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Hunter_Kuroba t1_jantltr wrote

Yes, 1000 times yes! But um.. is that silver?

Yes, is there something wrong?

Actually, and I can't believe I never brought it up, I'm highly allergic to silver. Like way worse than hives, literally burns my skin. Lots of people have silver allergies but mine hit the harsher side. I want to accept the ring, but while I'd suffer anything to be with you, this could quite literally kill me.

Oh.. I see. So it's like a peanut allergy?

Not quite. You can wear and touch it all you like, and I can hold you close, kiss, and do anything you want if you've wore it where I touch, but I can't activly touch silver. Peanuts could be a kiss of death if you're not careful, silver is just the touch.

Okay, I really should have asked first, I just didn't really think about it since you're always so healthy and full of energy, and shit haha

And that's why you love me, shit and all.

So with that, let's go get that ring encased in something clear and I can make a necklace out of it. Then we'll go get something together, sound good?