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BooRadleyBoo t1_jaq1n8c wrote

"But you know I'm allergic to silver, right?"

"You are?"



This was the beginning of the end. It wasn't the minute risk of the silver causing me harm; there are myriad ways to seal silver, and short of ingesting it I'd be fine. It was more that we'd been in a relationship for years and my talk of a silver allergy had gone completely unregistered. There had been cracks appearing in the relationship for a while now, and despite the implication of this grand gesture, there was no silver bullet, or ring for that matter, which could fix that.


I thought I'd add this: here's a story not written in response to the prompt, but it is thematically consistent with the conceit.

Thought ya'll might enjoy a long read given the subject matter of the prompt.


Fontaigne t1_jaqz4m4 wrote

Reverse the order of the last two phrases for more punch. Ideally, you want the punch line in the last 2-3 words.

Quick and bad version

> despite the implications of this gesture, no silver ring could fix that. There would be no silver bullet.