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faedogmotha t1_jdpk0bq wrote

Susie is 7 ft tall but has a condition that makes her bones turn into jelly every 10 minutes and then hard as steel every time she recovers. She has long pink hair and wears leggings and a baggy shirt.

Billiam is a pompous rich asshole who sharpened his teeth into points to appear menacing. He secretly snuggles his teddy bear pomeranian hoarde every night and relies on their mass numbers to sleep past his anxiety. He shakes a lot from his fear but hes surprisingly brave and pretends its a medical condition. He is average height, dad bod with black hair. There are signs of salt and pepper hitting up that receding hairline though


Wolfpup1202 t1_jdpkq8k wrote

Peter Griffin, and Panda (from WeBearBears)


stillnotelf t1_jdpnei2 wrote

Missile is a Pomeranian who loves his mistress and has the power to swap the location of two objects so long as they are the same shape.

Fenton Crackshell is an accountant who moonlights as a robotic superhero. Beyond his robotic suit superpowers he can count any number of objects instantaneously and accurately.

They are fighting over which of them Fenton's mother loves most. (For the purposes of the story let's just say the mother is also Missile's mistress)


CrochetTeaBee t1_jdpo177 wrote

Stitch from Lilo and Stitch; Elmo from Elmo's World


Malaeveolent_Bunny t1_jdptcj8 wrote

I can hear the laughter. Then the screams. Then see the stuffing everywhere. Finally, I am at peace.


tgdBatman90 t1_jdprj9i wrote

Shaggy vs the immortal snail.


MegaM0nkey t1_jdps29i wrote

Rowan is the dark lord of the north, creator of ice and fire and master of sword and sorcerey. He seeks to annihilate then conqour the world somehow, using the Mcguffin of destiny.

Dave is a former gas station cashier, having been fired after eating a Twinkie from the store. He tries to stay afloat in todays economy, and owns a mini van.


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guitargoddess3 t1_jdpk5m7 wrote

Granny from Squidbillies and Mr. Rogers.


I_Am_Oro t1_jdpqfuh wrote

A guy who can speak any language and a guy who got his non-dominant roboticized


LastResorter t1_jdpriby wrote

Dora the explorer and Adam (Garden of Eden)


Totally_Not_Thanos t1_jdptjoy wrote

Bojack Horseman and Judy Hopps


T_Lawliet OP t1_jdq1nsr wrote

I just wanted to build a play, Officer. I didn't start the fight. I didn't drug the Labrador. I didn't, I didn't...'

The bunny leapt into the air, planting a foot right on my face. I stumble back, the pain drowning everything in darkness, and trip over one of the bodies. I feel her rush beside me into the hallway.

For a moment I just lie there, drugged up as shit, and wonder what Diane would think about all this. There are new footsteps coming towards me and I know that I should play dead, stay out of their notice, but the pain and the panic and everything else just rises up and makes me try to crawl away, rubbing my face, squinting at the figure stepping past each of the cells, walking towards me.

Another cop, I think. But at that moment I would've preferred Mr. Big all up in my face than one of those guys. I try to wipe away the blood away from my muzzle, but more of it just keeps coming.

The policeman pulls off his sunglasses and frowns at me, blowing out a cloud of smoke.

'Aren't you that Xerox horse?' He grumbles, scratching an ear.

I just cover my face and wish he'll get it over with it soon. He kneels down, taking a glance at the crunched up cell doors at my side. 'Sorry about Judy, anyway. What with the whole Chavez case she's gotten a bit antsy these days.'

The fox offers me his cigarette. 'Nick Wilde, at your service. What can I do for you?'


Meaststew t1_jdptt83 wrote

Michael J. Boner vs Tony from cereal


fanimal16 t1_jdq170h wrote

XD is a robot cat with a computer screen for a head, who loves listening to VERY loud music, and has multiple laser guns hidden in her body.

Aurora is goldfish which uses hamster ball filled with water to move, is incredibly smart, but very insufferable.

They are fighting over who will get to the best toy in pet shop.


Jamaican_Dynamite t1_jdq4oj1 wrote

A drunk actor known for C-list kung fu versus a PCP addled fry cook.


LilyWalker11 t1_jdq5d9l wrote

A hamster and an electrical cable