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28th_Stab_Wound OP t1_jducy9z wrote

ooh this is kinda interesting.

can you give me any extra information?


Aleksandrbbb t1_jduhf6m wrote

Of course! The Pricordonij Republic is about 20 times smaller than the Federation of SCTT, but since most more powerful countries in their world, like the UPOD, support the Pricordonij Republic, it is overall more powerful. The leader of the Federation or SCTT, Cosai Rucova, is a horrible leader. Ever since his father, Fyodor, died around 30 years ago, causing the collapse of his country, the TSR, Cosai wanted to renew and bring back what his father had when he was around. This has led Cosai to be just like his father in terms of leadership: strictly authoritarian, threatening, greedy for power, and oppressive to his people. After decades of the Federation of SCTT and it's allying countries being at conflict with the Pricordonij Republic, the UPoD and almost the whole rest of the world, Cosai's constant threats of nuclear warfare, lethal chemical bombs, the wiping out of entire cities, and more have been carried out.

Shyyna has a younger brother of 7years, Sergei, and a 5yr old sister, Anna. Her father is fighting for their countries' freedom, and her mom is a shop owner, struggling to get by with the little money she makes. When the news about the next stage in war is announced, Shyyna's mom breaks the news that she will have to take her siblings run as far away as she can, possibly to an allying country nearby. Unfortunately, her mom will be unable to do so, and will be left behind. Now, it is up to Shyyna to keep herself and her two younger siblings alive in a world that is being torn down by the second, and possibly meet some friends on the way who can help eachother out in their own individual goals of survival.

Any specific information can also be provided. I have not named every single country yet, but I can provide info on some

MAIN COUNTRIES Pricordonij Republic- Leader: Ukron Salva. Size comparison: a bit bigger than Ukraine. Economy: struggling due to war

TSR- Former leader: Fyodor Rucova Size comparison: over a tenth of the world's landmass Economy: Struggled toward the last few years, the first few years, and near the conflict with UPoD; Communist

Federation of SCTT - Leader: Cosai Rucova. Size comparison: just over half of what the TSR had, about one Canada big. Economy: better than nothing, but it ain't good

UPoD- leader: Demias Amex. Size: About that of the United States minus Alaska and any Island territory. Economy: it seems good but it's struggling; extremely capitalistic

UNNAMED PRICORDONIJ ALLY- Leader: Wasnar Pitalij Size comparison: Poland, minus the mass of one Estonia. Economy: not as good as before but still good

UNNAMED SCTT ALLY #1 Leader- Chisha Qien Size: Brazil plus Kazakhstan Economy: not doing good at the moment, but still alright; Communist (?)

UNNAMED SCTT ALLY #2 Leader- Kareai Norat Size: Approx that of the Netherlands Economy: What economy?; Even more communist than the TSR was.

There are also some more insignificant counties in the universe that aren't mentioned in the story, like the Beumond Republic. All names of characters and countries are entirely made up my me. Some are honestly modified keysmashes, me changing a word until it's not that word anymore, butchered translations, or just cool sounding stuff.

If you'd like any more information on the universe, story plotline, or anything else, feel free to ask! I'd be happy to answer:D