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Crystal1501 t1_jdsuma7 wrote

Description: a tough, determined leader, with a clear, level head.

Setting: prehistoric times.


28th_Stab_Wound OP t1_jdw1j5d wrote

Between spindly trees and worn stones, snow falls in the forest. On the ivory white ground, there are the footsteps of three siblings, stalking the pristine lands.


I watched Anima run ahead, looking about with excitement. She stomped around in the snow, seemingly engrossed by the audible crunch each step made. Simple joy, shining on her face.

"'Anima, what are you doing?'" Cogni asked, stood beside me with his ever stoic inflection.

'I'm having fun, Cogs! Maybe you should try it some time!' she called back. She spun about in the cold conditions, performing almost theatrical flourishes and tricks, though the concept of them would not be coined for another few thousand years.

I groaned, stepping upon a shattered rock and looking ahead at the excited Anima with an exasperated glare.

"There can be a time for fun and games later, Ani. Get back here, there could be anything hiding out there."

Anima paused, pondering for a moment before truding over toward me, a little deflated.

'You're no fun, Forti.' she lamented, stamping impotently into the snow.

I shook my head, sighing in response. "Yes well Ani, we haven't got a catch in a while. The last thing you'd ought to be doing is tiring yourself with your 'playing'."

Cogni nodded, an ever matter-of-fact inflection in his voice. "'Indeed. If I remember correctly, it has been just over four days since our last catch. Most distressing, and certainly not conducive to any unnecessary leisure.'"

Anima grumbled, muttering to herself quietly. '...mother would've let me play.'


I awoke to a strange sight in the night. A cool coat of moonlight shone across the outside, hanging over the forest beyond the cave I sat in. But another light sat beyond the forest trunks and shrubs, piquing my interest, but equally so my concern. It was stark in contrast to the cool blue moon, instead being a warm bath of yellows and oranges, like a second sun.

I struggled to my feet, groggy and tired. Cogni stirred beside me, yawning quietly.

"Hey Cogni. You know where Anima went?"

He looked at me blankly, then looked to the outside of the cave.

"'I know not of the specifics, but I can assume she travelled toward that strange light source.'"

"Helpful as always..."

I steeled my nerves, walking out of the cave and into the cold air, approaching the strange light. It came closer and closer into view, as I swerved from tree to tree, bush to bush.

In the clarity of the light, I saw them. In the open clearing with the smouldering second sun.

Creatures on two feet with pelts across their bodies and sticks in their hands, and beside them was her. Anima, ever curious, ever naive.

I emerged into the clearing, teeth bared and growling. The bipeds got up, looking at me with fear. I could smell it.

Anima looked to me too, eyes wide with shock.

'What are you doing?' she mouthed, looking dead towards me and backing away alongside the furless ones. I simply growled again, taking a step forward to get a better look of the whole place.

There was the bush that had a sun in it in the centre, with a spit hung over it. Aside it, there was a basket sitting amongst the frost and snow, holding... meat.

The smell was distinct, and its sight was rejuvenating. I hardly noticed Cogni arrive onto the scene as I went to investigate the meat stored within the implement. Then Anima stood in my way, huffing indignantly.

'Stop it! Don't take another step toward it!' she warned, keeping her head held high.

"What? What are you trying to do Anima- get out of the way!" I commanded, trying to barge right past her to now avail.

'Stop it and listen to me quickly! I can get us the meat, but you have to listen!'

I paused my advance, taking a step back as I pawed at the snowy ground. The bipeds stood aways back from us, sticks held in anticipation and eyes staring with suspicion.

"Well, what have you got to say?"

She sighed, looking at me earnestly.

'These furless creatures, they have strange practises, and stranger tendencies. But even so, I have found one thing, if I help them in the forest they will give me some of the meat.'

"'Ah, so they seek transaction between our services and their resources? Intriguing, and perhaps a solution to our hunting problem.'" Cogni commented from behind us, stepping further into the clearing.

"C'mon Anima, we're going back to the cave, and you're not going to mess about with any more of these two-legged things."

"'Forti,'" Cogni begged, "'I implore you, consider this proposition. This could prove vital if our own hunting grounds continue to yield no prey. Please, consider it for a moment.'"

I pondered, sniffing in the cold, dry taiga air. I eyed the many figures standing about the place. Was... was this what mother would've wanted for her pups?

And is if she was reading her mind, Anima pleaded one last time. 'Please, Forti. They can help us. It's what mother would've wanted for us, to continue to survive. And if we can do it out there or with these creatures it does not matter.'

I stood there, silent. Thinking over... everything.

I stamped a paw on the ground and nodded, resigned to my decision.

"Let's give it a go then, Anima. See where this goes for us."


gaborrero t1_jdszpdt wrote

Biker girl.

Alien apocalypse advent.


DressandBoots t1_jducqzy wrote

A quirky grandmother who likes fast cars at the mechanic.


184rgreaterodds t1_jdsw2e5 wrote

A small town mayor.

A space ship surrounded by cows


ZachTheLitchKing t1_jdt7o08 wrote

A knight who is secretly a princess participating in a jousting tournament to win her own hand in marriage


Pretend-Emotion9192 t1_jdtcf5o wrote

A criminal, being charged with performing Necromancy/stuck in the middle of the rule-stricken, bible-thumping West.


Aleksandrbbb t1_jdtrjh1 wrote

Desc: Shyyna Darlinska, a 5'7, slim, blonde-haired 15 year old from a fantasy country called The Pricordonij Regions. She is determined, protective, and caring for others, yet she gets paranoid easily.

Setting: a fantasy world, very similar to ours in the way the continents and oceans lay, and the way land is divided between regions. However, their world has been struck by disaster after Pricordonij's neighbor to the southeast, the Federation of SCTT, followed through with their threat of nuclear and chemical warfare, turning their world into an apocalyptic, dystopian wasteland. Only the toughest can survive.

(Taken from my own universe I created)


28th_Stab_Wound OP t1_jducy9z wrote

ooh this is kinda interesting.

can you give me any extra information?


Aleksandrbbb t1_jduhf6m wrote

Of course! The Pricordonij Republic is about 20 times smaller than the Federation of SCTT, but since most more powerful countries in their world, like the UPOD, support the Pricordonij Republic, it is overall more powerful. The leader of the Federation or SCTT, Cosai Rucova, is a horrible leader. Ever since his father, Fyodor, died around 30 years ago, causing the collapse of his country, the TSR, Cosai wanted to renew and bring back what his father had when he was around. This has led Cosai to be just like his father in terms of leadership: strictly authoritarian, threatening, greedy for power, and oppressive to his people. After decades of the Federation of SCTT and it's allying countries being at conflict with the Pricordonij Republic, the UPoD and almost the whole rest of the world, Cosai's constant threats of nuclear warfare, lethal chemical bombs, the wiping out of entire cities, and more have been carried out.

Shyyna has a younger brother of 7years, Sergei, and a 5yr old sister, Anna. Her father is fighting for their countries' freedom, and her mom is a shop owner, struggling to get by with the little money she makes. When the news about the next stage in war is announced, Shyyna's mom breaks the news that she will have to take her siblings run as far away as she can, possibly to an allying country nearby. Unfortunately, her mom will be unable to do so, and will be left behind. Now, it is up to Shyyna to keep herself and her two younger siblings alive in a world that is being torn down by the second, and possibly meet some friends on the way who can help eachother out in their own individual goals of survival.

Any specific information can also be provided. I have not named every single country yet, but I can provide info on some

MAIN COUNTRIES Pricordonij Republic- Leader: Ukron Salva. Size comparison: a bit bigger than Ukraine. Economy: struggling due to war

TSR- Former leader: Fyodor Rucova Size comparison: over a tenth of the world's landmass Economy: Struggled toward the last few years, the first few years, and near the conflict with UPoD; Communist

Federation of SCTT - Leader: Cosai Rucova. Size comparison: just over half of what the TSR had, about one Canada big. Economy: better than nothing, but it ain't good

UPoD- leader: Demias Amex. Size: About that of the United States minus Alaska and any Island territory. Economy: it seems good but it's struggling; extremely capitalistic

UNNAMED PRICORDONIJ ALLY- Leader: Wasnar Pitalij Size comparison: Poland, minus the mass of one Estonia. Economy: not as good as before but still good

UNNAMED SCTT ALLY #1 Leader- Chisha Qien Size: Brazil plus Kazakhstan Economy: not doing good at the moment, but still alright; Communist (?)

UNNAMED SCTT ALLY #2 Leader- Kareai Norat Size: Approx that of the Netherlands Economy: What economy?; Even more communist than the TSR was.

There are also some more insignificant counties in the universe that aren't mentioned in the story, like the Beumond Republic. All names of characters and countries are entirely made up my me. Some are honestly modified keysmashes, me changing a word until it's not that word anymore, butchered translations, or just cool sounding stuff.

If you'd like any more information on the universe, story plotline, or anything else, feel free to ask! I'd be happy to answer:D


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184rgreaterodds t1_jdsvpmb wrote

A magician's assistant with magic.



Rattrap2474 t1_jdsvt5o wrote

A gritty gnome ranger/ illusionist in uptown NYC.


Ruffruffman40 t1_jdvjk4p wrote

Very short young man.

Martial arts arena, where two different professional dojos face off. The contest is between strong grown men, but as two of the men from the young man's dojo dipped out, he has to fill in for one of them.


Friendly-Cricket-715 t1_jdy45f9 wrote

Character:a 14yr old male cyborg with a left handed arm cannon,mechanical wings,a tail with 2 energy cannons at the sides of the tip,and tank treads for feet who is around 5’8 and mind is broken too the point that almost every word from his mouth is fake and calls himself by his alias “the machine lord” trying to make make the world more efficient by bringing the downfall of capitalism(and in turn stop the apocalypse)with an army of machines.

Location:a global plutocracy(government based on how wealthy you are)that in a few years will become a post apocalyptic one caused by the greed of capitalism draining the all the natural resources of the world