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habituallyqueer t1_ja1mod7 wrote

FAU: Fantastical Analysis Unit - Part 2

part 1

Leesha rubbed the case file on the passenger seat as the car bounced down the driveway. Her mind hoped he’d have the answers. The aging farmhouse begged to be furbished and shutters clinged in a fraternal fashion. The old man rushed to greet her, slowed by a cane.

“Kelton, I wish this was on better terms,” his voice cracked, reaching out his free arm.

She returned the half-hug, helping him back inside. “Me too but I need to show you this file.”

His faulty body struggled into the recliner. “You’ve got my attention.”

“They’re escalating. I know the fae are behind it but I don’t know why.” She shuffled through the file. “These’re photos taken at the last few scenes. It’s every day. No longer small CUs. All businesses are at risk. I can’t fail.”

“Ah. The fae don’t usually care for human interests. Decades ago, we had a similar problem when they refused to assimilate, so the fae played tricks. That’s why we made the agreement ‘bout staying outta sight. And failure isn’t fatal, Kelton.”

“You’re right. But something’s in it for them besides money and jewelry.”

“Y’know, back then, it was rumored they wanted the key. But the superintendent wasn’t havin’ it.”

Her eyebrows raised, “Could he’ve changed his mind after all these years?”

“Even if he has, we haven’t forgotten. Forgetting is painful.”


Apologies if there are formatting issues I didn’t catch on mobile.

Also ouch this word count.


Cody_Fox23 OP t1_ja3du24 wrote

Thank you for your submission; it has scored 14 points!