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Xxyz260 t1_j7u77pi wrote

  • The protagonist has been personally given a Super Important Mission™ by a god(dess)
  • The protagonist is a complete sociopath, but the narrator and characters don't seem to notice
  • The protagonist keeps growing more and more ridiculously overpowered, with no end in sight

reikutohno OP t1_j7yhtnj wrote

The protagonist has been personally given a Super Important Mission™ by a goddess.

Ah. I wonder if I was at least a little bit useful.

I wasn’t a fighter or anything. I’m just your regular office worker.

But I really couldn’t leave it alone. So when I tried to help someone being assaulted, I ended up getting stabbed. The pavement feels cold. I could hear people all around me. A siren as well. But it’s too late. I can already feel everything going cold.

“Welcome back,” a voice spoke to me.

I opened my eyes and found myself face to face with a woman. The space around us was filled with nothingness.

“How was it?” She asked.

“Horrible.” Memories started to flood my head. I remember now. I lived several kinds of lives back on ‘Earth’. It was for the sole purpose of learning.

From the rich, to the poor. Within groups of the innocent, to the underground lawlessness. I was a genius at one point, and the next I was an insane zealot.

“Then… my offer?”

I looked at her, her radiant beauty still left me breathless. How many times have we met like this? I pondered.

“You can be greedy. You can be selfish.” She wrapped her arms around me. “You can have desires. I will grant them all.”

I gulped. This has also happened before. Each time, I adamantly refused. But recently, I’ve been wavering. I've grown to hate humanity. Or at least, the current system that kept the majority to suffer while a small few prospered. I was trying to justify my 'betrayal' of humanity.

“You,” I finally said. “What if I want you?”

“Then I shall be yours. Will you accept me?”

“Y… yes. I’ll accept.”

She smiled. That sent a shiver down my spine. Yet, I don’t feel fear but a rush of excitement.

“You can start tomorrow. I’m sure you want to enjoy the rest of the night, my administrator.”

Yes. I’ll be enjoying tonight to its fullest.

Tomorrow, the humans of Earth will be integrated into the system. Towers and gates will appear. The age of players and hunters shall begin.


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Will get to the other prompts eventually. They're pretty interesting.


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Please ping me when you do, I'm interested. Thank you.