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Jamaican_Dynamite t1_janxp5q wrote

"Will you, please?" He asked, light glinting in his eyes.

"Oh," she sobbed at it. "Omari. It's beautiful."

He really didn't like making Robina cry. For any reason. Even though he planned this as a bit of a joke amongst their friends, the gesture was genuine even if it wasn't the way he usually did things.

Robina however seemed to shake her head slightly in a 'no' motion and he wondered if he'd gone too far. If she said no, he still understood. And perhaps this would be a reason why.

"I, I..." She choked again. "Yes!"

Of course while she didn't put it on at that moment, it was because it took second place to the giant hug the pair gave each other as the others cheered at the reveal.

Omari thought it was cringeworthy, or cheesy, or whatever somebody felt like calling it. But a bet was a bet. He'd lost his, and the fact was he had agreed to these terms. He had to publicly propose to Robina if he lost. And for the occasion, he'd made sure to get a ring. Or at least try to. He felt like just silver wasn't good enough. But reality had met his wallet for the Nth time in life.

He just hoped he was worthy of her being there.

To shorten a long night, the party was great. A lot of familiar faces had came by to say congratulations, or just to help out with favors. And the rest of the night was pretty great too. Too his surprise, it also ended in the tangle of sheets many would hope for.

For some odd reason, he woke up early in the morning. It wasn't a normal lapse from sleep. Something was burning. It smelt like it. His alarm at this also brought his attention to the fact that the house was deathly quiet. Robina wasn't in bed. The door to the room was open, and the house was dark.

But something was burning.

A quick leap into some sweats led him to search the rest of the house room by room. Nothing was visibly on fire. And he still couldn't find Robina. He quietly lifted a bat from the closet as he kept creeping through the house.

"Robi-" He stopped himself from whispering. Just beyond the backdoor sat an absolute unit of a person. Way too big to be his fiance. Way too big to perhaps be human even. Something was still burning, an almost metallic smell he could taste now.

Omari's first instinct came to leave. Either upstairs or out the front door. He really didn't have a clue which would be the better choice. Or whether it even mattered.

"Listen. It'll be okay." Somebody spoke. "Just play it cool. Tell him you're allergic to silver. He can get another ring."

"It's the best he could do."

That voice, albeit scratchy, with much more base than was familiar. It couldn't be. He almost said her name, but assumed that whatever this was. It must have killed and ate her. He backed up a hair. And knocked an empty cup off the table.

The sound made the head turn instantly. Omari began to run. His subconscious screaming that it wasn't enough. That thing would catch him. Something deftly grabbed his collar and he was clotheslined into the floor.

Robina didn't mean to do that to him. But it seemed safer than tackling him or otherwise strong arming him from the front door. Nonetheless she found herself pinning Omari and checking to see if it was him. Yup. It was him of course, but you couldn't be too sure. He was trying his best to scream bloody murder. An acceptable reaction as much as she carefully tried to gently stifle it.

Something clattered from her hand into the floor. The ring spinning like a lost die before rolling flat.

"...Robina?" He asked between breaths.

"...So, I'm guessing he knows?" A voice reacted to the commotion.

She held the phone like a playing card in her oversized hand. "Call. Back. Later."

"Okay Robbie, have fun. Don't kill him."

"O...mari." Robina tried to say. "Wha'?"

"Crushin' me..." He breathed.

He sat on the couch. She sat on the floor as to be somewhat level with him. She took the ring, holding it up for him? It sizzled in her palm, until she yelped and let it fall onto the couch. That explained the smell.

"So you can't wear silver?"

Robina shook her head no.

"Anything else?" Omari said as he rubbed his ribs further. Robina simply opened her palms in that way she did and pointed at herself.

"Well?" She uttered. Big crocodile tears starting to form even now.

Omari looked her up and down and laid further back on the couch. "I mean. It could've been be worse."


"I thought you, um, didn't like the ring." Omari quietly explained. She palmed the floor at this meager deflection. "I mean, your hair look good though."

Robina sighed and rolled her eyes. Even as a giant werewolf, he still managed to remind her why they loved each other so much. She sat there for a minute before picking him up and calmly walking towards the hall. Tail wagging like a lost puppy.

"What are we doing?"


"Why would we-"

He got his head bonked on the wall by her bridal carry.



"Be careful. I'm tender."

Needless to say, getting a different ring was in order. And maybe another bedframe.

...He'll probably be aight. r/Jamaican_Dynamite