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Schroedingers_Dragon t1_janaw4n wrote

I Look down at the ring Izzy is holding in her hand, beaming with happiness. I can feel that it is silver, the smell is burning my nostrils.

“Yes“, I answer her, “I would love to marry you.” My fiancée gives me the biggest smile and holds the ring forward with expectation. “Don’t you wanna put it on?” I take her hands, careful as not to touch the ring. “I would really love to, dear, but I am allergic to silver. I get red and itchy, it’s terrible.“

”Oh no!” Izzy looks at me in shock. “Why didn’t you tell me?” I laugh. “Well, in day to day life I can get around by simply not touching silver things. To be honest it didn’t occur to me.” Izzy nods. ”I guess that makes sense.” She looks down at the ring, I can see a shadow of disappointment in her eyes.

”Look”, I tell her. “The ring really is beautiful but I can’t wear it. So how about you wear it and then we’ll get me a matching ring that’s made from a material my skin can deal with?” “Yeah we could do that.” Izzy smiles, and then carefully puts back the ring into the box. “I still have the sketches I made for the ring, so we can use them on yours. We’re just lucky our ringfingers are the same size.” I laugh and kiss her on the head. “Yes, we are.”

And I am lucky silver allergies are a real thing, I think to myself as I contemplate how I will deal with my fiancée wearing a silver ring.


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Canadian_Donairs t1_jaogsip wrote

Yeah, I like the general idea of this a lot but $3 in clear acrylic and this is a pretty shut case...


AjaxAsleep t1_jas04k9 wrote

Hell, a bottle of clear nail polish would probably do the trick.


sosomething t1_jap7jno wrote

You could have just... not suggested she wear it. You still have a "silver allergy." Her ignorance of your werewolfishness is not a factor.


Helpsy81 t1_jar55jh wrote

Tbh the fact that she does not know that you have an allergy to silver shows that she does not know you well enough and you are not ready to marry.

Also you probably need to tell them about the werewolf thing. This is definitely going to cause problems later. Does she want to have kids? Are you just going to keep lying forever?


Marraqueta_Fria t1_japci1p wrote

I would love to see a story where the werewolf tries to make the silver ring "accidentally disappear", just to fail at each attempt.


spaceman60 t1_jaokevi wrote

Yep, this really just sounds like a common contact allergy.


Plucky_Parasocialite t1_jaqjcmb wrote

Reminds me of my nickel allergy and choosing a ring. Most jewelry is made of an alloy. I've had reactions to various random metals due to their nickel content. What saves the day? Rhodium coating. Done to white gold to make it more white, and can sometimes even be found in regular cheap-ish jewelery to make it look shinier. Total life-saver.

They could have the ring plated at a jeweler. As a bonus, it won't tarnish.


_Rootin_Tootin_Putin t1_japfrdy wrote

If she knows he’s allergic then there’s not real reason to get around it? They can figure out a solution between both of them, like resin coating the ring or even replacing it


Ascomae t1_jaqqeya wrote

That was exactly the story I had in my mind ;)