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reikutohno t1_j8gow5i wrote

Falling Head over Heels: The Queen and the Grand Sorcerer

Grimzon continued his way towards the castle. He marched alone.

His army of valkyries and other summoned beings were only securing the perimeter. Given that this was the capital of the kingdom, that took a lot of manpower. There were all sorts. There were beasts like dire wolves. But there were also undead like dullahans.

As if to show dominance, none of them accompanied him. As he entered the halls, he was greeted with several maidens.

“Ah, I figured this was the case,” he nodded. Unlike the previous people he encountered, these women had clouded eyes. Despite that, the amount of murderous intent directed at him was intense.

He stepped to the side as one haphazardly charged at him with a dagger. He placed a hand on her head. The sound of shattering glass echoed. The woman lost consciousness and fell on the ground. He would have caught her but he had to leap into the air. Arrows struck right where his feet were. Thankfully, it didn’t hit the other person but still. He had a lot of enchantments to dispel.

He kicked down the doors to the throne room. The guards were more than willing to open it but he was a bit frustrated. He had left a lot of unconscious women in his wake. He did his best not to harm them. Their minds were already muddled enough with the hero’s enchanting.

He was annoyed because he thought that such things were lowly acts. One should subjugate based on power. And he was going to show them what true power is.

As he walked into the throne room, he saw the queen guarding the king. Just like the others, she had clouded eyes.

He held his hand up to set up a ward. In that moment, countless ice needles rained down on him.

“Impressive,” he muttered.

The queen started chanting a spell. He recognized that spell. It was one of the strongest ice spells he knew.

“Too slow,” muttered and disappeared from sight. He reappeared in front of the queen and placed his palm on her chest. A concussive blast of air shot out and knocked the wind out of her, canceling the chant.

As she fell on her knees, she looked up at him. He grabbed her by the chin. His lips curved into a grin. She had this much talent. She had more room for growth too. Yes. What better way to completely usurp the throne than to claim the queen as well, he thought.

“I like you. You’re mine now,” he declared. As the sound of shattering glass echoed, the cloudiness faded from her eyes.

The frightening thing about that enchantment was beyond what Grimzon thought. The queen knew what her body was doing. But she had been unable to stop herself. She can only watch as she was forced to obey orders. The same could be said for those other maidens.

With the atrocities she committed, she wanted to atone. She wanted to beg to be killed.

“I…” She tried to speak but he placed his finger on her lips.

“I do not accept objections. You belong to me now.”

For some reason, that gesture made her cheeks flushed. It was a show of power. Yet those hands felt gentle. Her knees weakened and she could not get up.

“Tch,” the king clicked his tongue as he slowly got up from the throne. “A shame. I’ve yet to taste her. What a useless bitch…”

The king has had several queens. A lot of them have died due to ‘sickness’ or an ‘unfortunate accident’. People were getting suspicious with some of the maidens being called to the castle. The clueless ones would think nothing of it when they see the maidens alive and well. They were unaware of the enchantments and mind muddling.

The king himself looked intimidating. He was once a famous warrior. He had a lot of anti-magic accessories so he was confident. He even had the ‘will never die’ enchantment.

“[Niflheim]” Grimzon snapped his fingers. The queen would have taken a few seconds to complete the chant. He did it with just a word.

The king froze and felt his body as solid as ice. One by one, the accessories fell from his person. Unable to handle that much magic power, they shattered.

“[Yggdrasil]” Grimzon pointed at the king with a malicious grin. Slowly, roots started to sprout from under. They wrapped around the king’s legs and spread until they covered everything but his head.

Grimzon hummed a tune as he walked to the king and took the crown off his head.

“Letting you die would be a disservice. Not when I have a perfect specimen as a renewable source of energy.”

The roots of [Yggdrasil] drained people of their life force. This was converted into all kinds of energy to power up a lot of things. The downside was that it kills the victims over time. He couldn’t let this opportunity slip.

The king’s expression distorted into that of pain and despair. Slowly, the roots pulled him into the ground.

The grand sorcerer walked up to the empty throne. He sat upon it, and placed the crown on his head.

“Come,” he motioned for the queen.

At this point, she was still on her knees, completely dumbfounded by what happened. She put strength onto her legs and slowly got up. As made her way to her throne, he raised his hand.

“No, here.” He crossed his legs and motioned to his lap.

The queen hesitated slightly before doing as told. As she sat across his lap, he wrapped arm around her waist. He leaned back and placed his elbow on the arm of the throne.

As he leaned his jaw on his fist, he remarked.

“Honestly, that was pretty fucking easy.”

Now he can enjoy all the money, women, and leisures that he wanted. But first he needed to make sure this kingdom can sustain itself enough for him to savor those.

[Well, that should conclude with that, I guess. 😅]