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SomeoneNooneTomatoes t1_j7t2uyj wrote

A suspiciously high amount of humanoid female companions have joined the male humanoid on his quest.


reikutohno OP t1_j7tfocn wrote

I was certain I had died.

I saw my life flash before my eyes. Or maybe that was just the oncoming truck.

Well, things happened. I eventually came across this traveling merchant and her lovely daughter. Nothing too big, but they gave me a ride to the nearest city.

I was able to understand the words. I could read, and even write the language. At first, I thought that this was just some place on Earth. I don’t recall any kingdom called Marien though.

The pair suggested that I go and register myself as an adventurer. I figured I might as well. It’s not like I can do anything about it. If this wasn’t Earth, then I have no idea how to get back.

As I walked to the guild, I noticed a lot of other…non-humans. This was definitely not Earth. Unless it was an elaborate event for roleplaying, or a prank.

There were elves, some draconic humanoids, and even those with more than two legs.

I went ahead and registered at the guild. They tested out my magic power, which had me worried.

But that went out the window when I was told I had a lot of magic power. I had a huge potential for magic.

After that was a combat test.

I admit, I don’t have any combat experience. I was living a peaceful life. I get by from paycheck to paycheck.

But my body seemed to move better than I had thought. My reactions were better. My movements were more agile.

I was a promising young adventurer, huh? Even my body seemed to have gotten younger.

As I was looking for a quest, I was approached by a lovely young woman. She started calling me the promising rookie and taught me all sorts of things. From edible herbs, to picking the right quests.

As that lesson went on, several people entered the guild. There were those in uniform armor, led by a woman wearing a white habit. As much as the garment seemed holy, her curves were still quite visible. If anything, they were accentuated.

They approached me, almost immediately, and bowed.

They called me an otherworlder. With that, the whole guild clamored. Some said it makes sense. Others were very excited. Some said it was the birth of a new hero.

I see. So this was the norm here.

To help me with my growth and potential, the Saintess (as she introduced herself) joined my party.

I was requested to come with them to visit the King. I couldn’t really refuse. It felt like such an honor.

There, I met the princess. Lovely as she was, her skill with the blade and fire magic was not to be trifled with. She, too, joined my group. She offered to teach me all she can. They also called in the court magician. At first, they were worried when she introduced herself. She had a huge single eye. They said some otherworlders would not welcome other demihumans.

I said that I really don’t mind. She, too, wanted to impart her knowledge of magic.

As if by perfect timing, there was an envoy from the elven kingdom. Word traveled fast, apparently. The guilds have a network system so my existence was already known.

It might be stereotypical of me, but I assumed elves were great at archery. That held true. And I was even shown a sample of what spirit magic was like.

That day, a celebration was held. A feast that lasted well into the night.

Well, and more so beyond that. My delusions had me thinking about it, but I didn’t know it was actually going to happen. I had several night visits.

As I wondered what tomorrow would bring, my body felt heavy. I figured I was tired from it all. The dancing and cheering, the eating and drinking, and everything else that came after. I closed my eyes as my senses faded to black.

“It seems we are too late,” a figure from afar watched the ‘Marien Kingdom’. It was not some grand kingdom bustling with people. What they saw was a mass of writhing tentacles that encompassed a huge area of land.

“A shame,” their companion shook their head. “It was unfortunate that they arrived within the Marien’s territory.”

They had detected a huge surge of magic. That normally meant that an otherworlder would be arriving in this world. But, the location was a very unfortunate one.

“If we had gotten to them first, maybe we could have saved them.”

“Unfortunate,” a sigh escaped their lips. “But at least they may have bought us some time. With that amount of magic power, the Marien would be satiated well. It would be at least 10 years before that man would be completely digested.”

“Then, let us make the most of the next decade.”