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RageMaster_241 t1_jaofc56 wrote

“I’m allergic to silver” next question


selectiveyellow t1_japhwwm wrote

"Huge surprise, Mr. Goes for a walk at 3am, during a full moon, in. A. Tracksuit!"


HaniiPuppy t1_jaqeh1w wrote

Next up: "How do I explain to this person that a stake in the heart will kill me without revealing that I'm a vampire?"


re_nonsequiturs t1_jaoq4da wrote

You didn't tell your SO about your silver allergy that affects 10-15% of humans? You're not ready to be married.


Ruadhan2300 t1_jaqn99j wrote

Generally silver-allergies are because of the nickel in the alloy. Pure silver is hypoallergenic. Source: My wife has this allergy and all her silver jewelry is sterling to avoid the problem.

So one can imagine the werewolf protagonist saying "Aww sorry babe, but I can't handle silver, I'm allergic", and their conscientous loving partner goes and does their due-dilligence and gets a pure-silver ring which shouldn't trigger the allergy..
Except it's not an allergy, it's a supernatural aversion to silver itself, and now they've got no explanation.


jubmille2000 t1_jap6gl5 wrote

I'm doing this here, because it is not exactly a full story:Person gives Werewolf a silver ring, werewolf says "I'll take the ring, but from now on, I'll cook every dinner with copious amounts of garlic"

Turns out the SO is a vampire and they are a couple living together amongst humans.

Basically, it's a prank proposal, except the Vamp SO actually has a ring made of old oak tree with a moonstone inset. while Vamp has a matching gold ring with a ruby inset.


ANagyKecske t1_jaq94av wrote

Plot twist: they're a couple who have clear and healthy communication so the werewolf just says yes, but let's pick a different ring


Jones641 t1_jar1kfe wrote

If they had clear and heathy communication, they's know about the werewolf thing


MorganWick t1_jar93xx wrote

Unless a silver ring would instantly kill them or cut their finger off, accept and the SO will apologize and agree to get a new one as soon as you start doubling over in pain.

Also: "TIFU by proposing to my werewolf SO... with a pure silver ring."


yazzy1233 t1_japhppf wrote

This sub has really gone downhill. These prompts have been so disappointing for the last few years.


TypicalPunUser t1_japxfin wrote

then make some damn prompts. Saying "oh but I dont have time to" or "I dont have the creativity to" isnt a fucking excuse and all it proves is that you're whining just to whine.


Danielwols t1_jaqal0l wrote

Oh yeah want weird prompts then? Because I will write weird prompts


kahlzun t1_jaqr104 wrote

Oh, honey, you know that I ain't marrying yo ass without a proper gold ring.