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ohhello_o t1_jaq3363 wrote

“So,” Korren starts. “I think we should make a documentary.”

“A documentary?” I ask. “Whatever for?”

“Werewolves, of course!”

I groan.

“Wait!” He exclaims, grasping onto my shoulders. “Just let me explain. First of all, who better to make a movie about werewolves than an actual werewolf? Second, I’ve always wanted to be a director! Third — and maybe most importantly — can you imagine all the money we’d bring in? And we don’t even need to spend anything on a cast because we’ve got one right in front of us! Oh!” His eyes widen. “Do you think your parents would be interested, too?”

I stare at him in disbelief, inwardly cursing myself for marrying this insane man.

“I’m not sure my dad would want to,” I tell him. I’m not sure I want to.

“But your mom would, right? She’s always watching those trashy bachelorette shows and complaining that they’d be more interesting if she was on them.”

And that’s the problem, isn’t it? My mom would absolutely be on board with Korren’s crazy idea. My dad on the other hand…

But looking into Korren’s eager and excited face is enough to make me wonder how exactly I’m going to convince my dad to go along with this plan. Perhaps with that new fishing rod he’s been raving about.

A documentary about werewolves, huh? Who would have thought.

Maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

“Korren,” I say, shaking him awake gently. “Korren, look.”

“Erg…” he mumbles incoherently, sleep clear in his voice. “Wah iz it?”

“Look,” I say again, pointing out our bedroom window. He slowly follows my gaze only to gasp when he sees the glittering expanse of travelling stars and its collection of fast, shooting bodies painting against our visions. It’s beautiful almost chaotically, as if the world has finally erupted and all that’s left in its wake are its colours.

A mark against the sky. A trailing signature against the universe.

It makes me feel as if we’re the only two people alive.

“It’s beautiful,” Korren whispers.

“I know,” I whisper back.

He pulls me into his side then, and we sit like that, just watching the blinking of passerby celestial spheres. It’s quiet, but not discerning.

And in this moment — in the presence of the only man I’ve ever loved — I feel as if I finally know the universe’s secrets. As if they’ve been unveiled to me under the blanket of dark earth and soft light. As if, for the very first time, I’m made for this world. For its love.

That it’s made for mine, too.

It’s here, laying with Korren beneath the soft, hazy glow of Earth’s steady gaze, that I don’t think about the moon once.


Kazlanne t1_jaqvwgo wrote

I would like more, please.


ohhello_o t1_jatgbkx wrote

I think this is all I have left in me. Enjoy!

“So,” Korren begins one morning. “The full moon’s tomorrow.”

I turn to face him, watching the soft, morning sun illuminate his body through the open window. He looks just as he did the day I met him— two rows down in Biology I. It never ceases to amaze me how perfect I can find someone even years later, as if we’re made for this moment. For all the moments after.

I hum. “It is.”

He grasps my hand, idly playing with the ring on my finger — a beautiful rose gold that wraps itself around my skin perfectly and in the middle hugs delicate, crystal diamond. If I hold it up to the light, I can see the deep reflection of gray and white shine through. Oddly enough, it reminds me of Korren.

“Do you need anything?” My fiancé asks. He presses his forehead into my shoulder, so his voice comes out more muffled than anything else, but still there’s unmistakable gentleness. I wish to hold him like this forever.

“I’m okay.”

He looks at me then, head tilting and eyes narrowing, as if he’s trying to read my soul. As if he doesn’t know he already can.

I look at him fondly “Seriously. I’m okay.”

He sighs. “If you’re sure.”

“I am,” I reassure him, squeezing his hand. “But I could use some breakfast. And possibly a shower. What’d you think about that?”

A slow smile forms on his face as begins to eye me up and down. “I think I’d like nothing more.”

“Korren,” I groan. “For the last time! You cannot ask my dad if his favourite movie is The Wolf Man, or if his favourite song is Werewolves of London, or if he wants to watch Twilight with you! Actually, especially that one!”

“What?” He says in defence. “Twilight has a wolf in it! He’s literally Bella’s other love interest!”

“That — that’s not the point, Korren! The point is you’re supposed to be making a good impression on them now that you know about me.” I drop my voice to a whisper, “being a werewolf.”

He signs. “Alright, I’m sorry. I just thought your dad could use a little humour in his life. And your mom loves me! She told me she’d totally watch Twilight with me.”

“Of course she did,” I mumble. Then louder, “My dad doesn’t have the same humour as my mom, but I do appreciate you trying. I’m sorry if I’m being a Debbie Downer.”

“No,” he says, grabbing onto my hand. “You’ve done nothing wrong — that’s all me. I’ll get better at this whole werewolf thing, I swear! You’ve just got to be patient with me.”

“I suppose I’ve never really considered how you might feel about this. For the longest time I was scared you’d leave me because of what I am, so to have you here, going over to my parents house for Sunday dinner and knowing I’m a werewolf, well… it’s just a lot to handle. I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you for being patient with me, too.”

Korren grins. “I love you, you know that? So much. Not even you being a werewolf could change that.”



“How about if I was broccoli? Would you love me then?”

“I plead the fifth.”

Our laughter follows us all the way home.

All my life, I’ve never imagined this day would come.

And yet, here it is.

Here I am, doing the final touches of my makeup and getting ready to slip into my wedding dress.

It feels unreal, as if I’m living another person’s life. As if by the end of tonight, I’ll be the person I’ve always wanted to be, with the person I’ve always wanted.

In a way, it’s nerve wracking, but at the same time it’s exhilarating. Part of me wants to find Korren early and elope, which is ridiculous considering the actual wedding is only hours away.

Still, those hours feel like an eternity, and I feel more reckless than I’ve ever felt before.

“Excited?” My mother asks, coming up and hugging me from behind.

I nod. “Very.”


I grin. “Is it that obvious?”

A faraway glint enters her eyes. “I was just like that when I married your father. Best decision of my life, mind you, but for those few moments leading up to it I was absolutely scared shitless. Thought I’d throw up right then and there. Luckily, your father’s about the most patient man I know. And, well, who could say no to that body?”

“Mom!” I exclaim in disgust. “Seriously?? I did not need to know that!”

She laughs. “Sorry. Sorry. My point is that Korren is absolutely wonderful and you’re both going to make each other so happy.”

I smile at her through the mirror, watching my mother’s eyes well up with tears as she smiles back.

“You can’t cry,” I remind her. “Or else I’ll cry, too.”

She wipes her eyes, laughing lightly. “Well, we can’t have that, now can we?”

She takes the comb from the vanity and runs it through my hair just as she did when I was younger, asking for pigtails and pink butterfly clips. It’s so reminiscent of my childhood that I want to cry.

I grasp her hand, halting her movements. “Thank you,” I tell her. Thank you for being here. Thank you for brushing my hair even now, years later and fully grown.

Thank you for giving me a life I never thought I’d be able to live.

“I’m your mother,” she says simply. “It’s what we do.”

“We’re married,” I whisper to Korren in the darkness of the brimming night.

And under the glow of the open window, he turns to me, smiling softly.

“We’re married.”

It’s the best feeling in the world.