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frogandbanjo t1_japawsz wrote

Step Four: Never Look Back

But I did, because I'd loved him. He didn't come after me. He spun some bullshit. He took his lumps with his superiors. He was cleared of all wrongdoing in my disappearance. I didn't have to finalize the frame job; I let it fizzle.

I'd loved him, but I felt worse about Penny. That's just how it was. I knew I'd need another one of her, whether I risked another lover or not.

The ring was worth closer to a thousand. I only got a few hundred. I made it stretch.


TynamM t1_jat6gz2 wrote

This is a magnificent story. Complete in itself yet sketching a compelling world.


frogandbanjo t1_jaub83k wrote

I appreciate it. It can be tough trying to write stuff after a prompt's already gotten some responses and upvotes. Thanks for taking the time to read one of the later entries.


TynamM t1_jaw9t3h wrote

I deeply loved the multiple layers of do-you-know-that-I-know-that-you-knew going on in the protagonist's thoughts. It's hard to do that in the space of a short without being unclear but I was able to follow exactly how the levels of deception interacted, which kept my attention rivetted.