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Gregamonster t1_jcbor5x wrote

She wanted to hate the man her parents arranged for her to marry on principal. But she can't. He's adorable.


Chaos-in-a-CookieJar t1_jcbuksx wrote

The rules say that they can’t be together, but rules are meant to be broken


Randomgold42 t1_jcbof88 wrote

Hate turns to love turns to hate and back again.


nobodysgeese t1_jcbv8d2 wrote

Fate refused to let them finally kiss


lakija t1_jcbpmiu wrote

We locked eyes in the dancing crowd. Then they disappeared from view in a sea of faces.

“Where are you going?!” My friend called. I started walking in that direction.


W3475ter t1_jcbwb9e wrote

An artificial intelligence realises its feelings


SqueakyFarts99 t1_jcc68ve wrote

She was the intended sacrifice in the botched ritual that summoned him.


TerrificTooMan t1_jcc739b wrote

A rookie couple brags a bit too much to a pair of veterans, time to show them what real love looks like.


EvilNoobHacker t1_jcckxnv wrote

She was a girl, he was a boy, could it be any more complicated?


jpb103 t1_jcbvqgu wrote

The end brought a new beginning. Is this real?


Schroedingers_Dragon t1_jcbxe8f wrote

When I first saw you I thought I was hallucinating again, because I didn’t think someone could be this beautiful


ReasonNotTheNeed-- t1_jcc83hu wrote

He gazed out from the edge of the rooftop.

It was too dark to see the ground over a hundred floors below.

The wind slamming against his body suddenly lessened.

Someone sat down beside him.


28th_Stab_Wound t1_jcc9r01 wrote

"I can barely believe I went along with this."


12pcMcNugget t1_jccdsek wrote

A dog witnesses his owner's date


saneinmembrane t1_jccp1lk wrote

Covered in blood and exhausted beyond all hope, our hero hears a beautiful voice that he swore was gone from his life forever.


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MyloRolfe t1_jccg0iv wrote

In love with a hot cecaelia


TooManySorcerers t1_jccg5ta wrote

Lucifer and Hades meet at the once a century deities convention. Sparks fly.


carnotaurussastrei t1_jcdjhd5 wrote

"I don’t know how to feel about him,” said Professor Helios as he dug through his backpack for a biscuit.


Commander_Night_17 t1_jcdkp2j wrote

It's been hours since your online friend was supposed to meet here for the first time. It's not that bad, you've really started falling for this oddly familar girl you're intrested in.


PicnicAnts t1_jcdnlrv wrote

The bag was ripped mercilessly off her head and she blinked in the sudden light. Four men stood in the room while a fifth, lounging in an armchair in the back corner of the room seemed to sit up and pay intense attention to her. “I’m not whoever you think I am.” She managed dryly as soon as the gag was removed.


I_Am_Oro t1_jcdoefs wrote

A boy who lies a lot (and is good at it) and a girl who is always skeptical


lordwafflesbane t1_jcdooui wrote

Google: kissing boys.
Google: How to kiss boys
Google: How to kiss boys
Wikihow: how to tell if ur gay
Hey Siri: what do gay people do?
Google Incognito mode: boys kissing each other
Google: free robux hack
Yahoo Answers: how to tell a boy I love him?


sadattebayo t1_jcdp0kb wrote

We seemed to reach an understanding, despite no words being spoken. We turned away from each other, leaving behind the burning love we felt during those seven days and nights, locking it away in our hearts.


Apprehensive_Age3663 t1_jcdqdaj wrote

They were supposed to be enemies. The Dark Queen and the Hero of Light. But they fell in love instead. A queen and her hero prepare to put aside their differences for love.

And the gods are not having it.


MetricWeakness6 t1_jcdr56u wrote

Reality travelling with GF/Company officer whem theres 6 other me's for additional security.


Nahtanoj532 t1_jcdv2oc wrote

An ancient hero is brought back to life by a dark god to serve their army. As a precaution against their goodness, the memories were erased. The love interest of his previous life leads the forces of good.


DryCommunication9260 t1_jcdvgho wrote

Something crawled under my skin like wool against an open wound when I touched him. The only way to help it is to engulf him. I must make him love me


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