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katpoker666 t1_j9zmq3d wrote

‘The Gale’


A gale blew fierce and biting. The offshore wind farm’s maintenance platform shook as turbines spun in a precarious fashion.

Mack and Jack, the only fraternal twins on the rig, eyed the giant machines with concern.

“Number six looks faulty,” Mack groused.

Jack bit his lip. “Blade failure isn’t fatal.”

“But in this weather, it could be.”

They both gallows laughed, as a colleague had been killed last week.

Jack’s eyes glistened as he angrily wiped a tear away.

“Ain’t no shame in that. Forgetting a friend is painful.”

The two men’s weathered faces returned to the number six GE apparatus. Its blades shook intermittently before grinding to a halt.

“That’s not good. Number 23 did something similar before detaching in the accident.” Jack took a drag of his hand-rolled cigarette.

“I know. So we’re going to have to fix it. Somehow.”

“Yeah. It won’t just be a cosmetic furbish, either. Someone will have to climb the tower and do proper repairs.”

Identical grey eyes exchanged looks, surveying the structure's entire length.

“Not it!” Mack shouted, laughing.

“Won’t work this time, bro. Gonna need both of us for this.”

As they walked over to the Zodiac raft to get to the turbine, a great crash sounded, forcing a deluge of water on deck. They clung to the railing with all their might.

“Lost the generator, but at least we’re alive.”


WC: 230


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