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BeesWithUdders t1_j9c3wbr wrote

Delusions of Bliss


Forgetting is painful, but knowing is worse.

Joining the Covenant of Eternal Bliss was supposed to be the answer. A promise of relief. The lifting of worldly burdens through spiritual enlightenment. Members were said to feel fraternal and sororal bonds with all those that transcend. Peace at last.

Of course, this was all lies.

Still, millions flocked to become part of The Congregation as if it were going out of fashion. Who’s to blame them, I can’t as I was one of them. the world we live in is a hellscape of strife and injustice, of war and death, so it’s no surprise we leapt at the chance of escape, no matter the cost.

We swarmed newly furbished centres across the globe, places that would perform a miracle surgery, one that would separate mind from body. True escape from the material world.

It’s not surgery, it’s torture. An old technique was implemented, one from a more barbarous age where driving spikes into the brain was once considered healthcare. Strangely, failure isn’t fatal, but death would be more welcoming as one becomes a prisoner of their own mind. They become a passenger, viewing through the glazed lenses of a zombie shipped off to slave away, housed in battery farms, producing infrastructural materials for the Covenant and their allies.

My surgery failed. The farm is my life.

I wish I could forget.


[WC: 230]

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