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EishelinWrites t1_jarl0jb wrote

Morgan has always avoided large bodies of water, something about nearly drowning as a young boy. Me, however, I adore the sea. The vast expanse just makes me feel free.

To my surprise, my boyfriend has invited me to a beautiful pier tonight. It’s like a scene out of fairy tale - there’s a wonderful sunset in the distance, the seagulls are completely quiet, and the man of my life has just gotten down on one knee, a tiny box in his hand. “Is this really happening?” I think to myself.

“Luna, will you make me the happiest man in the world and be my wife?”

“Is this really, really happening?” Thousands of images flash before my eyes. Pure normality. A white wedding, with cheers instead of howls. A nice starter home, no chains in the basement for that time of the month. A couple of kids, whose biggest transformation will be puberty. It’s everything I’ve wanted and more.

“Yes, yes, yes!!!” I clasp my hands over my mouth, unable to hold in my excitement. I pull Morgan up to his feet and crush him in an enormous hug. It’s easy to forget my strength in moments such as this and only a small whimper from the love of my life brings me back to reality.

“Sorry, got too excited…” I release him and glance down at the ring between us. It’s marvelous. Sparkly pale metal, wrapped beautifully around a single, large, rosy pearl.

“It used to be my grandma’s.” Morgan gets it out of the box and twirls it in his lithe fingers. “My grandfather dove for this pearl himself and had it set in the purest silver. It’s one of a kind.” He raises his eyes to mine. “Just like you.”

“S-Silver?” Panic washes over me.

Morgan’s face drops. “I know it’s not as fancy as the white gold you had set your eyes on, but I thought with the sentimental value…”

“I love it!” I interject and extend my hand. I hate to do this, I really do, but there’s no other way to hide it.

Sleight of hand has always come easy to me. As Morgan moves to slip the ring on my finger, I feint a fall towards him. Then I do a little dance of flailing, pushing his hand aside and making the ring fall, roll over the edge of the pier and into the water.

I do my best to contract my face in horror and start to explain myself, as my future husband surprises me and dives into the sea.

“Morgan, no!” I scream, freezing in terror and fumbling with my backpack to jump after him.

Much to my surprise, Morgan surfaces just as I’m about to dive into the water myself. He’s holding the ring in his hand, a wide grin on his face. Oh, moon, his face. I stare at the scattering of scales in bewilderment.


He sighs and runs a webbed hand through his hair.

“We have to talk.”