing hook back for 500 years. I've tracked it to the Museo di Palazzo Grimani in Venice, but I cannot enter for now. I have other matters to attend to, like this security guard.

"I am not homeless you damned mortal, I am a god!"

"Miss, if you would please leave before I have to escort you out with force."

"I will turn you into an insect where you stand, get out of my way."

"Hey lady," A boy no older than 16 dares to yell, " You're ruining the vibe of this place."

He comes over to me and whispers, "Nuasiela, I've got it. Play along."

"You vile boy, fine, I'll leave willingly."

A crowd has formed around us as I walk out the door, just as a small storm is coming my way. I snap and the clouds dissipate with no one batting an eye. Gods it's hard to get mortals to look up.

The "boy" comes up to me with a small grin on his face, "you like my disguise?"

"I don't like anything about you, Marsmoke."

"Well then, we'll just have to wait 500 more, won't we."

"That won't be necessary." I say as I snatch it out of his hand. Finally, my coveted fishhook, the very thing I needed.

I walk into the streets of Venice without another word, becoming one with the early morning mist.


Meepsicle83 t1_j95ids8 wrote

I love this, reads like an excerpt from an interesting longer story and wraps its scene up well.
And why shouldn't it be a fishhook? :) I'm reading some Neil Gaiman short stories and your 'snapshot' style is reminiscent of some of his. Please pretend that I have given you an award with the coins I don't have!


Zero_Drift t1_j94x210 wrote

I'm not your god. But a god is what I am and have always been. I can perform miracles, breathe life into clay, cast down demons, and raise up heros.

I've done all those things. I've been worshipped, I've ruled with benevolence and with fear. I've left my immortal stamp in a double handful of family lines. I've been beloved on the stage and despised in the boardroom.

Time doesn't hold me the way it does for you. But I've been content to drift along. My greatest kingdom was dust long centuries before my sojourn in the spotlight. The mountains I raised, the island empire that I sank... Your species had barely discovered fire.

There was a kind of frenetic charm in burning fleets of warships, or founding a city. But great gestures are so broad. So unrefined. I've learned to appreciate the details.

So each new facet of existence that I explore is smaller, more mundane. From king to clerk, from magnate to sweeper. And now, this.

I need nothing, you see. What use are material things, when I can create any of them on a whim? I do not fear cold, or heat, or the blows of vicious youths. I don't hunger or thirst. I slept once. For or a thousand years I lay beneath a hill, clutching an iron sword. I dreamed then, and have no need to do so again.

So leave me to my quiet watch. I'll sit beneath this loading dock and watch the rats. I'll learn what the roaches know, and I'll name the empires of pigeons and the empires of ants. I've no need for socks or water or a certificate in Javascript.


RouGui_ t1_j93vu9r wrote

A whim. It was just a whim at first.

Flitting across the cosmos from one rock to the next, all was still.

A swirly purple one. A little green one. A sandy red one. Alighting on a mostly blue one with wavy whites, she dangled her feet off the edge and into the void.

Cheek in in palm, she bore a frown. Boredom reigned.


A brow was raised in moderate surprise. There was a microscopic peculiarity.

So she gave it a nudge. Just a nudge.

Space rippled as if it were the surface of a pond.

She was gone. Off to find the next rock.




A swirly purple one.

A little green one.

A sandy red one.

A mostly blue one with a tinge of green and wavy whites.

Little things had erected shapes and pillars from the earth.

Upon a pasture, a young girl laid limp. Her life pooled under her, dying the grass, already wet with rain. Huddled over her, embracing her tight, was a man clothed in primitive garbs. A father.

The air swelled, and a brow lifted in base curiosity.

Maroon climbed its way up the father's tunic. Tears were shed, unceasing in their sorrow.

A radiant palm reached out, drawing his attention, its touch gracing his daughter's figure.

He directed his gaze upwards and beheld naught but vestiges of fading ripples.

Warmth returned to the one within his arms, as did the sun.


The blades were dyed no longer, verdant in all their glory. Tears were shed, unceasing in their joy, unceasing in their piety.

Two souls thus set across the land, devoted to spreading word of a creator—of an almighty savior.

Then came amusement at the status those creatures afforded her.




A man of destiny stood before his vassals, crowned and clad in regalia. A sea of subjects heeded his words.

It was here that he set aflame the machine of war, pointing the tips of their spears towards friend and foe.

Space billowed, and from behind him manifested her radiant form.

Eyes wide, he spoke thus, "Behold, our kingdom's guardian has blessed us with triumph!"

A frown.

Resounding roars shattered the sky, smothering the warps in space left in her absence.

Unceasing was the king's ambition.

In but a blink, however, her status diminished just as her amusement did.




Towers of metal and glass protruded forth, motion and noise abound.

She walked among them.

"Did you see her? That wretch caked in dirt?" Laughter erupted among a passing pack of them.

That dirt was a souvenir from a brief visit to another one.

A coin was tossed her way, accompanied shortly after by some spittle.

They were unceasing only in their apathy and their derision.

Ripples spread just as they had before, but they now encompassed it all.

One moment, the mostly blue rock was there, with its swathes of green and stagnant grays in lieu of wavy whites. In the next, a vacuum took its place, the only indication anything had ever existed there waning waves.

But she was gone. Off to find another rock—perhaps another one worthy of a whim.

It should come as no surprise, then, that just as it all began with a whim, so too did it end with one.


RinEnriquez t1_j94rlyz wrote

The moment finally came, everything was set and for the first time since being in this world, I was shocked. Standing Infront of an electronics store is when my whole existence suddenly came crashing down. Where was the Justice in this crime? They took my image, they took my personality and my whole perspective of life and turned it into a Netflix Series, Prime Video and HBO Max. Since when did Humans even believe in me anymore let alone find out my story. I didn't speak a single word to anyone and all humans have time for nowadays is themselves. They don't even worship their own gods that much anymore. The ones you do see worshipping their gods turn out to just be trying to use their gods for personal gain. That the loophole in most religion isn't it, come to our side and all and any of your troubles become nothin. Just hurt another human being or stole happiness from another, it doesn't matter our God forgives you for being a fake good person.

Humans over the course of their lineage and advancement seem to have stunted their own growth mentally and spiritually. Even now I sit here Alone in my thoughts with not a single soul expressing genuine concern. I can toss my coat and not a single thing will change.

Just then a Female Voice chimed in, right during my thought processes. "No, No, No don't toss your coat Mr. Hancock"

Taken with Nostalgia, I looked up to find the familiar face of someone I had not seen since Centuries of Old.

"Did you lose your voice over your years or does being Immortal come with Dementia as well", She Joked!

How...How can this be? I jumped up and raised my hands as if to stroke her hair. "Catelyia" I murmured in disbelief, it was then that I came back to my senses to the sound of change as an Old Couple passed on by. It was only just a dream I spoke as I snapped my fingers, just before going back to laying against a tree in the park.

Ps. Haven't wrote anything since highschool so 15 years now 😂


Mowgliph94 t1_j95guu7 wrote

A very powerful God who had created the world and everything in it. This God had created a Demigod who was in charge of caring for and protecting mankind. The Demigod was a powerful and wise being who was always ready to help mankind in times of need.

Whenever mankind faced a challenge, the Demigod appeared to help. In the past, he had fought giant monsters, helped build great cities and had even cured deadly diseases.

However, as humanity advanced and became more technological, the Demigod began to feel that his power was no longer needed. Mankind no longer needed his help to build large buildings or fight monsters, as they could do it themselves with his technology.

The Demigod, however, did not give up hope that someday his help would be needed again. So, instead of disappearing forever, he decided to remain on Earth as its guardian.

As the years passed, the Demigod saw humanity progress further and further. From the Industrial Revolution to the age of digital technology, humanity advanced by leaps and bounds. However, he also saw humanity become increasingly cruel and selfish.

Humanity had begun to use its technology for evil instead of good. They had created powerful weapons that could destroy entire cities, and they had polluted the Earth's air and water.

The Demigod knew he had to intervene, so he decided to appear before humanity once again. But this time, he did not come alone. He brought with him a legion of guardians, powerful beings like himself who had been created to protect the Earth.

Together, the Demigod and the guardians began to fight against evil humanity. They destroyed dangerous weapons, cleansed the Earth's air and water, and helped restore peace and justice.

However, humanity was not willing to give up so easily. There were many who opposed the guardians and fought against them. The Demigod and the guardians had to fight with all their might to protect the Earth.

Finally, after years of fighting, humanity began to change. They began to realize that their technology should be used for good instead of evil, and that they should care for the Earth instead of destroying it.

The Demigod and the guardians withdrew, knowing that their work had been completed. Humanity had learned its lesson and was working together to protect the Earth and move forward in a positive direction.

The Demigod and the guardians returned to their home in the heavens, knowing that they would always be ready to protect humanity should their help be needed again. But for now, humanity was safe, and Earth was protected and flourishing thanks to the efforts of the Demigod and the guardians.

But the Demigod knew that humanity's peace and security were fragile. It knew that there would always be challenges and threats in the future, and that humanity would always have to be alert and prepared to meet them.

So, in his home in the heavens, the Demigod began to plan and prepare for the future. He trained and strengthened the guardians, and created powerful new beings to help in case they were needed.

But he also knew that humanity had to learn to take care of itself. He couldn't always be there to protect them. So, secretly, he began to send small signs and signals to humanity, guiding them to a safer and more positive path.

Sometimes, humanity noticed these signs and learned from them. Other times, they ignored them and continued on their dangerous path. But the Demigod did not give up. It knew that every small victory would help protect the Earth and humanity.

And so, the Demigod became an eternal guardian of the Earth, ever vigilant and ever ready to protect it. Humanity did not always acknowledge his existence, but they knew in their hearts that someone was there, watching over their safety and guiding them to a better future.


God_OfChickenNuggets t1_j95xh6k wrote

I'm the God of Time.

I reverse time every time someone makes an invention, and take credit for it instead.

The other Gods have taken quite a liking in me, so have the humans, yet they all thing that I am the God of the mind, when I'm pretty dumb in reality, I'm not even the one who thought of the fact that I could steal inventions to finally be perceived as an equal by my fellow Gods,

In all reality of the situation, I'm just a homeless thief...

It doesn't really make sense, does it? I mean... How could I be homeless if I'm a thief with a 100% rate of success?

Well... that's a good question, the truth is that-

"Hey, are you okay?" I looked up, for the fifth time of my day, having been disturbed out of my line of thought for no apparent reason by worried humans.

"Yeah dude, you look pretty roughed up, do you want some food, or a ride to the hospital?" ... Huh?

"Oh c'mon guys let's just leave him, he's probably just a depressed drunk anyway" This fuckıng assh-

"Dude! You can't just talk about homeless people like that! He must be really struggling to be looking this bad! Don't you have any empathy?!" Defended the human that first talked.

I mean... I know I look bad but I didn't think I looked THAT bad...

"Yeah, yeah, whatever" answered the, apperantly mean human, with a roll of his eyes.

The humans -minus the mean one- looked at me, waiting for a response, as the mean one sulked in the backround, and that's when I decided that I should probably say something.

"I am not a man no home, nor am I a drunk, and I have enough food to last for a while" I answered with a forced smile, I haven't talked with any humans in a while, so I hope they haven't changed their languages to much-

The mean man snorted, "I don't see you denying that being depressed" ... I don't know what that is-

"Stop being an asshole" said another human, elbowing the human, stiffling a snort of her own. While cutting my line of thought, again, might I add...

"Like you're any better" "See, this is why mom hates you" "And this is why you're no better asshole than me" "At least you admit to being an asshole" "Just wanted to be like you sis" "You must've evolved somewhere along the way, then"

And that's when I decided to cut into this conversation, cause seriously, I know I don't look as good as I used to, but I'm not depressed, whatever that is. "Look, I know you are trying to help, but I am alright, and I am in no need of a healer" All the humans turned to look at me weirdly, and the only one that had yet to speak, spoke, "Dude, I dunno if you've noticed or no', but ya have a bullet hole in ya right leg"

At that, I looked down, I got a little dizzy, and before I could pass out, I turned back time by 3 hours in a state of panic, and coughed blood from using the last remains of my powers once again, before I fell down with a thud.


God_OfChickenNuggets t1_j95xs6p wrote

It's not my best but... Criticism? What should I focus on improving most, for future references?


LumpyGuard6048 t1_j9a044m wrote

The God of Leave Me Alone

Eons past I roamed the four corners of this world enjoying its wonders while keeping my own counsel. Then man came. Sensing my power they gathered around me begging for help against wild beasts and wilder men. They called me Great Spirit. And the begging! Ugh! The begging! Save us from wild beasts, Great Spirit! Save us from the Death Mammoth tribe, Great Spirit! This was tiresome to me. There were others like me who would gladly bask in this worship and they could have it. So I left.

I went to a far away land and built shelter for myself. They found me. They came in droves begging for help. My house became their temple. The first ones who got here became their priests. They were go between for me and the people. And the people came. Day after day after day! Please give me justice! Please I want glory! Make me desirable to the world! Despite the priesthood, I felt crowded. So again I took my leave.

This time I decided to live a nomadic lifestyle. Come and go as I pleased. You would think going on random trails man won’t find you, but no! I turn around and here they come! How did they even find me? They didn’t refer to me as Spirit now, just looked up to me like Gilgamesh and Arjuna, mighty ones of fame. Please deliver us from the Evil King! Please save us from the Dark Pact! Beg, beg, beg! Why me? At least they don’t pray to me like their ancestors did! I made sure to stamp out general knowledge of me. Tired of all that whining in my head.

Ages came and they went. Tribes turn to villages, villages turn to towns, towns turn to provinces, provinces turn to nations. Man started to flourish & look to their science as their God now. You would think they would not want to be around me, but here I am giving directions to the next umpteenth person where the hottest new club is, how to get to the zoo, hey, can you watch my bike while I take a selfie? And they still give me offerings! I have need for nothing but they look upon me with pity then give me food & money! This is unbelievable! I think I should go to the Moon. Man doesn’t live there!


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