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Twoyurnipsinheat t1_jeaua3s wrote

A slice of buttered bread is falling to the floor.


gaborrero OP t1_jeb2t71 wrote

"Ahh! Not my bread!" cried out Emily. She had shaky hands thanks to her condition, and always would. "Somebody, catch it, please!"

A small being rushed forward and caught it, tiny hands outstretched. They were pink in color with an emaciated form and a long, rat-like tail. They had large, almost bulbous, sclera-less black eyes that shone in the dim light of the room.

"Yay! My hero!" The being in question walked up to the little girl and offered her the buttered bread. "Thank you!"

Em's mother sighed and asked without looking, "Did you really make our brownie catch your bread when I could just make you another slice?"

"Mom, his name is Tiernan, and I didn't make him do it."

"You know how brownies can be, Em."

"But it was falling... and it was going butter-side down..." Her mother gave her a look over her shoulder, that made Emily sink in her chair. She looked to the brownie in question, who was far too pink to be called such a thing in her opinion. "... I'm sorry, Tiernan."

"S'ok," Tiernan responded. He climbed up her chair to pat her head affectionately, before bounding away.

"You're lucky he's fond of you, you know. Most brownies never show themselves to their families."

"We're his family?"

"Yes, Em. Which is why it's important we treat him with love and respect."

"Okay!" Emily said with a big smile.

Her mother went over and gave Emily a hug. "You're so much like your father. I hope you live a long, happy, healthy life, Em."

Emily hugged her mother in return, hands still trembling against her will. "Don't worry, Mom. I will!"