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Possible_Situation12 t1_j9erwxr wrote

Time passes faster and faster after the consecutive appearance of geniuses throughout centuries. Their innovation quickly made things easier for the people affected by them. As such, things become faster. New things taking over the old ones.

Although having experienced the rapid development of different civilizations a few times, it still exhausts me to "catch up".

A sage once said, "It's ok to be tired. Find peace. Relax. Things will flow naturally after."

"... Yeah, I think I'll try that."

So, I followed the recommendation of my latest apprentice and walk into this small shop, that is gaining fame for making coffee in a style used during the old times.

"Heh. I'll be the judge of that."

I scoffed at the claim. Few had ever managed to preserve and recreate the old ways. Others just use old tools but the art used is amateurish at best. Pretenders I call them.

But I am here to relax not to criticize people for doing their job the best they can.

The bells chime upon opening the door, making the worker there come right up the desk.

"Hello, Sir. May I take your order?" The lad said.

"A chai latte please" I ordered after looking at the menu on the desk.

"Would you like anything with your order, Sir? Cookies or Crackers perhaps? We also have bread biscuits and honey."

I replied "No thank you." to the lad before he goes to the back.

"Oldman! One Chai Latte at the front!" is what I heard before the sound of a computer booting up and lunching a game.

"Teenagers. " I commented on their habits.

My order came quickly but it was not brought to me by the lad.

"This is not what I expected when I say I want to relax, dammit!" I murmured in frustration.

Sure, brawling this one out would make me feel better but I had left that life behind me. I don't want to fight anymore.

So with a sigh I called out his name.

"Hello, Meiyak'Taul."

This startled him out of his mind making him drop my latte on the desk.

"Now look what you've done, what a mess. " I said in disappointment. He didn't even clean the mess as he continued to glare at me.

"What do you want." He growled.

I raised a brow at him.

"My latte. That you oh so had made a mess of."

This didn't calm him down.

"I am not going to play your game, R'yanaku! Now tell me what do YOU WANT!?"

Ah, R'yanaku. The Champion of the Sun. Haven't been called that for a long-long time now.

"What...? Can't even call me by my name? How cold, I thought we had things better."

After I finished he strode toward me and lifts me up by my suit. Anger buring within his eyes.

"This is a nice and expensive suit you know...?"

My comment went ignored.

"I am not going to ask again, Lahar'Kaoum. WHAT. DO. YOU. WANT?"

"Well, at least you called me by my name." I sigh and phase out of his grip and walk through his body.

"Like I had said. I want my Chai Latte."

He didn't like the way I separated myself from him and his response was to literally flare up his eyes and blast me with beams of heat.

I tilted to the side, dodging the beam.

"Well... that's new. Might I presume that's what you are using to heat up your product?"

"ENOUGH OF YOUR GAME! I want to know what is the reason why had come here!?"

"Firstly, how rude. Second-"

I stopped myself mid-sentence as I have to bend back to avoid another beam, this time being stronger than the last.

"Ok, this is getting out of hand. <Randum>"

Upon my call, my chosen weapon appeared before me.

I swing my golden spear and cut off Taul's connection to a Sun Deity, whom I don't know the name of.

Another swing and I brought him to his knees. Blood dripped from his forearms, chest, and tights. Slash marks dip enough that one might not want to eat meat for a while and can kill any mortal man.

"You've become weaker. " I commented to him, as his wounds started to slowly heal up.

I tried blessing him to accelerate his healing but he slapped my hands away.

"Wha...What do you want...?" he growled.

"This again? As I said, I want my latte."

Had he also gone dumb? Is the thought running through my head looking at him.

"I... I had been good. Haven't killed anyone for a long time. Haven't even made contact with beings on the side of O'kyamu. I've been running this business legally! So I ask again! What do you want from me!"

Well... that's a good thing to know.

He started talking about me possibly coming here just to humiliate him or something along the line. But before I can say again what I want, the lad comes back.


Clear fright is within his shout.

The lad runs toward us and hugs Taul. The lad's back facing towards me. Making it very clear that he was trying to separate me from his father.