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Schroedingers_Dragon t1_janaw4n wrote

I Look down at the ring Izzy is holding in her hand, beaming with happiness. I can feel that it is silver, the smell is burning my nostrils.

“Yes“, I answer her, “I would love to marry you.” My fiancée gives me the biggest smile and holds the ring forward with expectation. “Don’t you wanna put it on?” I take her hands, careful as not to touch the ring. “I would really love to, dear, but I am allergic to silver. I get red and itchy, it’s terrible.“

”Oh no!” Izzy looks at me in shock. “Why didn’t you tell me?” I laugh. “Well, in day to day life I can get around by simply not touching silver things. To be honest it didn’t occur to me.” Izzy nods. ”I guess that makes sense.” She looks down at the ring, I can see a shadow of disappointment in her eyes.

”Look”, I tell her. “The ring really is beautiful but I can’t wear it. So how about you wear it and then we’ll get me a matching ring that’s made from a material my skin can deal with?” “Yeah we could do that.” Izzy smiles, and then carefully puts back the ring into the box. “I still have the sketches I made for the ring, so we can use them on yours. We’re just lucky our ringfingers are the same size.” I laugh and kiss her on the head. “Yes, we are.”

And I am lucky silver allergies are a real thing, I think to myself as I contemplate how I will deal with my fiancée wearing a silver ring.


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Canadian_Donairs t1_jaogsip wrote

Yeah, I like the general idea of this a lot but $3 in clear acrylic and this is a pretty shut case...


AjaxAsleep t1_jas04k9 wrote

Hell, a bottle of clear nail polish would probably do the trick.


sosomething t1_jap7jno wrote

You could have just... not suggested she wear it. You still have a "silver allergy." Her ignorance of your werewolfishness is not a factor.


Helpsy81 t1_jar55jh wrote

Tbh the fact that she does not know that you have an allergy to silver shows that she does not know you well enough and you are not ready to marry.

Also you probably need to tell them about the werewolf thing. This is definitely going to cause problems later. Does she want to have kids? Are you just going to keep lying forever?


Marraqueta_Fria t1_japci1p wrote

I would love to see a story where the werewolf tries to make the silver ring "accidentally disappear", just to fail at each attempt.


spaceman60 t1_jaokevi wrote

Yep, this really just sounds like a common contact allergy.


Plucky_Parasocialite t1_jaqjcmb wrote

Reminds me of my nickel allergy and choosing a ring. Most jewelry is made of an alloy. I've had reactions to various random metals due to their nickel content. What saves the day? Rhodium coating. Done to white gold to make it more white, and can sometimes even be found in regular cheap-ish jewelery to make it look shinier. Total life-saver.

They could have the ring plated at a jeweler. As a bonus, it won't tarnish.


_Rootin_Tootin_Putin t1_japfrdy wrote

If she knows he’s allergic then there’s not real reason to get around it? They can figure out a solution between both of them, like resin coating the ring or even replacing it


Ascomae t1_jaqqeya wrote

That was exactly the story I had in my mind ;)


ohhello_o t1_jann01a wrote

I love him. I really, genuinely do.

But that ring. Oh boy, that ring.

It’s not easy being a werewolf engaged to a human. It’s even harder when they don’t know about you being one.

I look up, and see him look at me expectantly. Those eyes bore into me, crystal blue and so earnest, perhaps the truest thing I’ve ever known. I’d love nothing more than to wake up next to him every night and see those eyes for the rest of my life. In an odd way, they remind me of the moon, something I’ve always been taught to hate. But looking at him now — at those blues that have only known tenderness — I find myself falling in love all over again.

“Darling,” I mummer. “I want nothing more than to marry you.”

The shaky smile upon his face grows into something broader and confident, as if moments before he wasn’t scared out of his mind. That’s something I can do too, smell his emotions.

He’s still looking at me though, because even if I can smell his feelings, he understands mine too, and that’s something I’ve always admired. Something that always seems to come easily to him.

“But…” He prompts, eyes lingering on mine. He seems more nervous now than he did before, his fingers twitching at his side unconsciously as I hear his heart begin to beat faster.

“Nothing bad,” I rush to reassure him. “I really, really, want to marry you. This is me saying yes, Korren. I’m saying yes.

He stares at me silently, still looking unsure, though his heart returns to something more steady.

For a moment I’m sure he’s going to ask me what else it could possibly be to make me so hesitant, but then his gaze darts to the ring in his hand, and his face suddenly turns horrified. This time it’s my heart that quickens.

“Oh God,” he says, turning to me. “You hate it, don’t you? Oh God, I knew I shouldn’t have listened to that guy at the store, he told me this one would be perfect and of course it isn’t! Of course you wouldn’t like it! Oh God. I can return it, we can get something else. Something you like and —”

“Korren!” I interrupt his rambling. “It’s not the ring. Well, not exactly. Well, okay it kind of is the ring, but not in the way you’re thinking.” I take a deep breath, noticing the way my fiancé (fiancé!) is looking at me in equal parts sincerity and fear. “It’s beautiful. It really is. But. I — uhh — I’m actually not sure how to say this.” I laugh nervously.

“Anything,” Korren murmurs, like he was reading my mind. “You can tell me anything. I won’t judge.”

And — that. That’s the man I want to so desperately marry.

I smile at him, albeit a little hesitantly.

Then, watching the soft, blue glow of the only moon I wish to wake up to, I tell him.



NYGRY94 t1_janoirh wrote

Your description of the fiancés eyes and the ironic comfort they bring to the character was honestly wholesome af and a bit adorable as well. Nice writing!


Misteph t1_jap2mvt wrote

Beautiful story with fantastic details! My only advice would be when explaining the character can smell emotions is the classic show, don't tell.

Instead of cutting into the story to state "That's something I can do, smell his emotions", something along the lines of "I can smell the adrenaline in his veins calming down, the nervous patter of his heart evening out", or other such emotional cues that might not be noticable to the average human. Describe how the character is able to sense this. You actually do a great job of this throughout much of the rest of your story, for example two paragraphs later.

Overall, great story! I'll need to look at reading other things you have written


ohhello_o t1_japajpv wrote

Thank you!

Funny enough, I did contemplate about how blunt that sentence sounded. However, I eventually made the decision to “tell” rather than “show”, as I really wanted to drive that point home. I do think if I had separated that last sentence onto another line, it would have potentially flowed better.

Nonetheless, I do understand your point and enjoyed the way you described his emotions! Thanks for the feedback and for reading.


Misteph t1_japeozz wrote

To be honest, I thought about not even giving you advice since everything else I saw I loved, and having looked through more of your work I can see you clearly didn't need it.

Part of what I like about your writing is that it is similar to my own style, but with much more practice behind it. It has an elegance and an eye for the details that really help the reader connect to the story, and you are able to make compelling characters in just a short story.

Alas, I always tell myself that I should write for these prompts, but I never end up doing it.


ohhello_o t1_japo7xw wrote

I really do appreciate all the advice I get. I’m not a professional writer by any means and just do this for fun, so I’m happy to read any feedback I receive!

Though, for what it’s worth, you should definitely try your hand at writing for a prompt if you want to! It’s a lot of fun and good for practice.


Fontaigne t1_jaresy5 wrote

I liked it the way it was. The line feels intimate, like she's confiding in us. The mention of "adrenaline" is the opposite: a clinical detail that isn't personal. The story is personal.

To me, the line is explaining the detail of how she knew he had been scared out of his mind... and thus is to that degree a show.

"Show, don't tell" is a useful reminder phrase, but you need to keep in mind that it's ALL tell. In prose, literally every word is being "told".

The question of Show vs Tell is often a question of what is appropriate for an audience. Do you tell them the person stomped off, or do you tell them the person left in anger? It depends on your voice, genre and audience. Some audiences like to know emotion, and infer action, some the other way.

Largely, Show vs Tell is a question of level and of focus. Depending on style, each level of detail "shown" take 5-10 times as many words. In the middle of an intimate scene, is it worth adding even the twenty words you suggested, that are NOT intimate?

For me, it's perfect. Your mileage may vary.


Misteph t1_jarnbfb wrote

That's a great perspective and as well as a good reminder for me, thank you! I can definitely see how I phrased it could be more clinical and out of place. There are definitely times where less is more, else you end up with 5 pages describing the food on the table.

To me, the character directly telling us felt very out of place, as it's the only sentence in the story that does it, while being surrounded by what I viewed as largely descriptive language.

Regardless, I'm glad we agree in the quality of the story itself


sleepy_knees t1_jarms0e wrote

I just want to say, even though it may have been a conscious decision on the author's part in this instance, I'm so appreciative that you said this. I'm a very fledgeling writer, and I'm ignorant of most of the technical things that make for great writing. "Show, don't tell" is going in my "writing notes" book right now! Don't stop giving the positive feedback, because I know there are others like me who read these comments especially for these bits of advice!


Misteph t1_jarojms wrote

I'm happy my advice could be of help to not just the author but also to other writers. I would definitely also check out u/Fontaigne 's reply to my comment, as that also contains great information as well as a excellent counterpoint to my argument


YesItIsMaybeMe t1_japo8v6 wrote

I want a series of this love story, very wholesome.


ohhello_o t1_jaq32ge wrote

Not a series per say, just a series of moments. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy!

“Hey, love?” Korren’s voice sounds from their ensuite bathroom

“Yeah?” I call back. It’s been a long day — too long of a day, if you ask me — and I want nothing more than to lay with my husband and forget about today’s unfortunate events.

But alas, Korren seems to have other plans.

“Is this… uhh…” he trails off, walking into their room and carrying something… furry?

Korren laughs nervously. “Is this your hair?”

“My hair?” I ask, bewildered.

“Yeah, from your… you know.” He gestures to himself widely before settling his fingers into claws.

Oh, right. That.

Even after a year of marriage, Korren still gets somewhat awkward around the idea of me being a werewolf. Surprisingly, he took the reveal well — though he did suggest they dress up as vampires next Halloween. Something about it being the complete opposite of what people expect. I didn’t have the heart to tell him he’s the only person other than my parents to know I’m a werewolf.

Turning to my husband, I only sigh. “Korren, love, I don’t shed. And the last full moon was a couple weeks back, remember?”

He looks at me in contemplation, before his gaze turns to one of horrified realization.

“Oh my God, it’s your father’s, isn’t it?”

And — that. Well. Let’s just say it’s a good thing I love him.

The moon is bright.

Even at such a distance, it stares down at the world hungrily. Eagerly. As if it knew all the secrets of the universe, and I’m merely a byproduct of something thought impossible, something unveiled only in the darkness of the full, burning moon.

Perhaps in another life it could have been my God. But now — here — it’s only my damnation.

Sighing to myself, I turn around to watch my husband struggle with the campfire.

“You okay there?” I ask, raising a brow as Korren almost trips over a log. He catches himself at the last second though, and, laughing, waves dismissively at me.

“I’m okay,” he reassures me. “Seriously,” he says as I look at him unsurely.

He sighs in defeat. “Okay, so maybe I could use a little help.”

I grin, moving to take the wood from his hands when he stops me with a kiss, chaste and light against my lips, as his sturdy palms settle against my lower back and he brings me in closer, until my head is leaning against his chest.

“What’s this for?” I murmur into his shirt.

“Nothing,” he says quietly. “I just love you.”

I raise my eyebrows, but don’t push. Really, I know exactly what he’s doing. Korren may be ditzy in all the best ways, but he’s also strangely perceptive when he wants to be, and now that I’m thinking about it, maybe that fall wasn’t as real as I originally thought.

“I love you, too,” I say instead, because really, there’s nothing truer.

It’s strange, to know that for all you fear, there’s something equally as dear to hold onto on the other side. I suppose that’s what brought me to Korren in the first place — his inability to confront fear with anything less than strength.

“I don’t suppose you have powers too?” My husband finally asks, mostly teasing, though I release myself from his hold all the same and step into the darkness toward the firepit, where a pool of water has somehow collected against the stone bottom, the flicker of the rising moon held in its gaze.

“No,” I say, stepping against the puddle. “I’ve got something even better.”

I smile up at him softly, my hand reaching out to slip into his own, and I know even without words he understands.

He always does.


ohhello_o t1_jaq3363 wrote

“So,” Korren starts. “I think we should make a documentary.”

“A documentary?” I ask. “Whatever for?”

“Werewolves, of course!”

I groan.

“Wait!” He exclaims, grasping onto my shoulders. “Just let me explain. First of all, who better to make a movie about werewolves than an actual werewolf? Second, I’ve always wanted to be a director! Third — and maybe most importantly — can you imagine all the money we’d bring in? And we don’t even need to spend anything on a cast because we’ve got one right in front of us! Oh!” His eyes widen. “Do you think your parents would be interested, too?”

I stare at him in disbelief, inwardly cursing myself for marrying this insane man.

“I’m not sure my dad would want to,” I tell him. I’m not sure I want to.

“But your mom would, right? She’s always watching those trashy bachelorette shows and complaining that they’d be more interesting if she was on them.”

And that’s the problem, isn’t it? My mom would absolutely be on board with Korren’s crazy idea. My dad on the other hand…

But looking into Korren’s eager and excited face is enough to make me wonder how exactly I’m going to convince my dad to go along with this plan. Perhaps with that new fishing rod he’s been raving about.

A documentary about werewolves, huh? Who would have thought.

Maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

“Korren,” I say, shaking him awake gently. “Korren, look.”

“Erg…” he mumbles incoherently, sleep clear in his voice. “Wah iz it?”

“Look,” I say again, pointing out our bedroom window. He slowly follows my gaze only to gasp when he sees the glittering expanse of travelling stars and its collection of fast, shooting bodies painting against our visions. It’s beautiful almost chaotically, as if the world has finally erupted and all that’s left in its wake are its colours.

A mark against the sky. A trailing signature against the universe.

It makes me feel as if we’re the only two people alive.

“It’s beautiful,” Korren whispers.

“I know,” I whisper back.

He pulls me into his side then, and we sit like that, just watching the blinking of passerby celestial spheres. It’s quiet, but not discerning.

And in this moment — in the presence of the only man I’ve ever loved — I feel as if I finally know the universe’s secrets. As if they’ve been unveiled to me under the blanket of dark earth and soft light. As if, for the very first time, I’m made for this world. For its love.

That it’s made for mine, too.

It’s here, laying with Korren beneath the soft, hazy glow of Earth’s steady gaze, that I don’t think about the moon once.


Kazlanne t1_jaqvwgo wrote

I would like more, please.


ohhello_o t1_jatgbkx wrote

I think this is all I have left in me. Enjoy!

“So,” Korren begins one morning. “The full moon’s tomorrow.”

I turn to face him, watching the soft, morning sun illuminate his body through the open window. He looks just as he did the day I met him— two rows down in Biology I. It never ceases to amaze me how perfect I can find someone even years later, as if we’re made for this moment. For all the moments after.

I hum. “It is.”

He grasps my hand, idly playing with the ring on my finger — a beautiful rose gold that wraps itself around my skin perfectly and in the middle hugs delicate, crystal diamond. If I hold it up to the light, I can see the deep reflection of gray and white shine through. Oddly enough, it reminds me of Korren.

“Do you need anything?” My fiancé asks. He presses his forehead into my shoulder, so his voice comes out more muffled than anything else, but still there’s unmistakable gentleness. I wish to hold him like this forever.

“I’m okay.”

He looks at me then, head tilting and eyes narrowing, as if he’s trying to read my soul. As if he doesn’t know he already can.

I look at him fondly “Seriously. I’m okay.”

He sighs. “If you’re sure.”

“I am,” I reassure him, squeezing his hand. “But I could use some breakfast. And possibly a shower. What’d you think about that?”

A slow smile forms on his face as begins to eye me up and down. “I think I’d like nothing more.”

“Korren,” I groan. “For the last time! You cannot ask my dad if his favourite movie is The Wolf Man, or if his favourite song is Werewolves of London, or if he wants to watch Twilight with you! Actually, especially that one!”

“What?” He says in defence. “Twilight has a wolf in it! He’s literally Bella’s other love interest!”

“That — that’s not the point, Korren! The point is you’re supposed to be making a good impression on them now that you know about me.” I drop my voice to a whisper, “being a werewolf.”

He signs. “Alright, I’m sorry. I just thought your dad could use a little humour in his life. And your mom loves me! She told me she’d totally watch Twilight with me.”

“Of course she did,” I mumble. Then louder, “My dad doesn’t have the same humour as my mom, but I do appreciate you trying. I’m sorry if I’m being a Debbie Downer.”

“No,” he says, grabbing onto my hand. “You’ve done nothing wrong — that’s all me. I’ll get better at this whole werewolf thing, I swear! You’ve just got to be patient with me.”

“I suppose I’ve never really considered how you might feel about this. For the longest time I was scared you’d leave me because of what I am, so to have you here, going over to my parents house for Sunday dinner and knowing I’m a werewolf, well… it’s just a lot to handle. I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you for being patient with me, too.”

Korren grins. “I love you, you know that? So much. Not even you being a werewolf could change that.”



“How about if I was broccoli? Would you love me then?”

“I plead the fifth.”

Our laughter follows us all the way home.

All my life, I’ve never imagined this day would come.

And yet, here it is.

Here I am, doing the final touches of my makeup and getting ready to slip into my wedding dress.

It feels unreal, as if I’m living another person’s life. As if by the end of tonight, I’ll be the person I’ve always wanted to be, with the person I’ve always wanted.

In a way, it’s nerve wracking, but at the same time it’s exhilarating. Part of me wants to find Korren early and elope, which is ridiculous considering the actual wedding is only hours away.

Still, those hours feel like an eternity, and I feel more reckless than I’ve ever felt before.

“Excited?” My mother asks, coming up and hugging me from behind.

I nod. “Very.”


I grin. “Is it that obvious?”

A faraway glint enters her eyes. “I was just like that when I married your father. Best decision of my life, mind you, but for those few moments leading up to it I was absolutely scared shitless. Thought I’d throw up right then and there. Luckily, your father’s about the most patient man I know. And, well, who could say no to that body?”

“Mom!” I exclaim in disgust. “Seriously?? I did not need to know that!”

She laughs. “Sorry. Sorry. My point is that Korren is absolutely wonderful and you’re both going to make each other so happy.”

I smile at her through the mirror, watching my mother’s eyes well up with tears as she smiles back.

“You can’t cry,” I remind her. “Or else I’ll cry, too.”

She wipes her eyes, laughing lightly. “Well, we can’t have that, now can we?”

She takes the comb from the vanity and runs it through my hair just as she did when I was younger, asking for pigtails and pink butterfly clips. It’s so reminiscent of my childhood that I want to cry.

I grasp her hand, halting her movements. “Thank you,” I tell her. Thank you for being here. Thank you for brushing my hair even now, years later and fully grown.

Thank you for giving me a life I never thought I’d be able to live.

“I’m your mother,” she says simply. “It’s what we do.”

“We’re married,” I whisper to Korren in the darkness of the brimming night.

And under the glow of the open window, he turns to me, smiling softly.

“We’re married.”

It’s the best feeling in the world.


Fontaigne t1_jardffi wrote

First scene, first three paragraphs were pasted twice.


thaddeus423 t1_jar4eco wrote

Your words reminded me. They were equal parts lovely and heartbreaking.

Excellently written. Beautiful.

Seems like life would actually be easier if one of were a werewolf. Isn’t that ironic?


ohhello_o t1_jarn31w wrote

Thank you very much!

Yes, I do agree. There is definitely irony there!


thaddeus423 t1_jas1qoo wrote

I just gave it another read, catching details I was too emotional to absorb the first time around.

It really is perfect. Thank you.


Lesmiserablemuffins t1_jas5uro wrote

Idk if there's a specific word for this, but I love your post dialogue word choice! Murmur, prompts, rush to reassure, etc., hopefully you know what I'm talking about lol. It's not just that you have great variety, which is already hard enough in a lot of what I read here, but they are all so fitting and really add so much to the dialogue itself


ohhello_o t1_jatgh9o wrote

I understand what you mean perfectly! Sometimes I struggle with finding the right words, so to have you say that is very appreciated.

Thank you for reading!


six672 t1_jao3hw2 wrote

My heart stopped. I guess it would be more accurate to say that everything stopped. The noise of the city, the passers-by, the birds, even the wind seemed to pause as I stared dumbly at the scene in front of me. It seemed as if the whole world had halted for this moment.

Just in front of me, kneeling on the ground, was my girlfriend of three years. In her hand, stretched out towards me, was a ring. My girlfriend had just proposed to me.

"What?" I asked, still dumbstruck.

"You mean absolutely everything to me and I want to spend the rest of my life with you." Her voice was shaky. I could tell that she was nervous.

Or perhaps nervous was an understatement. She looked terrified, apprehensive, and cautiously optimistic all at once.

My brain then decided to catch up to reality. But just as I was going to emphatically shout 'Yes!' to her, I noticed the ring.

Silver. Damn. That was bad. Well, not bad, but actually dangerous. You see, I am a werewolf. Silver is deadly to me. A ring like this won't kill me, but it would be extraordinarily painful. If I were to put it on I could lose the finger entirely.

With this in mind, and keenly aware that I had taken way too long to think, I told her that yes, I would love nothing more than to marry the woman of my dreams. Or I tried to. What actually came out was:

"I... uh, yes! Yes, I... yes!, I mean... I...yes, I do! Want to, that is. Marry... oh god." The gods wish they were as articulate as I am. Eat your heart out Shakespeare.

Elisabeth, my new fiancé (bro, what?!), was elated, if a bit confused, at my incoherent ramble. Me too, love, me too.

She grabbed my hand and began to put the ring on my finger. Alarm bells started going off in my head. There was only one thing I could do; I would have to tell her the truth. I looked around to see if there was an audience before spilling my guts only to see that, yes, there was an audience. Worse yet, some were filming it. We were in a rather secluded part of the park, but I guess not secluded enough.

I couldn't tell her the truth now, not could I refuse the ring after that extremely poetic bit earlier. I would have to actor the ring and suffer in silence until I could take it off. I might lose the finger, but I would just have to take the chance.

As the ring slid onto my finger, I could addled feel the pain set in. It was a burning pain, like dipping your finger into a deep-fryer. I was in agony. But I would put up with it until we could go somewhere more private.

She stood up and kissed me on the spot. I wish I could lose myself in the kiss like I usually do, but the pain made everything hard to focus on. Many people believe that the pain is similar to touching hot metal, but it really feels like sticking your hand in boiling water or oil. Sure the metal is hot, but it isn't a localized pain like a branding. It's also more dull than hot metal.

I pulled away from the kiss and practically dragged Elisabeth to the bushes, dimly aware of some congratulations coming from the crowd. I needed this ring off, and I needed it off now. We ran into the bushes and I proceeded to rip the ring off my finger and thrust it into Elisabeth's had with no pretext that I was not in tremendous pain.

As I cradled my burning hand Elisabeth looked worried and hurt. Oh, right. The proposal. She probably thought that I just rejected her in private. I promptly shut that idea down with a deep kiss. She returned it reluctantly.

"God, I love you." I said. She just looked more confused. "I can't wear silver." I confessed.

"Oh. Oh! You're allergic?" Elisabeth sounded relieved.

"Something like that." I risked a glanced at my burning finger. It was deep red. It was definitely burned. Perhaps third degree at that. Apparently Elisabeth also saw it.

"Oh, God! Is that from the ring?" She grabbed my hand to get a better look at it.

"Yeah. Ow." I responded.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't know-" I cut her off with another kiss.

"Hey, it's my fault that I didn't tell my new fiancé about my allergy. Just means I get to help you pick my new ring." Her eyes beamed at that. God I love her.


Jamaican_Dynamite t1_janxp5q wrote

"Will you, please?" He asked, light glinting in his eyes.

"Oh," she sobbed at it. "Omari. It's beautiful."

He really didn't like making Robina cry. For any reason. Even though he planned this as a bit of a joke amongst their friends, the gesture was genuine even if it wasn't the way he usually did things.

Robina however seemed to shake her head slightly in a 'no' motion and he wondered if he'd gone too far. If she said no, he still understood. And perhaps this would be a reason why.

"I, I..." She choked again. "Yes!"

Of course while she didn't put it on at that moment, it was because it took second place to the giant hug the pair gave each other as the others cheered at the reveal.

Omari thought it was cringeworthy, or cheesy, or whatever somebody felt like calling it. But a bet was a bet. He'd lost his, and the fact was he had agreed to these terms. He had to publicly propose to Robina if he lost. And for the occasion, he'd made sure to get a ring. Or at least try to. He felt like just silver wasn't good enough. But reality had met his wallet for the Nth time in life.

He just hoped he was worthy of her being there.

To shorten a long night, the party was great. A lot of familiar faces had came by to say congratulations, or just to help out with favors. And the rest of the night was pretty great too. Too his surprise, it also ended in the tangle of sheets many would hope for.

For some odd reason, he woke up early in the morning. It wasn't a normal lapse from sleep. Something was burning. It smelt like it. His alarm at this also brought his attention to the fact that the house was deathly quiet. Robina wasn't in bed. The door to the room was open, and the house was dark.

But something was burning.

A quick leap into some sweats led him to search the rest of the house room by room. Nothing was visibly on fire. And he still couldn't find Robina. He quietly lifted a bat from the closet as he kept creeping through the house.

"Robi-" He stopped himself from whispering. Just beyond the backdoor sat an absolute unit of a person. Way too big to be his fiance. Way too big to perhaps be human even. Something was still burning, an almost metallic smell he could taste now.

Omari's first instinct came to leave. Either upstairs or out the front door. He really didn't have a clue which would be the better choice. Or whether it even mattered.

"Listen. It'll be okay." Somebody spoke. "Just play it cool. Tell him you're allergic to silver. He can get another ring."

"It's the best he could do."

That voice, albeit scratchy, with much more base than was familiar. It couldn't be. He almost said her name, but assumed that whatever this was. It must have killed and ate her. He backed up a hair. And knocked an empty cup off the table.

The sound made the head turn instantly. Omari began to run. His subconscious screaming that it wasn't enough. That thing would catch him. Something deftly grabbed his collar and he was clotheslined into the floor.

Robina didn't mean to do that to him. But it seemed safer than tackling him or otherwise strong arming him from the front door. Nonetheless she found herself pinning Omari and checking to see if it was him. Yup. It was him of course, but you couldn't be too sure. He was trying his best to scream bloody murder. An acceptable reaction as much as she carefully tried to gently stifle it.

Something clattered from her hand into the floor. The ring spinning like a lost die before rolling flat.

"...Robina?" He asked between breaths.

"...So, I'm guessing he knows?" A voice reacted to the commotion.

She held the phone like a playing card in her oversized hand. "Call. Back. Later."

"Okay Robbie, have fun. Don't kill him."

"O...mari." Robina tried to say. "Wha'?"

"Crushin' me..." He breathed.

He sat on the couch. She sat on the floor as to be somewhat level with him. She took the ring, holding it up for him? It sizzled in her palm, until she yelped and let it fall onto the couch. That explained the smell.

"So you can't wear silver?"

Robina shook her head no.

"Anything else?" Omari said as he rubbed his ribs further. Robina simply opened her palms in that way she did and pointed at herself.

"Well?" She uttered. Big crocodile tears starting to form even now.

Omari looked her up and down and laid further back on the couch. "I mean. It could've been be worse."


"I thought you, um, didn't like the ring." Omari quietly explained. She palmed the floor at this meager deflection. "I mean, your hair look good though."

Robina sighed and rolled her eyes. Even as a giant werewolf, he still managed to remind her why they loved each other so much. She sat there for a minute before picking him up and calmly walking towards the hall. Tail wagging like a lost puppy.

"What are we doing?"


"Why would we-"

He got his head bonked on the wall by her bridal carry.



"Be careful. I'm tender."

Needless to say, getting a different ring was in order. And maybe another bedframe.

...He'll probably be aight. r/Jamaican_Dynamite


SilasCrane t1_jaogs4p wrote

Elise had never lied to Jason. Considering the secret she had to keep, she was proud of that fact -- although, it wasn't as though he'd ever looked in her in the eye and asked her "Are you a werewolf?"

But now, as he knelt before her, looking at her expectantly with an open ring box on his palm, she was at a loss for words. He'd asked her to marry him, and she wanted to say "yes". But if she did, the very next he would do is slide the ring in the box onto her finger.

The silver ring.

Of course it would be silver -- the metal of the moon. They'd talked about how she loved the moonlight, and shared many wonderful nights beneath the moon and stars, though obviously never on the night of the full moon. The princess-cut diamond that the ring was set with was even flanked by a pair of smaller moonstones. It was beautiful -- but to her, it would be pure agony to wear.

"Ellie?" Jason said. He cleared his throat, nervously. "Don't...don't leave me hanging here, babe..."

Think. Think. She had to think. A thousand lies would serve -- a rare silver allergy, maybe? But she didn't want to lie. Not now. Not to him. So she told him something true instead. Not a secret, but something she'd never told him, nonetheless.

"Yes," she said. "I will marry you..."

Then quickly, before he could act, she took the hand that held the ring box, closing it in the process.

"But...I...." she began, uncertainly.

"But you...what?" he asked, his face full of concern.

" remember what I told you, about how messed up my parents' marriage was?" she asked, recalling a past conversation.

"Oh, honey..." he said, placing his other hand atop hers, his brow furrowing with concern.

"There's one thing I'll always remember, from when it was really bad, towards the end. I was home alone one night, they both were out...somewhere. They'd left me money for pizza in a bowl on this little side table by the front door, where they'd always drop their keys, spare change, and stuff like that when they came home. So, when the pizza guy came, I went to get the money...and both their wedding bands were in the bowl underneath it. They'd just left them there before going out, like it was no big deal. Like it was nothing."

Jason's expression softened. "Ellie..." he whispered, sympathetically.

"So part of me...part of me thinks about that night whenever I see a wedding ring." she said, staring down at their hands holding the closed box. "And...I just don't want it to be like that with us. Not ever."

It had started as a deflection, just another diversion to keep Jason from finding out about her, to protect him from the truth. But as she remembered that lonely night when she was a kid, she realized it was more. It was a wound inside her that her gift couldn't heal, not even when the moon was full.

Elise felt Jason's curled finger beneath her chin, and she lifted her eyes as he gently tilted her head up to face him. He smiled at her lovingly, his eyes glistening.

"It won't be." he promised.

Two hours later, Elise leaned in to kiss her betrothed, for probably the tenth time since he'd made his second proposal of the evening -- that he accompany her to a tattoo parlor he knew of that stayed open late. The artist, an acquaintance of Jason's, had been thrilled to work his magic on short notice for the happy couple.

After a moment they broke the kiss, and continued walking hand-in-hand down the quiet street where the tattoo parlor was located. Abruptly, Jason paused, pulling away to take a call on his phone, and so she put her hand into the beam of a streetlight to admire her tiny, intricate tattoo, the first one that either of them had ever gotten.

It was Jason's name, wrapped around her ring finger in a flowing script that matched the "Elise" tattoo on his own finger. She treasured it more than she could have treasured any ring, whether silver or not.

And then, as she watched it, the letters of her future husband's name started to warp and sag. Her eyes widened in shock, as tiny black droplets like inky sweat started to ooze out from her pores.

She realized with horror that her power, the secret that had made her almost impervious to injury by anything other than silver, since the first full moon when she'd changed, was healing away the one wound she'd wanted to keep.

"Okay, sorry -- had to take that..." Jason said, sounding stressed and frustrated. "I just...sorry."

She thrust her ink-stained hand into her pocket.

"That's okay." she squeaked, her mind racing. There was no explaining this. There was no diversion or redirection that could possibly work. She couldn't keep her hand in her pocket for the rest of her life. She didn't know what to say, but she had time to think, as Jason kept talking.

"When I...when I got you that ring..." Jason said. "It was more than a symbol, you know."

Her heart sank. On top of everything else, was Jason having second thoughts about getting tattoos instead of rings?

"It was a symbol of trust. You've always been someone I can be myself with...someone I can be honest with, vulnerable with, but..." Jason stammered, then trailed off.

"I...what are you talking about, Jason?" Elise asked, stopping beside him beneath another streetlamp, looking at the agonized expression on his face, terrified of what he might say.

Jason raised his hand into the light. Elise's eyes widened, as she saw a tiny rivulet of black ink run down the back of his hand, from where the tattoo on his ring finger had been.

"...but I haven't been completely honest with you. There's something I need to tell you." he said.

/ . / . / . / . /

Jason had known, on some level, that if he was going to be with Elise, he couldn't keep her in the dark forever. She would learn his secret, eventually -- he had been amazingly fortunate that she never wanted to go out on the night of the full moon, even though she loved the moonlight as much as he did.

It had been easier to give her a ring made of the one thing that could hurt him, a symbol of his trust and devotion that only he would truly understand the depth of, than to give her the secret that could destroy him.

Had he known her response to learning his his secret would be to burst out in joyful laughter, and then kiss him harder than he'd ever been kissed before, he likely would have told her long before.


Inqeuet t1_jaoll9h wrote

That was a beautiful read and I’m totally not crying now 😭


Surinical t1_janrke7 wrote

“What is it?” I asked, a foolish question. I stared down at the thing, the posioned promise of a life I didn’t deserve.

“What does it look like? I don’t care what your family will think, or mine for what that’s worth,” He said, impatient but tender, staining the knees of his slacks on the forest floor. This is why he’d been nervous all day, not something else.

The silver gleamed, drawing up the bile in my gut. I could smell the caustic air off the thing that he held in sweaty fingers, liable to slip and send the fearsome threat popping towards me.

“I don’t know what to say.” I wanted to embrace him, I wanted to weep, I wanted to sprint off into the trees. I stood there, waiting, heart beyond the human register.

His wasn’t far off.

“Maya, will you mar-”

“Don’t!” I yelled, surprising myself with the sharp tone. The hurt in his eyes was immediate and terrible. “I can’t take that ring.”

He looked up at me, facing twisting in his own warring mess of emotion for another second before hardening. “And why’s that?”

“I’ve let this go on longer than I should have, that’s on me. I can’t be with you. I can’t be with anyone, not like that.”

“You’re always saying things like that, like you’ve committed some great sin and the only solution is to deny yourself everything, forever.” I could smell the salt on him over the deer upwind. “I want this, I don’t care what you did.”

He reached out to touch me. I didn't protest, feeling his warm, strong hand.

A mad idea struck me. Give him some excuse, take the ring, coat it in lacquer or tell him I reacted to silver, hives perhaps. He’d have a gold one tomorrow. We could keep this going.

“Marcus, did implies it's over. My sins continue, unrepentant. Find yourself another girl. One that can give you what you want.”

“I want you. No one else. What are you doing that’s so bad you can’t be with me, start a family?”

“I’d tear the baby up in my womb before its heart beat. I’m the one that’s been killing the livestock, leaving the mangled messes.”

“What? How? Like a ritual thing?”

“Not really, I’m a beast, wearing the skin of a girl. An imposter.”

"A beast?" He let his hand drop.

"Yes, for many years now. I go from town to town, leaving when the suspicion is too great."

“There’s a doctor over in Novoberg. We can talk to him about these thoughts you’re having. My aunt-”

“I’m not your crazy aunt, Marcus,” I said, this time surprising myself with the chill calm in my tone. I grabbed the ring. The crackling of sizzling bacon came from my palm. I spasmed and dropped the smoking thing to the ground. A small fire started to catch on the pine leaves.

“I am not worthy of this life.” I held out my sagging hand, showing him the angry red circle. "Cursed, damned."

I stared, daring him to argue further. He looked away and I nodded bitterly. I ran. Tonight was the night, after all.

After a few breathless miles, I curled my sore body under a boulder. As sick as it was to admit, I craved the change and the clarity it brought. I focused on my breathing and tried to seperate myself from my thoughts, my mangled disaster of a human life. My pretend life. I slept until the cracks of my bones breaking woke me up.

I breathed the forest air, sweet and deeper in meaning than any song. There was no fear, no sadness, no concern at all. I could not recall why that was notable. I shook off the thin rags of the clothes I’d forgotten to remove.

I ran to the rhythm of my heart, planless save for the instinct of movement. I was limping on a front paw. I stopped to lick the wound, content.

I perked my ears up to a foreign sound. The yelping of the smelly ones, the smokey ones. I crouched low as I stalked. Stinking oil came from a fire it held as it twittered louder, scaring away any nearby food no doubt. That was fine. This one was larger.

I could never tell them apart, the faces a blurry hairless mess, but this one looked familiar and large, indeed. I crept closer, easily hiding from the yelling thing. Seeing its back, unaware and undefended, pulled me, begged me forward but I was still. I knew not why. I was going to let this go, the biggest meal in quite some time.

It turned then and stared at me, squawking again, softer. I rumbled deep as I stepped into his light. Brave idiot did not run, but I saw the awe in its eyes.

I stepped closer, sniffing his many confusing smells, not wholly unpleasant. He did not move. I let my hackles drop.

 A roar of thunder crashed above and the man thing flinched. I lashed out at the quick movement and sunk teeth into its leg, cold and weak as a doe. The metallic song on my tongue overwhelmed whatever had slowed me, and I thrashed with more vigor as it fell.

The cracks and tears of the man thing's unmaking competed with its shouts. Eventually it stopped, leaving only wet dripping softer than bird song.

I spit out something burning that had been tangled up in the mess of the thing. Tomorrow, there may be regret for this, but tonight there was only two feelings ringing through me, the hunger, deep as screaming black, and its sister, gulping eager satisfaction.

Forgive me.



Ambereldus t1_jaoi7mj wrote

Bravo, the duality of her inner beast is almost frightening.


MyLifeisTangled t1_jap15xq wrote

I want to express how well executed this is but I’m practically speechless. There isn’t much that makes me finish a piece and sit and stare dumb and silent afterwards. This is powerful.


Hunter_Kuroba t1_jantltr wrote

Yes, 1000 times yes! But um.. is that silver?

Yes, is there something wrong?

Actually, and I can't believe I never brought it up, I'm highly allergic to silver. Like way worse than hives, literally burns my skin. Lots of people have silver allergies but mine hit the harsher side. I want to accept the ring, but while I'd suffer anything to be with you, this could quite literally kill me.

Oh.. I see. So it's like a peanut allergy?

Not quite. You can wear and touch it all you like, and I can hold you close, kiss, and do anything you want if you've wore it where I touch, but I can't activly touch silver. Peanuts could be a kiss of death if you're not careful, silver is just the touch.

Okay, I really should have asked first, I just didn't really think about it since you're always so healthy and full of energy, and shit haha

And that's why you love me, shit and all.

So with that, let's go get that ring encased in something clear and I can make a necklace out of it. Then we'll go get something together, sound good?



liveda4th t1_jaojojm wrote

“We’ve been dating for 4 years. I’ve told you a thousand times I have a silver allergy. And you buy a SILVER ENGAGEMENT RING?! This is why I say you never listen to me! … No, you don’t! Remember when I told you not to park under the tree with all the birds? Or when I had to tell you THREE TIMES o don’t like strawberries before you stopped buying that yogurt. … No shit I’m upset! How am I supposed to put Instagram photos of our engagement ring if I can’t actually wear the ring?! … Of course I’m saying yes! You couldn’t tell!? … Babe, babe. I know you’re an idiot, it’s part of the reason I love you


DuesCataclysmos t1_jap3yzs wrote

"Before I accept your proposal, it's only fair to you that I confess something first.

I've been harboring a secret, a truth about myself which I've kept from you and almost everyone I know for fear of facing rejection and judgement.

I have a certain medical condition. It's not painful or life threatening - more of a cosmetic issue really - but it embarrasses me, it disgusts me, and no treatment or drug exists that can cure it. So I must live with it. So will you, should you still choose to marry me."

"My love... I know you have to shave your beard, I've known for years. Listen, all women have facial hair, it's just genetics that your hair comes in darker and courser. Honestly, I'm hoping it offsets my hereditary baldness when we have kids."

"No, idiot, I have... acidic sweat."


"My sweat, its pH is ridiculous, way more corrosive than most. I'll tarnish that silver ring black within like 30 minutes of wearing it."

"Darling, I'll get it plated in platinum."


SilverTheShiftDragon t1_jaqpy9w wrote

As someone with acidic sweat, this is nice. Mine isn’t crazy but if I am sweating bad any paper exposed to it disappears


StrangePalpitation69 t1_jaoedyl wrote

As a werewolf striving to exist harmoniously amidst human society, I had always known that my life would be fraught with difficulties. However, when my beloved significant other, Eric, proposed to me with a ring fashioned from pure silver, I found myself facing an unprecedented conundrum. Though I yearned to pledge my eternal devotion to him, accepting the ring would ultimately place me in grave peril.

Silver, as I'm sure you are aware, is lethal to my kind, and the thought of wearing such a ring was simply inconceivable. And yet, how could I possibly decline his proposal without raising suspicion or arousing his ire?

"Dearest Lena," Eric murmured softly, his voice trembling with emotion as he proffered the ring. "Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

My heart ached as I looked into his eyes, seeing only love and devotion reflected in their depths. How could I deny him? And yet, I knew that I had no other choice.

Summoning all of my courage, I took a deep breath and replied, "Eric, my love for you knows no bounds, but I am unable to accept this ring. You see, I have a severe allergy to silver, and wearing it would result in a most unpleasant reaction."

Eric's face fell, his expression shifting from one of joy to one of concern. "Oh, Lena, I had no idea. I'm so sorry."

I could sense the disappointment radiating from him, and my heart shattered at the thought of causing him pain. However, I knew that my decision was for the best, and I held firm in my resolve.

But then, a thought occurred to me. Perhaps there was another way. Perhaps I could accept the ring, and simply not wear it. Yes, that was it. I could keep it hidden away, safe from harm, and Eric would be none the wiser.

Feeling a sense of relief, I smiled brightly and said, "But fear not, my darling. I shall cherish this ring always, even if I am unable to wear it."

Eric's face lit up once more, his eyes sparkling with joy. "Thank you, Lena. You have made me the happiest man in the world."

For a moment, everything was perfect. And then, without warning, the twist came. Eric's face contorted, his expression twisting into something dark and malevolent.

"You foolish creature," he hissed, his body beginning to shift and contort before my very eyes. "Did you really think you could hide your true nature from me?"

My blood ran cold as I watched in horror as Eric transformed into something otherworldly, something dark and terrifying. And then, without warning, he lunged at me, his razor-sharp claws extended.

I barely had time to react before everything went black, the world fading into darkness as I felt his teeth sinking into my flesh. As the world grew dim, I could hear his voice whispering in my ear.

"Welcome to the pack, my love."


DaDragon88 t1_jaogi6a wrote

:( I interpret this as having ended negatively. You did not prepare me for that… Well done.


1amCorbin t1_jaomy7z wrote

"Oh baby!.... is that silver?" Your instantaneous joy at being proposed to was just as quickly marred by the realization.

You wanter to say yes, but if you allowed that ring to touch your finger, you could die... you think.

*Wait, a silver bullet can kill you, but it won't kill you if it just touches you, right?"

Your partner looks up at you expectantly, and slowly growing nervous at your hesitation.

You can't let them stay on their knees any longer. You extend your finger and immediately your skin begins to burn. Like, literally burn. Smoke began to rise where the ring touched your hand and you hurriedly took it off.

"Ah, sorry. I should've told you this earlier. I'm allergic?" The statement came out as more of a question as you struggled for something that your partner would believe. And surprisingly, they did.

God, your poor, sweet, stupid partner. They rushed back to the jeweler and exchanged it for a ring of gold. Now all you had to do was find some excuse for why you couldn't be around during the full moon


frogandbanjo t1_japavv2 wrote

Step One: Deflect With Crisis.

I burst into tears. He couldn't tell if they were happy or sad. He was off balance. I amped it up to eleven. The ring box closed and went back in his pocket.

"Oh god, oh god, I'm sorry!" I blubbered. "Oh my god, it's just... my uncle Phil! His second wife! Oh god, I'm so stupid!"

"Baby, no!" he protested. "You're not stupid! Baby, please, whatever you need, you just tell me. We don't even have to talk about it unless you want to."

The foot traffic threatened to become a gawking crowd. I looked around, communicating to my not-going-to-be-my-fiance in no uncertain terms that I was utterly mortified.

"Do you want to go home?" he asked. He wasn't the dumbest guy in the world. That was nice. Of course, I didn't want him to be all that smart, either.

"No!" I brazenly lied. "You went to all this trouble - oh god, you spent a lot of money, didn't you? I've ruined the whole night!"

"Jesus, no!" he said. "Kari, this is my fault. I had no idea, and... and I should've. No good boyfriend would've let this happen."

"No, no," I replied, dabbing at my tears. "I don't talk about them... well, you know... because..." I started up again one more time for good measure.

With the ring back in its box and in his pocket, I was safe. He hemmed and hawed with his whole body, then finally moved in to embrace me. I let him sweat in an awkward, one-sided hug for just a moment before melting into him, letting him think he was comforting me.

"Take me home," I sniffled.

"Yeah," he said. "Yeah, of course, baby. Anything you need. Do you want me to call somebody? You know, because..."

I shook my head into his chest. "No," I said. "Take me home and stay with me. I don't know if I want to talk about it, but just... be there."

I felt the heat. That was good. That would keep him off balance - not just with desire, but with guilt, too.

Step Two: Backstop

Social media is fine, but every girl needs at least one real live friend to keep her secrets - or to divulge them at an opportune moment, once everything goes crazy.

"So, I need the invoke the circle," I told Penny.

"Oh my god he didn't!" she immediately replied.

"Hey," I joked, "you have to make it official!"

She didn't quite slap herself, but the effect was the same. Rituals were so important to girlfriends. I held out my hands and she grasped them, just like we would at a seance.

"The circle is invoked," we said almost in unison. We both glanced around suspiciously. There were other groups at other tables, but they didn't care about us. Unbeknownst to poor Penny, if any of them happened to eavesdrop and remember a few tidbits, it was all the better.

She was still amped up. I started sending disruptive signals, and gave her a few moments to pick up on them.

"What happened, Kari?" she asked.

"I freaked out a little," I admitted, skipping past what she'd already assumed. "He was so perfect at first. I felt so stupid, and he said and did everything right. He took me home."

"I mean, I didn't want to say anything..." Penny said.

Social media or not, a public freakout wasn't going to have gone unnoticed and undocumented. I couldn't lie about that part.

I hung my head. "Yeah, I figured," I said. "For what it's worth, you put on a good show just now. Anybody watching wouldn't have thought you'd already known."

"Oh, honey," she said. "I didn't want to ruin anything for you, just in case... you know... things ended up going really well afterwards."

"It's totally okay, babe," I said. "We weren't in the circle. You were being a good friend. But now we're in the circle, and... I think I have to tell you something."

"... shit," she said. She reached out for my hand again. I let her take it.

"Yeah," I said. "He was perfect, and then we... you know. And then it got weird. And then it got bad."

"Do we need to go to cops, Kari?" she asked. "It's your choice, obviously, but... do we?"

I shook my head. "I don't think so," I said. I looked up at her and pretended to freak out a little. "No! No, he didn't do anything. It's just... everything turned. The vibe. The way he moved. There was a change, and it made me feel..."

"Unsafe," she said. "But he left, right?"

"Yeah," I said. "He left."

"Let's get the locks changed," she offered. "I'll backstop some bullshit either way - if your alarm bells stop ringing, or especially if they don't."

"God, I feel so stupid," I said.

"Don't," she said. "The smartest women in the world get fooled sometimes. It sucks that you can never know. It just sucks. He might be a really great guy, Kari, but if you get a vibe, you shouldn't just ignore it. Take a few steps. Make yourself a little safer."

I noted the irony. I'd already made things a lot more dangerous for my boyfriend. There was an argument to be made that that did make me safer, but it was a twisted path through a dark forest. The more silver I'd found, though, the less guilty I'd felt.

I nodded. I let my eyes get wet, but I didn't cry. That was a good balance.

"You're the best, Penny," I said. "I mean that."

"I know," she said, trying to break the tension.

I let her.

Step Three: Isolate

How does the cartoon go? "I know that you know that we know that they know that I know that you know..." and it only ends with a shotgun blast to the face or a giant mallet to the head.

I transitioned from freaking out to embarrassed to apologetic to loving. I didn't drop hints. We were past that. I told him flat-out that I owed him a special night. I told him I was a modern woman with her own job and her own money, and that I needed to take responsibility for what I wanted. He got the message. Of course, he also got the subtext. Did he get the sub-subtext? Cue that cartoon. Silver buckshot. Silver hammer. His name wasn't Maxwell. Ah well.

I was surprised he let me get the equivalent of the last word. He let me drive. That was the lynchpin. That meant he was down to whatever he could keep on his person until his backup could arrive. The compromise was that the moon was a waning sliver. I had to assume he knew my bloodline and my strength; I wasn't going to be weak. I just wasn't going to be a giant totem of magical, animal fury that could shift and eat him before he could unholster a gun.

I hoped he was one of those chuckleheads who assumed that werewolves would never pack heat, but it wasn't vital to the plan.

On a romantic bridge with a brook underneath, late at night, with a few tiny hints that I'd prepared a different kind of event - a stray balloon, some music, nothing hard to erase - I kissed him one last time.

"How did you know?" he asked.

"Ordinarily, I'd tell you," I replied. "But not this time."

"Wait, what?"

"There's a way for this to happen where nobody dies and nobody goes to jail, Gopal. You were really good to me. You fell for me. Don't try to deny it. I could smell it. I still can. It's why I got careless."

He shrugged. "Okay."

He wasn't as stupid as I thought. That really hurt. Denial would have made me feel powerful. A confession would've made me feel special.

"I imagine I've got ten minutes or less, so no big monologues. I've faked my death a dozen times, Gopal. I'll do it again, and this time it'll be a murder. Do you understand?"

He stayed quiet. I saw the gears turning. I couldn't figure out his math, because I didn't know his premises. I didn't know if he'd underestimated me in turn, or if he'd somehow struck a perverse balance between love and duty.

"I really thought the silver ring was perfect," he said. "It was so obvious and so stupid that you'd never believe I was a hunter."

"What was the endgame?"

He shrugged again. "You know I won't answer unless I think you're going to die."

"Exactly. Good."

"I can't smell like it you can," he said. "Did you? Love me?"

"No," I lied. "But I didn't know, either - not until after the ring. You were a meal ticket. Most of us can't even afford a decent legend these days. It's too hard. Social media's the best we can do."

"Better a ticket than a meal, I suppose," he said. "Shitty, though. Real shitty."

"Yeah, well, 'peaceful coexistence' is a lot prettier when nobody's trying to murder anybody else, fuckstick. Nobody criticizes a con that got Jews out of Germany."

"Jews don't eat people."

"Depends on who you fucking ask, doesn't it?" I retorted. "Go back a few centuries and a few of your major benefactors had all sorts of opinions on that, too. Maybe they still do. What did that comedian say? Cons like me can't hold a candle to the reigning world champions."

"Werewolves don't officially exist," he countered. "That's a pretty impressive con job."

"Not mine. Social forces beyond my control. Vampires, maybe. Atlanteans. Lizard people from the center of the Earth. Who even knows?"

That got a chuckle. I realized I'd talked too long.

"Goodbye, Gopal," I said. "You can tell your bosses it was smart to recruit an Indian-looking guy. Eurocentrism; shame on me. Won't work again."

He pulled out the ring box and tossed it to me. I snatched it effortlessly from the air.

"You earned it," he said. "Worth a few hundred."

It was a clever trap. Tossing it would have been petulant; it would've made him feel big. Keeping it reminded him that I - we - were on the back foot. We needed the money. I needed the money to start all over again.

"Sorry I didn't get an appraisal on your life," I said. "Otherwise I'd have a witty retort."

I was away before he could reply again. I still heard it, but I pushed it out of my mind. I cut myself open and let the blood flow everywhere. I didn't use silver, or my own claws. That meant I had to do it over and over again; I tried not to be annoyed by the healing factor. That would have been baiting the gods.


frogandbanjo t1_japawsz wrote

Step Four: Never Look Back

But I did, because I'd loved him. He didn't come after me. He spun some bullshit. He took his lumps with his superiors. He was cleared of all wrongdoing in my disappearance. I didn't have to finalize the frame job; I let it fizzle.

I'd loved him, but I felt worse about Penny. That's just how it was. I knew I'd need another one of her, whether I risked another lover or not.

The ring was worth closer to a thousand. I only got a few hundred. I made it stretch.


TynamM t1_jat6gz2 wrote

This is a magnificent story. Complete in itself yet sketching a compelling world.


frogandbanjo t1_jaub83k wrote

I appreciate it. It can be tough trying to write stuff after a prompt's already gotten some responses and upvotes. Thanks for taking the time to read one of the later entries.


TynamM t1_jaw9t3h wrote

I deeply loved the multiple layers of do-you-know-that-I-know-that-you-knew going on in the protagonist's thoughts. It's hard to do that in the space of a short without being unclear but I was able to follow exactly how the levels of deception interacted, which kept my attention rivetted.


Pokerfakes t1_jaourlb wrote

"Hello, Sweetie. I'm glad you were willing to come over on such short notice. There really is something we need to talk about."

Sweetie, my girlfriend, looked very nervous for some reason, but she walked in and stood next to my living room table.

I smiled, and I walked over to my 100% room darkening curtains. "The reason I asked you over here tonight was–"

"Wait!" Sweetie interrupted me. "Before you say anything, I need to do and say something!" Sweetie hopped up onto my table. Then, in an array of glittery sparkles, she shrunk in size, and wings appeared on her back.

"As you can see, I'm not human like you are. I'm actually a fairy. But, I've been living among humans, trying to learn more about them. They're always making wishes of us, and I wanted to know why. But, I've learned all I can on my own; now I want to learn more. Because we've spent so much time together, I've fallen in love with you, and I want to grant you your wishes. Fairies live to make others happy."

"So, that's why I am the way I am. Will you be able to accept that, and, or rather, us?" My girlfriend stood before me, holding out a silver ring on her outstretched arms. Yes, I said "on" her arms. My girlfriend has just revealed to me that she's actually a fairy. A freaking fairy, with wings, and magic, and everything! It would've been cute, if her clothing had changed sizes with her. Instead, the only thing keeping her dignity intact is the silver ring that she's trying to give me.

Well, nertz. Now I'm not going to be the first one to do my big reveal. I speak up anyway.

"Um, I absolutely accept your proposal, Sweetie, but I have to insist on a gold ring."

I never was one to beat around the bush. That was one of the reasons "Sweetie," loved me so dearly.

Sweetie tilted her head and raised an eyebrow. "Why's that, Mister Honeybuns?"

"And I thought I asked you to use a different nickname for me. It isn't manly! Anyway, this is the reason. I don't think you would anyway, but I want to tell you that there's no need to fear what you're about to see. I'm in full control at all times, unlike what happens in those horror stories."

And with that, I fling open the curtains, revealing the full moon in all its silvery glow. Immediately upon seeing it, my change begins. I grow taller, fluffier, and toothier. This used to hurt, but after fifteen years, I've learned proper breathing and stance techniques. You'd be amazed at how many werewolves forget to breathe during the change. Changing body shape, size, and DNA requires a LOT of energy, and in a mammalian type of creature, where do you think that energy comes from? Oxygen, of course! And where does oxygen come from? Breathing, of course!

Anyway, all this to say, I basically go KER-FLUFF without grimacing, growling, or being grumpy afterwards. And by wearing some oversize clothing on full moon nights, I still have my dignity intact, too.

"Now, as you can see, I had good reason for wanting to talk." I give Sweetie a goofy, toothy grin. "It seems I'm not the only one who wanted to reveal a big secret tonight. I hope you can understand and accept me, too. And I hope you can understand why I have to insist on a gold ring instead of a silver one."

Sweetie dropped the ring and dropped on her bottom, laughing. "And here I was, worried over nothing! Whoo! Hahahahaha!"

Sweetie took a minute to compose herself, and in doing so, realized her state. A quick flash of sparkles later, and she was wearing a cute one-piece dress.

"I see what you mean, Mister Fuzzbuns, Sweetie teased. "And I guess the irony has struck me again. So much for learning more about humans by being with one."

Sweetie flitted up and landed on my nose. "I guess I'll just have to learn about werewolves instead, for a while."


ArbitrationMage t1_jaqm540 wrote

The silver band glittered with malevolence.

I wanted to throw my arms around her. I needed to throw my arms around her. But that ring stood between us, bright and sharp and cruel.

Ten seconds since she proposed.

I couldn't take the ring. The flicker of a jogger in my peripheral vision reminded me— revealing my fuzzy nature here would leave me dead at the hands of the elders.

Twelve seconds.

But rejecting it would break her. And that would break me.

Fifteen seconds.

Damned if I do and damned if I don't but maybe there's a middle way. Cornered, I fell back on the thing that had gotten me into this situation in the first place: Smarm.

Smarm on its own is useless, but with genuine, honest passion and goodwill it becomes charm and chutzpah. And if I was lucky, it might just get me out of this situation intact.

I knelt, took her hands in mine— careful to avoid the ring— and looked deep into her eyes.

"I'll marry you, my love. But not yet."

I continued over the her noises.

"There's nothing I want more than to wake up with you every day. I want us to be the first thing we see every day. To be with you forever. To grow old together." I squeezed her hands, reassuring with pressure and warmth.

"You are the sun in my sky. And I'm going to marry you. And, I—" I hesitated, but barreled through. Awkward and cute worked. "I need to tell you some things first." A kiss, soft and passionate against her lips, to stifle her thoughts and fears.

"Nothing bad. I promise. We just need to have a sit-down talk before we're engaged. Once we get home, we can do it. Among," my voice went husky, "other things." We shared another kiss, a little more lustful but no less loving.

"Until then..." I closed her fingers around the ring. The lack of visible silver was like a lack of splinters in my hand.

"Until then, my love, hold on to my ring for me."

Feedback appreciated!


Smileyfax t1_jap628e wrote

I looked down at the ring in her hand...the silver ring. "Babe, I accept your proposal," I said. "But I have to break it to you...I'm a werewolf."

"Wut." There was an incredulous look on her face.

"It's true! Hang on, let me double check my 'phases of the moon' app." The app showed tonight was indeed a full moon, and indeed it was currently over the horizon, so I could bend the rules a bit and transform during the day. I grunted and pushed, almost like taking a dump, and felt my muscles rapidly expand and contract as they increased in size. My clothes expanded with me -- thank God for spandex -- and fur erupted out all over. I ran my tongue over my newly elongated teeth, then grinned as I turned back to my (hopefully) fiancee to reassure her that I wasn't a mindless, bloodthirsty beast...but stopped short when I saw she was crying, and not out of fear. "Honey, what's wrong?"

"It's just..." she began to gasp out. "It's just...I was always Team Edward!"

I groaned. Those fucking books! "Babe, if you think I'm gonna do something stupid like imprint on your menses --"

"No, no," she said, shaking her head. "I just...need some time alone, to think about things." She pocketed the ring and left.

Those fucking books. I'd take a silver piercing in the junk if it meant I'd never have to hear about them again.


vigratri t1_jaq0lyu wrote

"I...Yes! Of course I do!" And with that, Tomas took the sparkling ring from its tiny, monumental box, and reached up to place it on my finger. I had some serious fears suddenly, but not about him, no. It was me, but in the moment, with him? I couldn't say no, the consequences be damned. The ring was beautiful, modest, but beautiful just like Tomas. I was embarrassed to realize I trembled a bit as he was about to put it on. Trembled! Oh for God's sake.

But then, just as he was slipping it on I caught a smell. Like metallic water, and a biting tinge in my nose, like inhaling deeply on an incredibly cold day. I caught myself as I instinctively jerked my hand back. Tomas looked at me, naked concern on his face. "Are...are you ok, my love?"

Those misgivings I had momentarily earlier. I'm what you'd probably describe as a werewolf. Not the "cursed to change when the full moons bright" type, more like I can do it when I'd like and remain sentient. And yes, things can get out of hand. It's like being wonderfully drunk; lowered inhibitions, terrible judgement. But it feels great while its happening.

Also, unlike the movie werewolves, silver doesn't hurt to touch. I'm pretty much invulnerable to most things, but silver seems to negate that. Touching it is like touching a bullet. Unless it's puncturing you at the time, it's not going to do any damage. And, even better, it has to be pure silver. Whatever that means. All I know is due to some deal with all the nuclear testing back in the 50s and 60s, any silver forged or melted or cast or whatever isn't pure anymore. So silver that can hurt me is pretty rare. But Jesus does it stink. Smell it long enough, you'll get a hell of a migrane.

But it's not the ability to change into a seven foot tall wolf monster that had set off those earlier worries. I'm also very long lived. I'm not sure how long, actually. I dont have a wealth of memories, my memory works like yours does. A lot of stuff just fades over time. But you remember some things that stand out for whatever reason. For example, I remember getting into an argument with a red priest who shook a dagger at me in Madrid, sometime around like 1680 or so. I also remember being in my bipedal lupine form this one time, about when Victoria was queen, and ended up hanging out with a really drunk farmer, like out of his mind, somewhere in a field outside London, who informed me more than once that I was a terrifying yet unexpectedly delightful hallucination. But I dont remember a childhood or parents or any of that. Not even snippets. Weird.

The point is, I don't know how this is going to go twenty years from now. Or ten, for that matter. But for the moment, I just want to be happy and Tomas makes me happy. For right now, tonight, there's no other answer than "yes."

"Yes, I'm great! Thank you! Why am I thanking you??" Tomas laughed and placed the ring on my finger. After that I was delirious for awhile. I'd just learn to keep the ring away from my face.

Later that night, in bed, I woke up to see Tomas standing over me.

"Tomas? What's up?"

"Beast. And now that I have confirmed what you are, I shall send you back to hell where you belong, in the name of the spanish inquisition." Tomas was expressionless as he pulled a long silver knife from behind his back.

"Its too late for any Monty Python shit, get back in here." I mumbled.

"I renounce you." He snarled, pointing the gleaming, stinking knife at me.

It took me a moment to even realize he had a weapon, much less that it was silver. I was mentally tumbling around. How could he have done this? Perpetrated this lie for so many months? I'm not going to get into the whole "who's the real monster" thing, but honestly, what kind of soulless, horrific person could do this to someone? I got really angry, but only for a moment before I realized what would have to happen. The anger melted as quickly as it had come. As he raised the knife, I smiled at him sadly. "That won't work, Tomas. Please trust me. Before you get hurt."

"We're aware of that, hellbeast. The atom splitting weapons of Satan have poisoned even the purest metal. But the Inquisition has a long memory and," he glanced at the knife and shrugged, "something of a hording problem apparently."

There was that sense of humor with absurd timing I'd so loved.

I focused on the knife as well as I could. It couldn't be... with a snarl that dropped several registers in a second, I spun to a crouch and lept at him in a single fluid action, changing, claws outstretched, as he raised the pure silver dagger from Madrid.

Maybe Tomas and I would be together forever after all...


BooRadleyBoo t1_jaq1n8c wrote

"But you know I'm allergic to silver, right?"

"You are?"



This was the beginning of the end. It wasn't the minute risk of the silver causing me harm; there are myriad ways to seal silver, and short of ingesting it I'd be fine. It was more that we'd been in a relationship for years and my talk of a silver allergy had gone completely unregistered. There had been cracks appearing in the relationship for a while now, and despite the implication of this grand gesture, there was no silver bullet, or ring for that matter, which could fix that.


I thought I'd add this: here's a story not written in response to the prompt, but it is thematically consistent with the conceit.

Thought ya'll might enjoy a long read given the subject matter of the prompt.


Fontaigne t1_jaqz4m4 wrote

Reverse the order of the last two phrases for more punch. Ideally, you want the punch line in the last 2-3 words.

Quick and bad version

> despite the implications of this gesture, no silver ring could fix that. There would be no silver bullet.


Sensitive-Bug-7610 t1_jar8lzj wrote

"Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes." I answered her with tears in my eyes. I had been waiting for this day. As she goes to put the ring around my finger I feel it burn. "Hey babe, not to ruin this moment, but is it made from silver?" I ask with a wince as I pull my hand back and away from it.

"Oh, yes?" She answered with a cocked eyebrow. "I am allergic to silver, love. I am so sorry, but I can't wear it." I could vaguely remember telling her. But with silver not really being a very common household thing, especially not with our salaries, I couldn't blame her for forgetting. "Oh I am so sorry. Uhm.." She started rummaging through her pockets, ever the messy girl she is. I loved her for it. "Here, can i put my ring on your finger? Its just a cheap thing, but maybe we can go buy a new one together."

I chuckled and pulled her in for a quick kiss. I hate being physically affectionate in public, but I couldn't resist her charm. Always so understanding. Not even a question about why I visit 'home' every month. "Sounds like a date to me." I answered her, allowing her to distance herself enough from me to put the ring around my finger. I am not really a jewelry gal, never bothered with them, but I could jot reject one given by her.

"Ellie, there is this small secret by the way. A secret I wish to share with you if we ever marry." Honesty is important in a marriage after all. And Ellie was understanding enough for me to feel comfortable with her knowing. "Ooh, sounds serious. What is it? Don't tell me you are a werewolf now." Sahe laughed as she pulled me along to a picnic set-up she had laid out for us. "Then I won't." I answered in jest. Now was not the time yet. Today we would enjoy each other's presence and bask in the light of the setting sun and candles.


EishelinWrites t1_jarl0jb wrote

Morgan has always avoided large bodies of water, something about nearly drowning as a young boy. Me, however, I adore the sea. The vast expanse just makes me feel free.

To my surprise, my boyfriend has invited me to a beautiful pier tonight. It’s like a scene out of fairy tale - there’s a wonderful sunset in the distance, the seagulls are completely quiet, and the man of my life has just gotten down on one knee, a tiny box in his hand. “Is this really happening?” I think to myself.

“Luna, will you make me the happiest man in the world and be my wife?”

“Is this really, really happening?” Thousands of images flash before my eyes. Pure normality. A white wedding, with cheers instead of howls. A nice starter home, no chains in the basement for that time of the month. A couple of kids, whose biggest transformation will be puberty. It’s everything I’ve wanted and more.

“Yes, yes, yes!!!” I clasp my hands over my mouth, unable to hold in my excitement. I pull Morgan up to his feet and crush him in an enormous hug. It’s easy to forget my strength in moments such as this and only a small whimper from the love of my life brings me back to reality.

“Sorry, got too excited…” I release him and glance down at the ring between us. It’s marvelous. Sparkly pale metal, wrapped beautifully around a single, large, rosy pearl.

“It used to be my grandma’s.” Morgan gets it out of the box and twirls it in his lithe fingers. “My grandfather dove for this pearl himself and had it set in the purest silver. It’s one of a kind.” He raises his eyes to mine. “Just like you.”

“S-Silver?” Panic washes over me.

Morgan’s face drops. “I know it’s not as fancy as the white gold you had set your eyes on, but I thought with the sentimental value…”

“I love it!” I interject and extend my hand. I hate to do this, I really do, but there’s no other way to hide it.

Sleight of hand has always come easy to me. As Morgan moves to slip the ring on my finger, I feint a fall towards him. Then I do a little dance of flailing, pushing his hand aside and making the ring fall, roll over the edge of the pier and into the water.

I do my best to contract my face in horror and start to explain myself, as my future husband surprises me and dives into the sea.

“Morgan, no!” I scream, freezing in terror and fumbling with my backpack to jump after him.

Much to my surprise, Morgan surfaces just as I’m about to dive into the water myself. He’s holding the ring in his hand, a wide grin on his face. Oh, moon, his face. I stare at the scattering of scales in bewilderment.


He sighs and runs a webbed hand through his hair.

“We have to talk.”


Helios575 t1_jaq972o wrote

I look down at the love of my life on his knees offering me a ring that makes my heart soar but my stomach drop and the only response I can muster for a bit stunned silence. His face begins to slowly fade from joy to nervousness when I realize I have been quiet for to long.

My love the answer is yes, yes, a thousand times yes but please don't be mad at me because there is something incredibly relevant to this that may make you angry at me for not telling you sooner.

Relief wars with confusion and concern for control of face

If the answer is yes then why have you not taken the ring yet and what could you possibly be hiding that would matter? Please tell me you aren't already married to someone else.

I can't help but chuckle a little at hearing that and it's a great reminder of what I love about this man, I really do feel bad about what I am about to do because a marriage shouldn't be founded on a lie but my situation doesn't leave me with many options.

No my love it's nothing like that also I am not hiding anything really it's just something that hasn't come up yet but I probably should have told you. I haven't taken the ring because I can't touch it. I have a severe allergy to silver. I am so sorry that I didn't tell you this earlier, the ring looks amazing and it probably cost a fortune but I even touch it let one wear it, I am so sorry.

Relief washes over his face as he starts comfort me


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RageMaster_241 t1_jaofc56 wrote

“I’m allergic to silver” next question


selectiveyellow t1_japhwwm wrote

"Huge surprise, Mr. Goes for a walk at 3am, during a full moon, in. A. Tracksuit!"


HaniiPuppy t1_jaqeh1w wrote

Next up: "How do I explain to this person that a stake in the heart will kill me without revealing that I'm a vampire?"


re_nonsequiturs t1_jaoq4da wrote

You didn't tell your SO about your silver allergy that affects 10-15% of humans? You're not ready to be married.


Ruadhan2300 t1_jaqn99j wrote

Generally silver-allergies are because of the nickel in the alloy. Pure silver is hypoallergenic. Source: My wife has this allergy and all her silver jewelry is sterling to avoid the problem.

So one can imagine the werewolf protagonist saying "Aww sorry babe, but I can't handle silver, I'm allergic", and their conscientous loving partner goes and does their due-dilligence and gets a pure-silver ring which shouldn't trigger the allergy..
Except it's not an allergy, it's a supernatural aversion to silver itself, and now they've got no explanation.


jubmille2000 t1_jap6gl5 wrote

I'm doing this here, because it is not exactly a full story:Person gives Werewolf a silver ring, werewolf says "I'll take the ring, but from now on, I'll cook every dinner with copious amounts of garlic"

Turns out the SO is a vampire and they are a couple living together amongst humans.

Basically, it's a prank proposal, except the Vamp SO actually has a ring made of old oak tree with a moonstone inset. while Vamp has a matching gold ring with a ruby inset.


ANagyKecske t1_jaq94av wrote

Plot twist: they're a couple who have clear and healthy communication so the werewolf just says yes, but let's pick a different ring


Jones641 t1_jar1kfe wrote

If they had clear and heathy communication, they's know about the werewolf thing


MorganWick t1_jar93xx wrote

Unless a silver ring would instantly kill them or cut their finger off, accept and the SO will apologize and agree to get a new one as soon as you start doubling over in pain.

Also: "TIFU by proposing to my werewolf SO... with a pure silver ring."


yazzy1233 t1_japhppf wrote

This sub has really gone downhill. These prompts have been so disappointing for the last few years.


TypicalPunUser t1_japxfin wrote

then make some damn prompts. Saying "oh but I dont have time to" or "I dont have the creativity to" isnt a fucking excuse and all it proves is that you're whining just to whine.


Danielwols t1_jaqal0l wrote

Oh yeah want weird prompts then? Because I will write weird prompts


kahlzun t1_jaqr104 wrote

Oh, honey, you know that I ain't marrying yo ass without a proper gold ring.