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Sensitive-Bug-7610 t1_jar8lzj wrote

"Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes." I answered her with tears in my eyes. I had been waiting for this day. As she goes to put the ring around my finger I feel it burn. "Hey babe, not to ruin this moment, but is it made from silver?" I ask with a wince as I pull my hand back and away from it.

"Oh, yes?" She answered with a cocked eyebrow. "I am allergic to silver, love. I am so sorry, but I can't wear it." I could vaguely remember telling her. But with silver not really being a very common household thing, especially not with our salaries, I couldn't blame her for forgetting. "Oh I am so sorry. Uhm.." She started rummaging through her pockets, ever the messy girl she is. I loved her for it. "Here, can i put my ring on your finger? Its just a cheap thing, but maybe we can go buy a new one together."

I chuckled and pulled her in for a quick kiss. I hate being physically affectionate in public, but I couldn't resist her charm. Always so understanding. Not even a question about why I visit 'home' every month. "Sounds like a date to me." I answered her, allowing her to distance herself enough from me to put the ring around my finger. I am not really a jewelry gal, never bothered with them, but I could jot reject one given by her.

"Ellie, there is this small secret by the way. A secret I wish to share with you if we ever marry." Honesty is important in a marriage after all. And Ellie was understanding enough for me to feel comfortable with her knowing. "Ooh, sounds serious. What is it? Don't tell me you are a werewolf now." Sahe laughed as she pulled me along to a picnic set-up she had laid out for us. "Then I won't." I answered in jest. Now was not the time yet. Today we would enjoy each other's presence and bask in the light of the setting sun and candles.